SupaDupa launches as the Tumblr of eCommerce and lets you create your own online Boutique

SupaDupa launches as the Tumblr of eCommerce and lets you create your own online Boutique

What is the name of your business? started life as an idea which germinated out of a recession hit economy and the motivation to give artists, small brands and creatively minded, spare-time entrepreneurs, the chance to “have a go” at launching their idea virtually risk free.

  • What is SupaDupa?

SupaDupa is the easiest, most powerful and stylish way to create your personal online boutique and showcase your products to the world. SupaDupa is aimed at people with an uncompromising eye for design who have one or many products to sell. In just a few minutes and without any technical knowledge, this new revolutionary platform allows anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit to create an agency quality, classically crafted boutique store.

SupaDupa launches as the Tumblr of eCommerce and lets you create your own online Boutique

Why did you start this company?

SupaDupa was founded with a somewhat rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: to create boutique-quality, classically crafted online shops that creatives would want to use without compromising their design ideals and at a revolutionary price point. SupaDupa was conceived as an alternative to the overpriced, bland, ready-made shops available today.


  • Was your company started on a shoestring budget or funded?

As a total shoestring operation, SupaDupa was, and, still is primarily fueled by the desire to make a difference to the status quo of eCommerce opportunities that are available to people who really care about how they engage with their customers. Against all odds, long nights punching at our keyboards struggling through the very heart of the recession and a couple babies later, we were ready with a first public Beta release having spent a mere few hundred bucks of our own money. This is often a misleading statement of fact which should be clarified by stating that our day jobs offered some level of stability to an otherwise would be impoverished life while building this monumental project. We are fortunate enough to be able to combine the two and still get a result.

  • Who is your competition, and what do you do better?

There are a number of e-commerce platforms available out there which do a great job of delivering on very long lists of functionality. SupaDupa is fundamentally different to the “bloated feature philosophy” in that we tend towards the opposite side of the spectrum where less is more. SupaDupa prides itself in having the balls to remove rather than add feature clutter to an already complex activity of setting up an online business. The result is an insanely stylish and quick process of starting and launching your business.

All of SupaDupa’s boutiques are coupled with deliberately simple but sophisticated tools which allow our customers to mange their own boutiques without the fear of making mistakes or having to nag support for assistance. SupaDupa’s commitment to simplicity, clarity and ease of use makes it truly unique. It’s a joy to use even for the most tech phobic merchants – which means anyone can start a store in 2 minutes flat and continue to manage it themselves even if they have never had any former eCommerce experience selling goods online.

SupaDupa offers a meticulously crafted collection of 45+ boutique themes which can be previewed and applied using, literally, one click of a mouse. The SupaDupa aesthetic is classically-inspired, with a fashion forward twist – and every boutique can be customised with its’ very own domain name, logo and banner slideshows to match the brand it represents.

  • Why would a small business, entrepreneur, designer, etc use your service?

SupaDupa is for people who love quality and design. Retailers large and small, fashion boutiques in mainstream or niche, Photographers, Artists, Jewellery makers and anyone who makes or wishes to sell boutique-end products and needs their own beautifully designed store; anyone would appreciate the ease and style with which they can go about achieving their goals. Having come from similar backgrounds to our user demographic ourselves, we feel that we have a really good understanding of what it takes to go at it solo and take a chance on making a living out of what you love doing. We feel we owe it to our customers to produce something that holds up to their hard work and commitment to their passions.

Signing up is fast and comes at an affordable price point starting at $FREE and going up from $19 to $49 (depending on the number of products you have); there are no long term contracts to sign which means that having a go at your big idea becomes completely “de-risked”. By consequence, there’s never been a better time to try your idea out, have a go even if it is simply a proof of concept. The alternative (which is to hire a web designer or agency to build you an eCommerce shop) is often too expensive / too risky to attempt especially if it’s a hatching idea that just needs to get launched rather than explode into a full upfront commitment.

