An online tax company based in North Carolina is quickly gaining steam, and helping out those less fortunate this year. OnePriceTaxes, aservice that provides consumers with an easy-to-use Software as a Service solution for filing federal and state taxes online, is just $14.95, the lowest cost in the tax preparation industry.

“What differentiates us from our competitors is our easy to use online tax preparation software and our low cost online tax filing packages,” said CEO Robbie Edwards. “When filing your taxes with us, you never have to worry about hidden costs for using our services. We give you all of our pricing up front. We will never charge you extra fees for e-filing or for filing your state taxes.”

This year, OnePriceTaxes is offering free tax filing to unemployed households. They understand that the tough economy has impacted a number of their customers, and are providing free tax prep to help ease the pain. The offer runs from January 20, 2012 through April 18th, 2012 and is limited to one per household. Qualifying households will have an AGI of less than $50,000 and must file one or more 1099-G forms showing unemployment compensation during the 2011 calendar year. The OnePriceTaxes system will automatically detect the 1099-G at checkout prior to filing, making the net cost of filing $0.

OnePriceTaxesOnePriceTaxes was created by two entrepreneurs from NC, Robbie Edwards and Jason Cale. Both Robbie Edwards and Jason Cale bring significant technology related experience to OnePriceTaxes. Cale and Edwards met while working together as software consultants at a consulting company, and then they proceeded to work together as software engineers at IBM.

The entire system behind the operation of OnePriceTaxes was created by Edwards and Cale: the creation of the tax software, the construction and development of the e-commerce site, the backend database, and the automated scripts that run the entire process. The two have spent the past 5 years proving they have a reliable and scalable platform for consumer tax prep. They also have a half dozen employees who handle marketing, sales, and other aspects of OnePriceTaxes.

OnePriceTaxes has been actively e-filing returns with the IRS since 2007 and has doubled the number of returns filed each year since inception. They are one of just 17 companies in the nation who handle the electronic filing of returns.

Handling everything from simple tax returns to more complex tax return filings, including those that have personal businesses, rental real estate properties, capital assets, itemized deductions, and alternative minimum taxes, OnePriceTaxes does it all.
Last year, the software operated in 35 of the 41 states that file income taxes and coverage is being extended to all 41 states within the next year.

OnePriceTaxes newest partnership was just announced this month, with receipt and business card organization service Shoeboxed. The partnership will facilitate easy access transfer of user expense data from Shoeboxed accounts directly into each year’s tax return. By doing this, OnePriceTax users will be able to keep track of and increase their deductible expenses by using Shoeboxed’s expense tracking solution.

Here’s how it works: prior to filing, OnePriceTaxes customers will have the option to import all Shoeboxed receipts into the tax filling software, which will automatically move deductible expense data from their Shoeboxed account into their OnePriceTaxes account.

The two products are a great compliment to each other. One of the biggest reasons people want to track their receipt information is for filing their taxes. Using Shoeboxed, with the click of a mouse, users can send their finances into accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation tools.

“OnePriceTaxes provides a valuable solution for taxpayers who want to file their state and federal returns faster and in a more affordable manner,” said Shoeboxed founder & CEO Taylor Mingos. “Using Shoeboxed and OnePriceTaxes together streamlines the tax preparation process and helps people easily track all of their eligible deductions. We are excited to be working with another leading North Carolina technology company on a solution that will be helpful to millions of people around the country.”

Shoeboxed is a web start-up founded in 2007 that specializes in the scanning, data extraction and organization of receipts, business cards, bills and other documents. Shoeboxed accepts documents through their prepaid mail-in service, by e-mail, with one of their free uploaders or from one of their Android, iPhone or iPad apps. Once the important information is extracted and verified, users have access to a secure, online archive of data that makes accounting, bookkeeping, tax return preparation, expense reporting, and contact management easier. For more information about Shoeboxed visit:

To learn more about OnePriceTaxes you can visit If you have a simple federal and state return, OnePrice Taxes pricing is tough to beat at $14.95 total for both or just $9.95 for state eFiling. In addition, if you are unemployed they will file federal and state for you free, and they are offering a $3 discount if you let them add one post to your Facebook.

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