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Tranquil Beginnings!

Tranquil Beginnings!Allow me to introduce myself , my name is Karen Rudolf. I began my Company TranquilSOULutions , LLC October 11th of 2007 after going through a horrific divorce in the early parts of that year. I created TranquilSOULutions with little idea or structure as to what I was creating… All I knew was I was determined, no one could tell me otherwise and I WAS going to make it work! Through many trials and tribulations, TranquilSOULutions stands alone amongst the masses with great pride I may add.

Today, TranquilSOULutions has become a growing Service Provider in “W”Holistic

Life Coaching, Stress management , Spiritual Growth and Development, while moving towards Harmony and Balance in one’s life.

Tranquil Beginnings!I take my Clients through transitional life experiences using a unique use of Visuals and a “W”holistic approach to living. When I say “W”holistic I am referring to ‘Mind, Body, Soul’. Through journeying back in time we are able to looking at existing belief systems, which can hold us in bondage and together we shift perceptions towards a positive outcome. With the use of Skype video chat/ screen sharing and / or phone connect . I am able to reach a Global Market, on another level. Currently I work alone. My intention is to hire other coaches to bring under my TranquilSOULutions umbrella to free me up to do other things I love doing. I enjoy being of service ,such as the work shops, retreats, and educational aspect of life.

I provide support in empowering Communication, putting teams and structures in place to fulfill on any project. Masterminding visually! Stress Management made simple… Creating Communication around Awareness in raising Vibrational Energies, to empower and transform ones life into effective, efficient Leadership in every area in which you choose to be in life with Grace and Ease.

Tranquil Beginnings!Allow me to jump back in time for a moment or two….. In the beginning, after finding myself not having a voice, low self-esteem and wanting to be a stand for my daughters. I was not in any way in any tranquil space. I had enough awareness within to find my voice quickly before I went before a judge to fight for custody of my children. In overwhelm and bordering panic, I got on the “self-help” wagon. After exploring various venues and realizing that what was missing from my heart broken relationship was communication, I decided I would never be in that space again. I delved into reading numerous books and taking as many courses as I could to build my self-confidence, understand and stand before the judge.

The best advice I got was from my Para legal Cliff, now friend, who was the only one who would go out and buy ginger ale when he knew I was coming into the office, as I believed he was avoiding me getting sick on him! That is a true friend! The advice he gave was to go into the judge’s chambers prior to my case and see that the judge was just a man, to picture him sitting on his bathroom thrown, brushing his teeth. I took it on!

Tranquil Beginnings!Two weeks prior to my first hearing, petrified and feeling very alone… I ambled my way into a space of disrobing of any metal articles on my person, into the chambers before “my” judge. He was a kindly man. An honest man with heart, I was drawn to his position immediately. I got he was not just a judge , he was a human being who wore a robe and had a family. After listening for sometime, I recalled what Cliff had told me and I started laughing aloud in the courtroom… Embarrassed beyond belief, after being asked “is there something we can help you with?” by the Judge himself. I said no running out. In that instant I decided I wanted Peace and Freedom in my Life…. The beginnings of TranquilSOULutions was born.

I finally found my courage, self-esteem, and my confidence and was of a belief of giving back. With a Nursing background I’d given up to raise my family, I wanted to attempt something new and exciting and challenging especially after being out of the working environment for so long. By this time, I had become Passionate about Communication.

I had taken on a Team Management & Leadership Program Course. I faced my greatest fears, and stood up to be voted into being Team Leader learning to manage 32 individuals. What an amazing growth experience this was for me. Someone saw something in my Leadership skills and I was asked to join China Business Developers, LLC, go to China and be a liaison between the Chinese Government and China Business Developers. I kept asking what a homemaker with little to no experience could offer! Boy was I wrong, as the only women there and the excitement of not only the Adventure, I got another level of my capability, my character and what I stood for! The trip provided an amazing shift of energy.

