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Finding Local Jobs Just Got Easier – is an innovative local job search engine helping jobseekers find jobs closer to home. By employing a map based job search, users can find jobs “hyper-locally” like never before!

You can see all the details at

We’re here with Paul Chittenden,’s Founder and CEO. Can you tell us a little more about your company and why you started it?:

No problem. It really started one day after work when I was stuck in a really bad traffic jam. I actually have a pretty good commute time compared to most Houston commuters, but this day was just horrible. When I got home that evening, I looked at the traditional job boards like Careerbuilder, LinkedIn, Monster to see if there were any jobs closer to my house. I passed by at least 25 Oil and Gas companies (I worked as a Project Manager in the Oil & Gas sector at the time), so I knew there had to be something within walking or biking distance. All of the services offered a zip code search, but I was unable to find anything in the exact area I wanted and the results often gave me jobs outside of the radius I had specified. I knew there had to be a better way!

So we created a map based career search application that only show jobs in the areas you specify. Simply pick your area, and the jobs show up on the map. For anyone who has ever passed a building and wondered if there were any openings, this tool is amazing.

Was your company funded?:

No. Not at all. We believe in the Lean Startup Method popularized by Eric Ries, and we have run a very lean operation so far. It may be something we may look at in the future, but we’re not interested in obtaining funding at the moment. Our focus is on providing value to our users and growing our user base.

Do you charge users to use your service?:

Our job maps are completely free. We are here to help jobseekers and we want to make the user experience as user friendly as possible.

What kind of marketing and advertising do you do?

Like most startups, we’ve used a lot of various methods to drive traffic to the site including paid search, SEO, and social media.

We had tremendous success with our first Google Adwords campaign. It really validated our concept and we enjoyed upwards of an 18% sign up rate for our landing page.

We are leveraging our business partnerships to help us promote our brand as well. If you can provide tremendous value to your partners, they can provide exposure for your company through their established brand.

We use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for our social media campaigns to interact with customers, and obtain feedback on how to improve our product. You can find us here:’s Facebook Page

Twitter Handle @Jobplotter’s LinkedIn Page

So you have already established some big partnerships?:

We have! We have been really lucky to partner with some big names very early in our development stage. I can’t say who they are yet since we are still ironing out some of the details and the news has yet to be announced, but I will give you an update as soon as the announcement is made.

For one, I carefully planned out how I was going to fly across the country to get the CEO of one of these companies to have coffee with me, and I found an email from his secretary in my inbox a week later. I didn’t even contact him yet, and he was asking about our company because of an API request I had made. It was pretty serendipitous, and I really hope things work out with this partnership in particular.

That sounds really exciting. How is the competitive landscape?

We have three main competitors at this point. Two of those competitors fail in their search results. Their applications only pull zip code info and do not show where the jobs are actually located. This completely negates the point of local job search when the jobs are not truly localized.

We do have one competitor that has a great product, and they really drive us to continually improve our applications to be the best in the job map niche. We’ve worked really hard to partner with job providers to deliver more job postings and better search results than the competition.

Where do you see your company in the next five years?

We are going to keep adding features, employers, and continue to increase our user base. We’re in constant touch with our users to see what features would provide the biggest impact, and we are trying to implement those first.

We will no doubt be the number one provider for local job search!

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