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Thrifty Internet Business Strategy That Worked – Gal’s Website Reaches US rank of 98,000 within 8 months of launch for less than $1000!

I knew it would work, but within 8 months of launch and for less than Thrifty Internet Business Strategy That Worked –  Gal's Website Reaches US rank of 98,000 within  8 months of launch for less than $1000!$1000.00? I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw my website’s ranking of 98,000 US and had 100 people a day coming to it within only a few months. Wow, how did this happen? Well, let’s start at the beginning…

In December, 2009, I found one of those “website template” companies that said it was the most cost effective internet marketing strategy and that it would only take 10 days and I’d have a website…

Well, that’s what the salesman said, anyway, and I was “wide-eyed and hopeful” so I jumped on board only to find out that it was like getting a master’s degree in technology and got completely overwhelmed and almost quit…

“What should I do now? Do I let this stop me?” I’d already committed $299 for a year with the template and what else was I going to do? Besides, my “gut” was telling me that this could work somehow.

So, I asked myself, “If I had started this project one year ago, where would I be today?” I’d probably have a successful website and be through the “tough part.”

So, I “fast forwarded” in my mind to one year ahead and tricked myself into believing that I could get through it all and have a successful website that was thriving. (That’s the positive thinker in me coming out.)

Thrifty Internet Business Strategy That Worked –  Gal's Website Reaches US rank of 98,000 within  8 months of launch for less than $1000!The first three months were spent learning all the internet marketing strategies and deciding what niche to pursue, after which Effective Positive Thinking was born and I launched on March 1, 2010.

Whew! Getting that boat out of the harbor was tough, but now it’s launched and that was half the battle. The next part was to tell people about it so I had to find the best internet marketing strategies that were low cost.

The template company offered an internet business strategy that included link building as well as building the online reputation of the website. So, after writing 30 articles myself for the site so it was ready for the package, I paid them $100 to take them up on the online reputation offer on July 1, 2010, only four months after launch.

Nothing much changed as far as traffic for a couple of months, but my ranking suddenly started to improve at dramatic rates…

And if you’re new to the ranking game, it’s like being number one in your class, the lower the number the better, and the better the number, the more you’re “in” with the search engines who give you free, organically driven traffic.

So, on July 1, my global ranking was around 13 million. Which means that out of the 100 million sites in the world, I was in the top 13 million sites. “Pretty good to even have a number,” I casually thought to myself.

But my casual thought of, “Oh, that’s nice to have a number” turned into “Okay, this is serious” on August 31, 2010, when I broke into the 1% of all the websites in the world with a global rank of 932,000.

Wow, that’s phenomenal and I haven’t spent anything yet except a few hundred dollars and a lot of “elbow grease” by doing the work of going through the – rather intense – learning curve and building content which followed the rules for this cost effective internet marketing strategy.

Traffic was building too….

And all the while as my global ranking and traffic were improving, so was my US ranking, which landed around 98,000 at the end of October, 2010, which was “ginormous” according to a “geek friend of mine” whom I told about it when it happened.

And I was able to finance this all myself so far because I’d spent less than $1000.00… piece of cake.

About that time, I also hired a social media manager for $400 a month to drive traffic through Twitter ( and Facebook ( and I set up a YouTube channel and uploaded some fun videos (

So, then I’m on my way with a site that has people coming to it and enjoying all the positive thinking content that I’ve written, but now how do I make money with it so I can continue the site’s presence so it can continue to help people?

Next, comes monetization trial and error…

First came a well-known ad program that proved to pay only a few cents…

Next, I tried an affiliate and sent a ton of traffic its way, only to find out that they had a one-day cookie so if people didn’t buy that day and came back another day, I didn’t get credit for the sale… bummer.

So, then I thought, “Why not create my own products? Hey, now that’s a good idea.”

And I did. I spent six months creating three sets of high quality products: Brainwave meditation audios that immediately create a state of meditation and two other programs that included subliminal affirmations for changing deeply held negative beliefs around money or other factors of life and, hey, they started selling, now we’re cooking…

Only to find out that there’s a problem with selling products on the internet, which is that no matter how great they are, people are very skeptical these days so it takes a lot of money – remember I’m on a shoestring here – to properly promote online products with affiliate programs and staff to do all the work involved with a product business model.

Discouragement hits, which opens the door to the biggest transition I had to make during this whole process…

I didn’t know what to do next. I’d tried everything I knew how to do and no one was telling me anything different, until, that is, a friend of a friend came over one day and took one look at my website and said, “Your site is perfectly poised for advertisers because you’re close to 10,000 unique visitors a month and growing.”

Really? No one told me this, not even my coach who’d been coaching me for a year. Why? Because the site had to get to a certain point before advertising was a possibility, so no one mentioned it before now.

In fact, this friend – who happened to have some high level internet experience that I didn’t know about before then – said he couldn’t have helped me just a few months earlier because I didn’t have the right numbers.

“Okay, so where do we go from here?” I asked. “Completely change your business model from product driven to an advertising business model and prime your site with a few key changes,” he replied.

So, I did, and this was the best advice that I’d never gotten before that point, but, then of course, it was because I wasn’t ready for it. The positive thinker in me always looks for the bright side and took this turn as “the teacher shows up when you’re ready” and I was ready to embark on this new adventure.

And it’s been quite the adventure…

We made the changes to the site and the numbers improved, what do you know? Now, I’ve got a site that can offer sponsors and advertisers a great reach into a market full of people seeking to improve their lives through positive thinking and related subjects…

And my site’s audience can benefit from knowing about some great companies that can help them improve their lives.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

Today, I’ve hired a manager who is helping me reach out to potential sponsors and we’re actually getting interest after only a few weeks of figuring out how to “tweak the process.”

And, I still have the social media manager taking care of Twitter and Facebook, but now I’m going into Google+ ( and other social media venues myself everyday to post and chat.

As far as other marketing or advertising, I rely on writing high quality content articles for the site, article marketing, organic search results based on keywords and my own “post and chat” efforts.

I’m still financing the site entirely myself and paying for the services of my manager and social media manager and the yearly $299.00 hosting fee.

I currently get over 14,000 unique visitors a month (with a 10% per month compounding growth rate) and 32,000 page/views impressions a month (with a 22% compounding monthly growth rate.)

With numbers growing as quickly as these and my manager stirring interest in sponsorships, I feel certain that this year will show a profit.

At this point, the only thing that could make my business more successful is the addition of a few select sponsors who are financially supporting the site’s ability to serve people in a positive way, for which the sponsors are gaining positive exposure in a targeted market which is growing at exponential speed.

I can honestly say that the one thing I did right during this whole endeavor was to stick with it through every discouragement and disappointment. Putting in the “elbow grease” in the beginning of learning all the technical facets of doing this concept and believing in myself enough to stay the course has proven to me that I will get the site to not only sustain itself financially, but also have the financial capabilities to grow the potential of the site to serve the needs of my readers and sponsors.

My thrifty internet business strategy was tough to get through, but I’m glad I’ve done it because I was recently told that the site I have built for less than $10,000 could easily have cost someone else hundreds of thousands of dollars to build and to get to the point where I have gotten it through my own “working in the garage” business approach.

As I move through this next phase of monetizing through sponsorships, I will be able to solely focus on creating high quality content for my audience which serves both my readers and my sponsors as well as sustains my ability to do something that I love.

Thrifty Internet Business Strategy That Worked –  Gal's Website Reaches US rank of 98,000 within  8 months of launch for less than $1000!

Suzanne Glover

Thank you for the opportunity

to share my story with you.

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