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Sell or Sink: Strategies, Tactics & Tools Every Business Leader Must Know to Stay Afloat!

Sell or Sink: Strategies, Tactics & Tools Every Business Leader Must Know to Stay Afloat!Author’s Bio:

From building a landscape company from inception to 130 accounts and six employees in two years to being recognized as a top producer in each of the Fortune 500 companies for which he worked, Mike has always exceeded his goals. Mike funded his undergraduate education at St. Bonaventure University with his landscaping company and later obtained a Master’s degree in Strategic Marketing with a concentration in entrepreneurship from Roberts Wesleyan College. After spending over twelve years in Corporate America, Mike discovered his true passion in helping business leaders and sales professionals achieve their sales objectives.

Today, Mike Krause is the owner and founder of Sales Sense Solutions, Inc. The company’s mission is to customize Fortune 500 sales experience and success systems for smaller companies.

Book Synopsis:

Sell or Sink delivers the sales coaching and professional advice youneed to keep your business afloat. Business leaders and sales executivesneed sales sense – the ability to understand and apply consistent, reliablesales growth strategies to attain solid results. Sell or Sink explains akey strategy, and then provides structured questions and actions to helpyou apply the strategy to your own organization. Each strategy is short anddirect so you can move through them quickly while extracting value,developing insight about your organization and providing meaningfulinformation that you can implement right away. At the end of each chapter,diagnostics questions help you apply the foregoing strategies to your ownorganization. The diagnostics reveal what you need to put yourorganization’s sales team and their results on a sustainable, healthy,upward trajectory. The purpose here is to help you to think constructivelyabout your sales organization, what it is presently and what it can becomein the future.

Why should you buy THIS book?

Mike’s newest book, Sell or Sink: Strategies, Tactics and Tools Every Business Leader Must Know!, bridges the gap between sales theory and reality for your company. As a fourth-generation sales professional, Mike’s proven approach to sales is to roll up his sleeves, jump into the trenches with your salespeople and do whatever it takes to teach them his customized tools, tactics and strategies to generate income and strengthen positive branding. He shares these insights in Sell or Sink so that your sales team gets it and you can measure the results all the way to the bank.

Why did Michael write this book?

Michael Krause wrote Sell or Sink to give you the basics ofselling, and then show you how to put the lessons to work to achieve yourorganization’s sales goals. Without a basic understanding of sellingstrategies, you won’t sell productively and, ultimately, you and yourorganization will sink. With a committed focus on these important areas ofbusiness basics and adherence to Krause’s plan, any company can turn thetide of weak sales and loss of market share in their core line of business.

Educating you and your staff:

Creativity, knowledge, and innovation don’t happen in a vacuum. Professional development allows ideas to cross-pollinate, ingenuity to solidify, and inspiration to build. Give you and your staff the opportunity to learn and develop. Mike Krause, Chief Sales Architect of Sales Sense Solutions, Inc. is available for speaking engagements.

Bring Mike in to educate and engage your staff on the sales dimension of a number of topics relevant to today’s business environment.

Popular topics Include:

  • Negotiating learn how to reach a more satisfying outcome
  • Social Mediause this rapidly evolving technology to generate more sales
  • Spheres of Influence increase your personal power at work
  • Prospecting work smarter, not harder at finding new customers
  • Sales Strategiesdevelop your sales sense and sell more productively
  • Teamworkget more done within your workgroup
  • Cold Calling never be intimidated by cold calling again
  • Public Speaking tips and tricks to make your next speech the best ever
  • Priority Thinking learn to see priorities more clearly and get things done faster
  • Ethical Sellingthe sales world has changed for the better, come learn more
    …plus more! Mike’s expertise in selling and business leadership can cover whatever relevant topic you would like him to deliver. Just ask

Where else can you find other sales information?

Facebook Page:!/MichaelD.Krause




YouTube Channel:

What are other professionals saying about Mike, his business and this book?

“This book is loaded with ideas and insights, based on practical experience that you can use to makemore sales, faster and easier than ever before.”

Brian Tracy, Author, Psychology of Selling

This sales sense makes sense! It reinforces the importance of knowing and doing and how you can make a real difference in your business and bottom line.Jeffrey Hayzlett, Author of bestsellingbook The Mirror Test, change agent and marketing expert.

“Mike empowers people with information to make educated decisions. I always walk away from time with Mike having learned something and feeling charged up to go do something great!”
Emily Carpenter, Owner WhizBang! Web Solutions LLC

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