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Talking Your Way To Social Change

Name of Social Enterprise and URL? – a social network for social change, where contributing to topics benefits causes (freely).

Talking Your Way To Social Change

David Katz

Who is the person? What is there background?

David Katz, founder of Bachelor. Black sheep of the family. Canadian. Care giver to two miniature pinschers. Dreamer. Guy who for years existed in the corporate consulting world yet dreamed of one day bringing the experiences he had while volunteering into a more central place in his life and into the lives of others. Someone who isn’t used to writing in the third person.

Having pushed this mission forward by launching a social network for social good, David is also coming off of a year in which he had been living for the charities supported by your time on To see the various faces of the founder of a social network, feel free to watch David’s recent manly makeover on the Steven & Chris Show here. (the show itself is great, but if you want to skip to the new David, it starts at about 34:30 of the show)

Talking Your Way To Social ChangeWhat is your product or service? is a social network for social change, where contributing to topics benefits causes (freely). Talkic adds a social twist to the concept of “clicking for a cause”…while adding a topical twist to the concept of “following others on social networks”. is the evolved which launched a couple years ago with the idea of “being social and discovering new music, while making change for the charity of your choice” as we donate 1.1 cents every click to your choice of more than 20 charities from Canada, The US and UK. These donations come from more than 2/3rds of the money we make from displaying advertising on our site.

However, with ongoing changes and enhancements to Jack throughout 2011, and with development heating up in the background, we realized that what we were creating was much more than what Jack The Donkey had started as. After much debate, we made the decision to let the donkey spread his wings and evolve into – the social network for social change, where contributing to topics benefits causes (also known as a social network where topics are friends that benefit causes).

At the heart of the social network is still the concept of clicking for a cause. And at the heart of our social network is still the idea that everyone on is your friend. Yet with the changes rolled out this past week (with more coming soon), the pictures, thoughts, links or new music that you share aren’t being shared randomly…they are being shared across the topic feeds followed by people who are interested in whatever topic you are posting about. Similarly, on, you won’t be following anyone specifically…and nobody specifically is following you (to start anyway). Instead, you follow the topics that you are interested in, and whatever is being shared across Talkic on those topics.

Our format not only provides everyone who is interested in a subject with an equal voice…but we have created this with a view to helping create some real dialogue and discussion on issues that should be of concern to us all…to create real social change that starts on but carries forward into the real world.

Talking Your Way To Social ChangeWe understand that not everyone is going to connect this way. However, we are firm believers in the power of music to connect with people in ways that other messages and media just can’t. To help connect with some of the more disenchanted people out there, we also run, a free new music service that promotes social change and the unsigned musicians who help drive change to the charities on Talkic.

Date officially launched?

January 17th, 2012

What came about that made them help in social change? Why was this social venture created? started as which was a URL I had purchased years ago for personal reasons (tribute to a relative’s ex-husband who is an ass), with the thought that this could one day be used to do some good…but I wasn’t sure how and it remained dormant.

Then a few years ago, with the economies around the world tanking, I started thinking about all of the charities that I cared about and how they were inevitably going to suffer. Given that bailouts were being handed to the banking and automotive industries by governments around the world, I started obsessing about how I could help “bail out” the charities and causes I cared about (eg. MS Society as one of my sisters has MS; Ontario Special Olympics, as I had been a coach and league administrator for them; and many others).

At the time, I saw that social networks were becoming increasingly popular among a mainstream audience and that the Internet was creating many opportunities for individuals to “click for a cause”, through sites such as and which cater to specific causes (supporting homeless pets and world hunger respectively).

Then it clicked…so to speak.

How about a “social network where you can click for the charity of your choice?” errr now called makes clicking for a cause social, as you can click for the charity you choose to support when registering with the site…while clicking with new people outside of your personal social networking circles (here…everyone is your friend!).

How many years and how many people has this person helped? How many people need help?

I don’t know. I do know that the level of financial support that we have provided thus far is nowhere close to where I hope that it will be. However, I am starting to see and hear the signs that we are helping to get the stories of the charities on talkic out to people who you wouldn’t expect to connect with… the ones we wanted to connect with from day one.

How many people are currently working, including employees (freelancers or independent contractors for specific projects)?


Do you tweet, facebook fan page, myspace friend or use any other social media to get the word out?

While I blog periodically here, attached is a link to where you can find us on other social networks as well. On, I am “talkic” – though really, I am not that interesting.

What is the best advice you never got?

If you feel like what you’ve started is bigger than you…keep working on it. I don’t know if I could have received that advice from anyone else…it’s a personal feeling one needs to discover for themselves.

There is however one quote that really sticks with me courtesy of an interview with legendary rap artist Grandmaster Kaz: “If you are serious about it…by all means go all the way and never give up your dream…but if this is just something you want to do just to get girls or just to get money don’t even come here because there are too many people who really really want to do it who will just knock you out of the box.” Yes, he was talking about making a career in the rap industry…but the words hold true for those who want to help make the world a better place. It’s not easy.

What is the one thing that you did right?

I get and stay excited whenever I talk about what we’re doing and the charities with us. Even when things don’t work out as expected, I can’t stop loving what’s being created all around!

What was the biggest transition you had to make (i.e. new skill set, habits, abilities, focus)?

Learning and recognizing opportunities on the fly. The concept of social networking and even the ideas behind the internet are still so new. When you really think about it…NOBODY has figured it out yet. We’re working on it!

What can you tell other potential social entrepreneurs who are deciding to make a difference?

If you believe in the impact of your dreams…you can achieve them…eventually! (and please join and start talking on topic for change here)

What book(s) have you read that others should read?

The Little Prince – Antoine De Saint-Exupéry.

Also…people need to listen to music…actually listen to what’s being said.

Thanks for listening,


David Katz


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