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Synaptor: helping SMEs in hazardous industries ensure the safety of their people and the environment with innovative mobile and web apps

Synaptor: helping SMEs in hazardous industries ensure the safety of their people and the environment with innovative mobile and web appsSynaptor

Synaptor was founded when a large client asked us to build yet another mind-numbingly boring and inadequate paper-based safety tool.

Enough is enough, we decided.

We build tools that help companies manage health, safety, and environmental risks the right way – tools that we ourselves want to use. They are elegant and easy to use. They incorporate the latest technology, but don’t require you to have an IT department or a computer science degree.

The directors of Synaptor collectively have more than 65 years of experience providing health, safety and environmental consulting services to large international clients. They are excited to bring this experience to small and medium-sized enterprises in a fit-for-purpose package with the Synaptor tools.

What’s Different about Synaptor?

Traditional systems for managing HSE rely on paper-based forms. Lots of forms. Lots of bits of paper.

Consider for example, a typical paper-based process for conducting hazard observations:

  1. Worker spots something dangerous.
  2. Worker puts down tools, and pulls out pad of paper.
  3. Worker fills out little bit of paper describing hazard.
  4. Worker hands bit of paper to supervisor at end of shift.
  5. Supervisor hands lots of bits of paper to data-entry person at end of week.
  6. Supervisor looks at spreadsheet at end of month – oh no, someone saw something dangerous somewhere LAST MONTH.

Consider instead, how one might use Synaptor Observations:

  1. Worker spots something dangerous
  2. Worker makes new observation using Synaptor Observations iPhone app:

It’s snappy, easy-to-use, and includes the location and photo of the hazard.

The observation is immediately uploaded to a secure database in the cloud.

  1. Supervisor and all team members automatically alerted of a new observation.
  2. Supervisor assigns follow-up action.
  3. Supervisor has access to live data and trends about safety on work-sites.

Synaptor products can eliminate much of the tedious paperwork associated with safety processes.

Supervisors can take action on live data and trends about their organisations, and can improve site safety as a result.

Companies working under contract can use Synaptor to demonstrate leadership in safety management, and can easily share performance data with their clients.

Who is it for?

Synaptor mobile apps are perfect for anyone working in the field in hazardous industries such as construction, oil and gas, and mining.

Synaptor web modules are designed for health and safety supervisors or small business owners and managers.

Synaptor: helping SMEs in hazardous industries ensure the safety of their people and the environment with innovative mobile and web appsWhat does it cost? Will it run on my phone?

Our mobile apps are available for iPhone, iPad, and Android.They’re free.

Our web app is ‘in the cloud’ – it runs in any of the latest browsers. The web app modules are available via a monthly subscription, and costs scale with the size of your business.

Why a Cloud Solution?

Delivering solutions in the cloud presents distinct advantages and challenges.

The Synaptor web app seamlessly scales to provide the necessary resources to companies, whether large or small. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach to the product and pricing, this allows the Synaptor solutions to grow as its customers do. It also means that customers don’t have any software to maintain or update. Synaptor delivers updates and improvements to its web and mobile apps with minimal impact on customers.

We understand that security is a primary concern of our customers. All data transactions within the Synaptor web app are secured by a 256-bit SSL certificate – stronger than the industry standard 128-bit encryption.

There are no ‘lock-ins’ with the Synaptor solution. We recognize that your data belongs to you. The web app has a one-click export tool so that you can get your data at any time.

Synaptor: helping SMEs in hazardous industries ensure the safety of their people and the environment with innovative mobile and web apps What Can I Do with Synaptor?

Observations App

  • Make safety observations in the field
  • Stepwise process makes it easy for anyone to use correctly
  • Observations include photos and location of hazards
  • See a list of observations made by your colleagues
  • Observations automatically sync to your online database when in network range.

Observations Module

  • Receive live observations data entered by your team in the field
  • Manage and report on observations data
  • Customisable dashboard shows observations data at a glance
  • Follow-up on an observation and add important notes
  • Updates to observations are automatically pushed to mobile devices

Maps App

  • See a live safety map of your work site
  • View details of observations made by colleagues at your site
  • Automatically receive important site safety notifications
  • Maps are automatically updated when observations are made by team members
  • Share safety maps with anyone by email

Maps Module

  • Easily define a work site by drawing it on a map
  • Specify site notifications to automatically send to Maps App users when they arrive at a site
  • Maps of your sites contain live data submitted by users of Synaptor mobile apps
  • Manage and report on site-specific data

Training App

  • Teach the fundamentals of hazard management
  • Facilitate training to a group in the field, or learn on your own
  • Training records automatically sent to your secure database
  • Print course certificates

Training Module

  • Add individuals and courses to an easy-to-use training matrix
  • Store training records and certificates securely in the cloud
  • Records from Synaptor training apps are automatically added to your secure database
  • Report on training statistics
  • Set automatic reminders about expiring certifications,
  • View and print course certificates and records

Twitter: @Synaptor


Contact: [email protected]

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