SWAP!T Zone – It’s time for exchange !

SWAP!T Zone - It's time for exchange !A brief synopsis?

SWAP!T Zone is a fun, online social network that provides a secure platform for users to swap, buy and sell items or services. The site is an online marketplace with the added value of connecting users in a familiar, reliable environment.

SWAP!T Zone is one of the first platforms for trading goods and professional skills in a seamlessly integrated social media platform.

Why did you start this company?

Through our personal experience we realized that a lot of times we end up buying new and expensive item when the same item was available with a friend of ours who wanted to get rid of it. This gave us an idea to build a tool where we can bring both an e-commerce and a social networking platform together at one place. This way user is always aware of items that are available between their networks of friends. They see a live feed of items/services as and when they are posted by different users. They can build their network of friends much like Facebook.

By marrying an innovative, online marketplace with a social network platform, SWAP!T Zone provides users for a secure, friendly place to make their online purchases, swaps and sales.

SWAP!T Zone - It's time for exchange !

Lauren & Sam

Was your company started on a shoestring budget or funded?

Yes, on a shoestring budget. For six months, the site existed on an intimate scale with a few hundred users. However, the Company has now embarked on improving the aesthetics of the site as well as the features included in order to appeal to a wider audience and provide more value to the end consumer.

It is looking for potential investors and also to expand its team.

Who is your competition, and what do you do better?

There are well-established e-commerce & social networking websites but SWAP!T Zone is the first of its kind to bring both these platforms together at one place.

How it works?

  • Users can either create their account or sign-in using their Facebook accounts by going to www.swapitzone.com. It’s absolutely FREE.
    • All registered users can swap, buy and sell any item or service.
    • There are no membership costs or listing fees
    • Items and services can be listed for any duration of time.
    • Items and services that are swapped between users do not incur any charges.
    • Items and services bought or sold must utilize the Paypal system for financial transactions and SWAP!T Zone imposes a 2% charge on all of these transactions which is way less that what a user will have to pay using services like ebay.

There are three different ways users can do transactions:

SWAP Items/Services

Users can make an offer to swap their items/services with any other item/service that they want from the site

Buy/Sell Transactions

SWAP!T Zone also allows for users to directly buy and sell items and services on their site. All transactions are processed through Paypal and SWAP!T Zone receives a 2% transaction fee on all cash transactions. Unlike its competitors, the Company does not charge listing fees or photo fees. There is also no membership fee or maximum number of items a user can list.

Point System

SWAP!T Zone has implemented a unique point system which also allows for users to buy and sell items using points rather than money. Points work much like cash within the site. Users can choose to receive points in exchange for their item or service and then use those points to purchase any other item or service on the site.

To increase the reliability of the site, SWAP!T Zone has implemented a rating and review system that allows users to post comments, recommendations and ratings on their transactions. This allows for users to review a swapper or seller prior to purchasing goods.

What are some additional features that can benefit users?

Targeted Network using “ Zones”

SWAP!T Zone also provides a “Zones” feature where users can create a Zone representing their brand. All Zone members will see a live feed of available items/services that user has to offer as and when it’s published. Zones give a two-fold advantage to the user. One is that it virtually becomes their online market place where all their items/services are published for the Zone members to see. Second, all Zone members can communicate by writing their comments on the Zone’s wall. Zones provide them a way to increase their targeted network of users.

Search Engine

Another value add is that SWAP!T Zone’s search engine enables users to search for any items/services available on the site. Users can also do a more targeted search based on Zones or distance. This brings customers right to their footsteps.

Internal Social Media

SWAP!T Zone’s social networking platform allows for:

  • Users can build their network of friends by searching for friends, via “mutual friends” with other friends and “People You May Know” section
  • There are public and private walls where users can share their thoughts and messages with each other
  • Users can also connect with each other via “Zones”
  • Users can “like” or “comment” on any items and services posted by their friends

External Social Media Integration

SWAP!T Zone also allows for full integration with Facebook and Twitter. This allows for:

  • A user can log onto the site utilizing their existing Facebook account
  • Users can invite their Facebook friends to join SWAP!T Zone
  • Users can publish their SWAP!T Zone items and services on their Facebook and Twitter pages. This also publishes their item post on SWAP!T Zone’s Facebook Fan page
  • Users can also sync their Facebook profile picture with their SWAP!T Zone’s profile picture

SWAP!T Zone’s first movers advantage, low transaction fees and strong community focus make it an extremely strong player in a very fast expanding social network & ecommerce/barter market.

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