Tranquil Beginnings!After my divorce, not much money were left after the sale of the marital home and the huge attorney expenses, so all my education was taken from my alimony monies… I paced myself some days and delved in head on other days. I was determined, and driven to make a living out of my passion while creating Freedom and Peace within my life. My belief of Spiritual Law, being of service, giving back and lifting others , through tough times became very inviting and intriguing for me. After acknowledging my own strength and successes, I knew as a teacher as well, I was very capable of teaching others, inspiring and motivating others along their journey.

I officially after my Life Coaching courses were completed announced that I would be taking all that I had known thorough my life experiences, including being a mother, an educator, a nurse and Communicator, expanding the thoughts of what a company would look like. I am always adding new related elements to the growing tool chest. I’ve taken it on with passion, ease and a love for learning. I am a licensed stress management provider, studying EFT in the moment to create the whole holistic approach to creating another venue for balance. If I can’t manage it myself, I have a list of ongoing Network providers who offer many different services and I attempt to match personality types to make the “fit” as it’s my integrity attached. So far, so good!

Like most start up companies, I put myself in debt with the plastic card, took risks with partners and lost much. Attempted to do it alone I was beginning to get myself down with the thought of not being able to make it work, all my time, energy and monies would be wasted because I didn’t have a plan of action. I was floundering my way through my passionate creation, attached and not wanting to let go. One day I woke up exhausted about to give up and realized I am trained in Team Management and Leadership, the only thing I was leading was myself in circles. I wasn’t creating teams around me. When I am stuck, I’d brew, have conversations around it… still remaining in that cycle of going nowhere fast!

One of the positive things I did for myself was giving up the attachment to doing it my way. I got thru conversations and listening that I needn’t have to recreate the wheel as it’s been tried and true when the work is worked according to plan! I created my “Tribe”/ Community/ TEAM around me and asked for support, asked many questions and followed the advice of those who have been successful in their businesses. I took on my own advice, did the same work that I offer my clients today. If I don’t’ know something I’m not ashamed to asked any longer.

I joined the Orlando SCORE program and got much of my “marketing and Business classes for next to nothing, hit many seminars, webinars and kept my courses down to a minimum lay out , so I thought… There is always a cost to growth!

I had taken many Social Networking courses and got out with my newly found voice and started having conversations with people. I became a great listener as in conversation , it is in the listening not necessarily the speaking. Networking was no longer challenging and it became my best friend in a Service Industry! Because it is a non tangable product, it took something on my part to shift others seeing they are worthy of spending monies on themselves for expansion.

I began using what I’d learned, created not only a Face book Personal Page , I created a Business Page as well. I keep them both very professional, and offer insights into human nature through visual inspirational contributions. Always keeping it about others. I’ve joined many sights such as Facebook, Twitter, Posterous, Plaxo,, LinkedIN Google+, Gratitudelog, ,, Created a Meet up group and many others and just recently HARO I began expanding my advertising to small golf score card ads, to now being listed as in WorldWide Who’s Who All are listed under Karen Rudolf or TranquilSOULutons’ google search engine. I am currently working on expanding to YouTube videos.

Today, the biggest transition I’ve made is looking for collaborators/ support when needed, asking for what I want or need without the attachments or significance of having it mean something or owe something. I do not feel like I need to get something for nothing, as I am clear it supports the flow of energy by spreading the wealth to others, it ultimately comes back to me. I am now able to receive contribution as well as give it lovingly and with joy! I really get you have to spend money to make money in business. Spending is often the hardest pill to swallow.

What makes any business successful is fulfilling a need. I look for what’s wanted, missing or needed , listening from others concerns and what is coming out of one’s mouth. Expanding conversations, obtaining more clients and having them be gotten, is my measure of success. Watching clients’ expressions when the light bulb goes off is such a thrill for me!

As a baby boomer, starting mid life out in business, my desire is to have it continually expand, creating a legacy for my children.

My projected annual revenue for 2012 is to reach over six figures by the end of the year, at this pace. Part of my clarity stems from my gratitude of those who support my cause and have me doing what I do with ease and mainly because I truly believe “Life is a Conversation, which Emanates from within” and we all have the ability to change those inner dialects to make a difference in our own lives!

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