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Become an Award Winning Company: 7 Simple Steps to Unlock the Million Dollar Secret Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

Become an Award Winning Company: 7 Simple Steps to Unlock the Million Dollar Secret Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

Matt Shoup

Bio of Matt Shoup

A lifelong entrepreneur finds himself with $100 to his name and nearly $100,000 in debt. This is March 2005. Fast forward seven years. The company he founded with the last hundred dollars is a multimillion dollar, award-winning brand and a household name in Northern Colorado. With close to $10,000,000 in company revenue, 4,000 customers, and 18 prestigious local, state and national company and entrepreneurial awards, Matt Shoup and M & E Painting have become a true American dream success story.

Matt founded Shoup Consulting in 2009 with one mission—to inspire entrepreneurs. He does this through coaching, speaking and writing. Matt released his first book, Become an Award-Winning Company: Seven Simple Steps to Unlock the Million-dollar Secret Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know in December, 2011. And he is just getting started!

Book synopsis:This books shares with entrepreneurs the benefits of winning prestigious business awards. While doing so, it also discusses and sets straight the myths associated with this industry. It then shows entrepreneurs a simple 7 step plan to implement into their business to begin wining awards today.

Why did you write this book? I am passionate about inspiring entrepreneurs, and love to share the secrets and business lessons I have learned over the years. This concept once applied to business is so powerful, it is not fair to not share it with the world. I want to help entrepreneurs across the globe succeed to the best of their ability.

Why readers should buy your book and what they will get out of it after reading it: This book will show any and every entrepreneur how to receive thousands to millions of dollars of free exposure while boosting their credibility and brand. The steps to apply are simple, to the point, and will help any business to grow.

When I founded my painting company in 2005, I was young, broke, and determined to conquer the world of business to make a living and future for my family. 7 years later, I look back and am proud and inspired by all that M & E Painting has accomplished over the years. We are now Northern Colorado’s largest and most recognized painting contractor, and with those achievements has come the opportunity for me to provide mentorship, consulting, and advice to other entrepreneurs who are growing and desiring to follow in M & E Painting’s footsteps.

I live out my passion for inspiring entrepreneurs by individual coaching, blogging, writing, and speaking. Whenever I do this, I always love to share the lessons I’ve learned during my years as an entrepreneur. One of the biggest lessons I learned all on my own, and I learned it (of course!) the hard way! This lesson prompted me to write my book, Become an Award Winning Company: 7 Simple Steps to Unlock the Million Dollar Secret Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know.

The lesson? Marketing and advertising doesn’t pay. After spending close to a million dollars on traditional marketing and advertising as I grew M & E Painting, I learned all about the best return on investments (ROI) for generating leads, and how to budget and plan marketing and advertising dollars into my company’s budget. My enormous budget on marketing produced a high number of leads, but it did not build my credibility as a business. All that those fancy ads showed the customer was that I had the money to spend on marketing, and perhaps all that that did was raise questions in their mind to the tune of, “How much does he charge in order to afford that slick marketing?” My print ads, direct mail, door knockers, etc. were just M & E Painting talking about M & E Painting. Marketing and advertising did nothing to build my brand, was very expensive, and was not a sustainable option to continue to grow my company and produce scalable profit margins. Then I learned the secret.

In 2009, I was introduced to the strategies of Public Relations (PR). The term is used a lot in business, but I love this definition. Public Relations involves getting others to talk about your business in order to bring in more business. After spending too much money on traditional advertising, and then learning the secrets of how to gain free PR, I was initially a little skeptical. But I’m always game for trying something new, so I took a leap and took the steps I had learned for landing PR hits. I called a local news writer and landed a story on the front page of the business section. I followed up and followed through with an introduction to a writer that landed M & E Painting in entrepreneur magazine. As the PR snowball continued to grow, my brand and my company’s name was becoming more credible. Others were singing our praises more than I was through traditional advertising and this method was completely free.

As I continued to watch the company develop and listen to the feedback of my customers, I quickly noticed that the return on the PR I landed was infinitely more credible, and obviously less costly than the advertising I was doing. You just can’t compete with FREE and profitable! As business stands today, we have a strong focus on PR as we build our brand and fuel the buzz about our company. People believe their neighbors, friends and colleagues who are talking about M & E Painting out of a sincere amazement of satisfaction. It is a testimony that cannot be argued.

Winning awards is a huge part of creating a stir about your company—so much so that I devoted my entire book to the subject. Over the past three years, M & E Painting has been named finalist or won 18 business awards. These awards range from the local to the national level. I have become an expert on the topic and have used a simple 7-step process to win awards for my business. Winning awards is a brilliant PR strategy allowing other organizations, groups, or associations to give you praise and credibility that will stand out to your potential customers, team members, and community. In my book, I talk about the benefits of winning these prestigious awards, the myths about the industry, and the simple 7 steps any business can use to start winning awards right away.

Consider this. Who is doing the talking about your business? Are you tooting your own horn? Is anyone really listening? What balance does your business have between PR and Advertising? What are the results of these balances? Are you too heavily weighted in one or the other? What is it about your business that makes it award-worthy? What is the story of your company? How has it evolved over time? Once you begin to answer these questions, you and your company will be ready to jump into the arena of winning PR for your business by winning awards. It is a stage you don’t want to abdicate to someone else. The lights are bright and the applause equates to money in your pocket and the success of your dream.

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