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What Fills the Stomach Warms the Heart: Entrepreneur Channels Passion to Help Others Find Great Food Gifts

What Fills the Stomach Warms the Heart:  Entrepreneur Channels Passion to Help Others Find Great Food GiftsSome people love food, but no one has a passion for it like Lynn Steinberg. If your family is anything like hers, food is the center of every celebration and memories are filled with fun times and delicious foods.

As a wife, mother, daughter, sister, half-sister, granddaughter, cousin, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, aunt, friend and co-worker, Steinberg is a lot of things to a lot of people. She’s lived in six cities since college, which has led her to ship gifts to all of the people in her life, all spread throughout the country.

Over time, Steinberg found herself sending more and more food as gifts. First, it was pizza from Chicago. Then it was pickles from New York, followed by cookies from Columbus and ice cream from Cincinnati. Today, Steinberg is an expert in shipping food from coast to coast and finding the best, most unique and personal gifts for the people in her life.

It wasn’t easy for Lynn to get where she is now. After a winding journey that led her from corporate America to finding her birth parents to discovering her true passions, Steinberg decided to take a leap of faith and start her own company. Based on her personal experience and love of sending food gifts, a website resource for consumers to do the same was a natural next step. Thus, was born.

What Fills the Stomach Warms the Heart:  Entrepreneur Channels Passion to Help Others Find Great Food Gifts

Lynn Steinberg

Tasting, reviewing and recommending food gifts provided a great motivation for the business, but that was just the beginning. Lynn is also passionate about supporting small businesses. She established Goodies For Gifts to help small food companies, which she calls“foodtrepreneurs,”promote their products nationwide, as well as to encourage consumers to buy from small boutique operations whenever they can.

Additionally, starting her own website allows Lynn to serve as a positive role model for her daughters. As a strong woman herself, Steinberg was faced with challenges that made her understand the curve balls life can throw you. She is a strong believer in women’s ability to do anything they put their mind to and was determined to show her own daughters that they can do anything they want to.

With that, in December 2011 Lynn officially launched Goodies For Gifts. Now she’s sharing her food gifting advice with others, helping consumers everywhere be the most popular gift givers around. Whether for Christmas, Mother’s or Father’s Day, graduation, weddings, moving or new home, Valentine’s Day, birthdays or any days, Goodies For Gifts has presents for everyone and every occasion.

Upon starting her business, the biggest transition for Lynn has been sales. She says selling is a skill set she has had to develop over time. The best advice she ever got was from her husband who is an accomplished sales and marketing professional. He told her to never take sales personally. This was challenging for her as she adores getting to know potential customers, and alwaysinvests herself personally into their success.Still, she’s learned that if a sale does not work out, it is never personal. Sometimes, budgets are low or timing is off.

Whenasked what was the best advice she never got, her response was, “I wish someone told me how fast the days go when you are working for yourself and you LOVE what you do. I remember sitting in my office at my old jobstaring at the clock waiting for the day to go by. Now hours pass in a flash. My kids are home from school in a blink of an eye and I have not even thought about preparing a family dinner let alone laundry and all that fun stuff. It’s great!”

Lynn says the one thing she did right was starting Goodies For Gifts as a blogprior to the website launch. This allowed her to form great relationships with potential vendors before she was asking them to subscribe to Goodies For Gifts’ services.At the time,she didn’t realize she was doing the business a great service; she was simply doing it for fun. When she transitioned her blog into a business, it certainly proved to work in herfavor.

Today the website is a great success with thousands of visitors, hundreds of featured products and a clear path of continued rapid growth. Greatmarketing tactics have been the key to her success to not only drive traffic to , but also provide an enormous benefit to her subscribers, who often do not have the resources or budgets to market as much as they’d like.By subscribing to Goodies For Gifts, vendors are given a virtual storefront where consumers can see what they have to offer and are given direct access to their websites. Thus, subscribers get to capitalize on Goodies For Gifts and take advantageof its marketing efforts.

Along with the benefits ofimproved SEO andexposure from national and regional PR efforts, social media marketing is a huge asset to Goodies For Gifts subscribers. Lynn’s cutting-edge social networkingis maximized on a number of channels, from Facebook and Twitter, to Google+ and Pinterest. On each, she leverages its unique audience to engage fans, host giveaways, highlight subscribers and their products, and interact in one-on-one conversations. Pinterest is especially beneficial for Goodies For Gifts because users have the option to “repin” items of interest to share with friends.

To check out the social networks, learn more about Goodies For Gifts, list your food products or find that perfect present,follow the links below:


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