WordStream: Automating AdWords Expertise for Small and Mid-sized Businesses

WordStream: Automating AdWords Expertise for Small and Mid-sized BusinessesWhat is the name of your business and what do you do?

We’re WordStream, and we know that making Google AdWords work for small to mid-sized business is no easy task. That’s why we create software services and tools to help businesses around the world to optimize their PPC account. Whether you’re a seasoned PPC expert who is constantly battling against time or a business owner with no knowledge about online marketing, we have something for you.

But before we get started, why don’t you put your online marketing campaign to the test on our AdWords Performance Grader?

The performance grader is interesting, but how can I improve my search marketing efforts?

So how did you do on our Adwords Grader? From our experience, there’s a high chance that if you’re a small or mid-sized business, you can do better. A lot of businesses have tried PPC and then given up.

In a recent webinar, we revealed that at least 50% of small businesses don’t even check their AdWords account once a month, and less than half of all AdWords accounts track how online conversions occur. Most of these businesses will give up on AdWords and conclude that it just doesn’t work. However, we think we can show businesses that search marketing does work, depending on your willingness to work with us.

WordStream: Automating AdWords Expertise for Small and Mid-sized BusinessesHow do your services and tools work?

If you’re a mid-sized business that doesn’t know much about PPC but would like a guaranteed stream of qualified traffic to your site, minimal time investment, and peace of mind from our PPC experts, our traffic express  service may be a good fit for you. We’ll work for free until you get the results you want.

WordStream: Automating AdWords Expertise for Small and Mid-sized BusinessesDon’t have as big of a budget? No worries, we’ll automate a lot of the expertise required to make good PPC judgments and provide you easy to use tools to make significant savings to your AdWords campaign with just 20 minutes a week. By leveraging your existing knowhow on AdWords with PPC advisor, you can expect disproportional results – ad savings, faster reporting, and streamlined AdWords campaign building just to name a few. This will let you focus more on your business, and less on AdWords by providing you the insights to optimize your online ads.

If you’re very much a PPC expert or SEO guru yourself, we have not only our API database information available to you, but also a whole suite of keyword research tools to increase your work efficiency. Likewise, if you’re a hands-on person, make sure you take advantage of our free trial versions first to see if these tools are for you:

– Keyword suggestion tool – more expansive recommendations with keyword data from Bing, Dogpile, and other search engines other than Google.

– Keyword grouper tool – perfect for organizing giant keyword lists

– Keyword niche finder – find long-tail searches with high traffic you want to target

Do you offer free online tools?

Yes! So as we’ve mentioned, there are free versions of the keyword suggestion tool, keyword grouper tool, and keyword niche finder. We also have a free version of our negative keywords finder, which is a special tool we offer to our PPC advisor customers.

Where did the idea for these services and tools come from?

Larry Kim, the founder of WordStream, started as an independent search marketing consultant. With an electrical engineering background, WordStream’s first prototype was something of a process automation tool for him to speed up his consulting work. As time passed, his code matured into something that addressed his client’s concerns – why is search marketing so hard?

Why did he start the company?

The answer, as it turns out, is that traditional marketers were creative types. Digital marketing was an area that required a lot of analytical discipline, and the process to turn data into insights was still primitive. Furthermore, Larry noticed that small and mid-sized business owners would have difficulty in generating the required return on investment for a fully-trained online advertising expert. The market was ripe with problems, and so Larry decided to bootstrap his project into a business.

His goal was to help businesses succeed with their PPC campaigns by only spending 20 minutes a week.

How is the company funded?

After bootstrapping the business, Larry was able to find venture backing, and has since shifted roles from being the founder to the company’s CTO.

Where else can we learn more about WordStream?

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By doing so, you should be able to get updates about what we’re up to easily.

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