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Android App for Business Productivity: Tote Notes

Android App for Business Productivity: Tote NotesTote Notes is an Android application that allows business owners to record, transcribe to text, and email notes following important calls with just two taps and their voice. It is now available on the Android Market and will soon be available in other selected outlets.

“With the prominence of smartphones, being able to use an Android phone to take a few quick notes following a call is helpful for professionals,” said Tim Woloshyn, CEO of Tote Notes’ developer, Mercury Mobile. “From business owners and field personnel to top executives and executive assistants, Tote Notes is proving to be helpful in a wide range of business contexts.”

In fact, many users have found Tote Notes’ flexibility provides a lot of options for business use, from using the app to record portions of meetings to using it as a simplified or mini-CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) solution.

Why use Tote Notes? This convenient app provides an easy opportunity for action following every single phone call. Because of the various ways it is used, the application occupies several app segments. “I’m not sure there is a true competitor,” said Tim. “On one hand, there are thousands of apps devoted to note-taking or voice notes. On the other hand, you have great companies like Evernote, and even Salesforce. However, I think Tote Notes provides an easy and comprehensive solution to both note-taking and voice notes.”

So what apps will you find on Tim’s Android? “I’m a big advocate of Evernote. I like how it incorporates many of the things that your smartphone already does, and combines them in a more useful manner. That’s what I like about Tote Notes, too.”

Android App for Business Productivity: Tote NotesHow it works:

Tote Notes provides automatic prompts for notes on the go that are organized in the user’s email inbox. Immediately following a phone call, Tote Notes prompts the option to record notes from the conversation. With just one tap, the user can begin recording, and with a second tap, the message is transcribed with Google Voice™ and sent to their email inbox with a subject line that includes the name and number of the contact the note is about. An mp3 of the note is included for the user’s convenience as well.

See the video at

Tote Notes’ free version provides 30 seconds of recording time for each note and accommodates one destination email address. The pro version ($3.99) allows up to 2 minutes of recording time and a secondary email address, which can be used as a “CC” to another person or email address, such as an assistant or collaborator.

Benefits of Tote Notes include:

  • It fits any business or organization. Professionals can easily use Tote Notes as it is, or use the application programming interface to customize Tote Notes to their needs.
  • It’s incredibly easy. Two taps and a verbal message is all it takes.
  • It never gets in the way. Tote Notes prompts the user following a call and fades away if they don’t need it.
  • It can be used manually. If the user remembers a detail from the phone conversation hours later, they can easily view their note history and tap on any contact to record a new Tote Note manually.

Tote Notes is perfect for:

  • CEO and top executives
  • Salespersons
  • Executive Assistants
  • Business Owners
  • Field personnel such as repair and support staff
  • Busy Moms
  • Students

Android App for Business Productivity: Tote NotesHow Tote Notes was created:

Tote Notes is the brainchild of Mercury Mobile CEO Tim Woloshyn, who was previously in sales and consulting. As someone who was always on the road, Tim had trouble taking notes and keeping them organized on-the-go. When he upgraded to an Android phone a couple of years ago, he was impressed with the voice-to-text transcription and realized there was a way to solve his problem.

Tim financed Tote Notes himself in its earliest days, and with the help of his two partners, was able to pick up a few investors during product development. They are currently considering new funding opportunities.

In the next 2-5 years, Tim sees Tote Notes continuing to improve to provide even more options for users. “The Tote Notes platform is very scalable – it works for a one-person shop or a team of sales people, so there’s a lot of room to move. It also helps that we are entering an era of voice-based computing – thanks in part to SIRI. And we are looking at developing modules that integrate with a larger suite of services, such as the App Exchange.”

Curious if Tote Notes has any patents pending? “There may be a little secret sauce in what we’re doing, and I’ll leave it at that,” said Tim.

Where to find Tote Notes:

Tote Notes is available now on the Android Market and will soon be available in other selected outlets. Find out more about the app at Users can also follow the app at or

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