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Itemizer, The Home & Business Inventory App

Itemizer, The Home & Business Inventory AppWhat is the name of your business and URL of you app?

Digital2Analog Software Inc.


A brief synopsis of the smart phone app (explain it to a 5 year old)?

Itemizer is a popular and acclaimed home and business inventory app designed for use on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch family of devices. With Itemizer, you can attach photos, videos, PDFs, plus write descriptions, record serial numbers, store receipts, log purchase dates and appraisals. It has everything you need to accurately record and maintain an inventory and it’s fully customizable too. Itemizer automatically calculates the total value of your items, removing the guesswork when shopping for insurance or when making an insurance claim.

A short bio of your company (max 200 words)

Digital2Analog Software Inc. is a one man operation and was conceived in 2010 on a shoestring investment of one iPad and a copious amount of midnight oil. The release of the iPad and developer Mark Henderson’s desire to keep track of his personal stuff for insurance purposes inspired the development of Itemizer – a home or business database for item tracking. The iPad is the ideal vehicle for Itemizer because it allows users to walk from room to room cataloguing possessions. Henderson, with his 23 years of software development experience for the Mac platform, wrote Itemizer and then formed Digital2Analog Software to make Itemizer available to people longing for a user friendly inventory program. Since its inception, Itemizer has been revamped to also run on the iPhone and the iPod Touch and continues to evolve with the addition of new iOS features.

Why did you start this company?

I’ve been a coder for 25 years for various companies and I thought it was time to start working on my own projects and get my ideas out there. I have experimented with developing other projects before but never realized them because of the commitment and energy needed to make them happen. I needed the incentive of a bigger picture. Starting the company was for me the bigger picture and gave me the energy to make what Itemizer is today.

Android, iphone, blackberry, or windows?


Was your company started on a shoestring budget or funded?

Yes, I started this company with my own finances and during my free time from my full time programming job, and yes, it was a shoestring budget.

Why would a small business, entrepreneur, freelancer, etc use your product?

Itemizer is user friendly and quick to figure out so busy business owners are not wasting precious time learning the program. Also, finding specific inventory is a breeze with advanced item filtering. Our clients use Itemizer as a stock management tool as well as for keeping inventory of equipment and furniture- basically everything they need a record of in case they need to make an insurance claim. Fields are 100% customizable to suit any business, and uploading the range of products together with photos makes for a fool-proof system and aides in making a quick reference for pricing etc. As well, if there needs to be any replenishment of stock or information needs to be shared with someone you can email pdf reports.

Just a few more of the benefits:

-Password protects your data.

-Detailed and summary PDF reports of your data let you view, save, print, and email them.

-Information can be imported & exported in CSV format.

-Dropbox support lets you access PDFs, CSV files, and images anywhere in the world.

-Google Book Search support: search for book details via Title and ISBN.

-Accurate information available at your finger tips when applying for loans, shopping for insurance, making a claim or selling your business.

Is this a free app or how much is it?

The app costs $2.99

Do you have a blog that keeps users updated?

As a courtesy from Apple, users are updated automatically when changes are made to Itemizer. As far as customer support goes, I am very quick and thorough when responding to any inquiries or problems that are brought to my attention. Working with customers via email works well for me and keeps me connected to Itemizer’s users and in some cases has led to new features based on the needs expressed by customers. I am very happy and grateful that customers respond so positively to the way I have helped them and I often see 4 and 5 star ratings and reviews about my customer service on the iTunes store. That is very rewarding for me.

How long have you been in business?

1 year.

Number of current users?

4,000 organized people so far.

How many employees do you currently have working with you and/or freelance contractors?

I am the only employee and I subcontract to help with my marketing.

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