SupaDupa launches as the Tumblr of eCommerce and lets you create your own online Boutique

Guy Schragger

Give us a brief description of your company

SupaDupa let’s you create your own gorgeous online boutique for anything you want to sell. For FREE. In 2 minutes. It’s as easy as starting a blog. SupaDupa is for people who love quality and design: Retailers large and small. Fashion boutiques in mainstream or niche, Photographers, Artists, Jewellery makers and anyone who makes or wishes to sell boutique-end products and needs their own beautifully designed boutique.

  • Do you offer a free online plan?

Yes, SupaDupa’s free basic account lets anyone start their own boutique and display up to ten products which gives them a fully fledged account they can start selling with immediately and we don’t even charge any transaction fees so that you get to keep every penny, cent and dime you make.There aren’t any upfront fees or credit card details taken when signing up.

  • Are there different pricing levels?

SupaDupa is offered as a premium-affordable monthly subscription service, entrepreneurs can choose from three different price options ranging from $19 – $49 plus there’s a totally free plan to get you started with your own store. There are no extra transaction fees and no long term contracts.

  • Why did you choose a fish themed price plan?

Why Plankton?

Because plankton serves as the essential growth agent for even the biggest of sea going creatures. It’s a small fish, big fish world but all fish have plankton to be thankful for.

Why Cod?

A strong but modest fish that swims freely in the north Atlantic making waves wherever it goes.

Why Caviar?

The ultimate in luxury dining coveted by worldly aficionados at times of achievement.

Our YouTube Video :

How to create your online store with SupaDupa boutique

  • What is SupaDupa planning in the future?

The mission for SupaDupa is to push for the prevalence of boutique end products. From art to design, the underlying motivation is to create a means by which creatives can continue to innovate by living off their passions. Love comes first, and this is a way for artists to stoke their passions by making a living from it. We believe the world is a better place for it if innovators and the culturally exuberant can continue to live out their vision. Innovation is often stifled when risk is introduced and the result is the mundane. SupaDupa will continue to offer high end solutions and new ways to self promote at a price which removes those risks and gives our members the confidence to “have a go!”. Moreover, SupaDupa’s mission is to create opportunities for it’s merchants to promote and sell their goods across their entire online collateral. So from your Facebook page through to your Twitter account via email and mobile, and then further out into your friends websites, using SupaDupa will give you the tools to co-exist with your products across the entire web landscape in more meaningful and pervasive ways. The ability to open conversations about the products you make with more people will ultimately increase the number of opportunities a product has to be sold to the right buyers thus perpetuating the dream to live off a passion.

  • Are you looking to hire more people ?


We are looking to hire more developers in the near future who are devoted to simplifying the means by which our customers can engage with the world through their products.

  • What other web based products would you recommend to entrepreneurs, business owners, or freelancers?

We are big advocates of the big golden three:

1. Everyone, no matter what you’re trying to do needs to communicate and spread new ideas through your their own blog and there is no simpler micro blogging solution than Tumblr. We love Tumblr not least because of it’s customizability and the community fostered around shared content but because it embodies our own view of simplicity and user empowerment through technology.

2. You’re missing a trick if you aren’t talking to your customers about your new ideas through email. Mailchimp allows you to get up and running and looking professional from day one. Mailchimp gives non techies the ability to create, send and track all of your e-shot communication and leave you feeling freshly empowered doing it it’s a bit of secret sauce that can be applied to any new business idea. It’s also our plan to integrate with MailChimp in future to enable merchants to easily create targeted e-shot without leaving their backoffice with all but a point and click attitude.

3. Google Docs – perhaps the most obvious choice which comes as no suprise to any shoestring entrepreneur but in terms of sheer value it’s also probably the single greatest productivity tool we have in our armour. if you’re running a tight handle on internal communication and can leverage the ability to collaborate on ideas even when sat in the same room, then it’s an absolute must.

  • Where can I find out more about SupaDupa?

Read about SupaDupa’s story and team here :

Here is our blog :

Twitter :

Follow us on Facebook :

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    Love SupaDupa! Love the beautiful classy templates and Super Easy set up.


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