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Sales Training and Consulting Smart Phone AppsSales Sense Solutions, Inc.

Michael D. Krause

Why Sales Tips That Make Sense App?

Ever wish you had some business tips that you could actually use in real life? Sales Tips That Makes Sense App is full of real life tips and techniques for sales professionals, entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs and business leaders. This app gives them portable, electronic sales consultant at their fingertips at all times. The Sales Sense app provides sales teams and individuals with proven strategies, tactics and tools they need to reach sales success consistently

Is our app free?

The free iPhone and Android app stresses the importance of increasing personal sales sense – the ability to apply reliable sales growth strategies to achieve solid sales performance success.

Why should you use this app?

I have come to the conclusion, after 10,000+ calls and making tons of mistakes, that it boils down to you – as the sales professional – understanding your opponent. If you fail to understand your opponent, you will NOT get the sale and you’ll walk out of your appointment scratching your head as your competition has a party at your expense. The Sales Sense app provides straightforward, easy-to-use sales strategies along with the tactics and tools each person can customize to improve their sales performance. . For example, the app includes tips for handling objections, successfully closing the sale, using social media in your sales process and getting your voice mails returned. In addition, there is a set of tips to help sales people prepare for and ace an interview for a sales professional position.

Where can you find the app?

Download this great new application today, work smarter not harder and improve your sales sense for greater sales success starting today.

The app can be found at the following links:

IPhone link:

Android link:

About Sales Sense Solutions, Inc.:

From building a landscape company from inception to 130 accounts and six employees in two years to being recognized as a top producer in each of the Fortune 500 companies for which he worked, Mike always exceeded his goals. Mike funded his undergraduate education at St. Bonaventure University with his landscaping company and later obtained a Master’s degree in Strategic Marketing with a concentration in entrepreneurship from Roberts Wesleyan College. After spending over twelve years in Corporate America, Mike discovered his true passion in helping business leaders and sales professionals achieve their sales objectives.

Today, Mike Krause is the owner and founder of Sales Sense Solutions, Inc. where he delivers measurable results with his clients using Fortune 500 strategies, tactics, and tools. The company’s mission is to customize Fortune 500 sales experience and success systems for smaller companies. Thanks to Mike’s sales expertise, Sales Sense Solutions’ clients enjoy, on average:

  • 41 percent increase in appointment setting
  • 22 percent increase in revenue
  • 35 percent increase in closing percentage
  • 100 percent increase in sales process implementation

Why did Mike start his own business?

Having sold well over $100 million in products and services Mike Krause knows the challenges sales leaders and business professionals face every day. He has spent more than twenty years in professional sales capacities, consistently achieving high levels of success in sales, management and training. He is a seasoned veteran of driving and achieving quantifiable results across a wide array of business models and organization sizes.

Today, clients benefit from Michael’s extraordinary energy and razor-sharp focus to sales processes and solutions. They genuinely appreciate his willingness and enthusiasm to spend time in the field with a sales team to really address the specifics of their challenges. Management and their teams are thrilled when they plug in their custom sales solution into their organization and experience the exceptional results. You can learn more about Mike or Sales Sense Solutions, Inc. at any of the following site:


How else can Mike help you?

Mike’s newest book, Sell or Sink: Strategies, Tactics and Tools Every Business Leader Must Know! bridges the gap between sales theory and reality for your company. As a fourth-generation sales professional, Mike’s proven approach to sales is to roll up his sleeves, jump into the trenches with your salespeople and do whatever it takes to teach them his customized tools, tactics and strategies to generate income and strengthen positive branding. He shares these insights in Sell or Sink so that your sales team gets it and you can measure the results all the way to the bank. At the end of each chapter, a set of diagnostics questions help you apply the strategies to your own organization. The diagnostic reveals what you need to put your organization’s sales team and their results on a sustainable, healthy, upward trajectory. More information on the book can be found at:

Where else can you find information?


Facebook Page:!/MichaelD.Krause




YouTube Channel:


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