Time is Money Save Both with NextPunch

What is the name of your business and URL?

NextPunch : http://www.nextpunch.com/.

A brief synopsis of NextPunch?

NextPunch provides businesses with mobile service employees a way to keep track of the hours they are working, the location they are working from and what they are working on.

We help them to collect this information through a couple methods. Employees can use a phone to call in once they get to a location they are supposed to be at. They can also use a mobile device to check in as they get to a job while we grab the GPS of where they checked in from.

When you’re running a home care, janitorial or distribution business it can be tough to keep up with all of the employees out in the field. There are lots of phone calls going around, maybe even some text messaging, but no real cohesive way to keep track of where everyone is, what they are working on and what times. NextPunch solves that problem for you. As a manager you have a real-time dashboard to see all this information. Once the payroll period is over, simply click a few buttons and payroll is done!

Why did you start NextPunch?

Time is Money Save Both with NextPunchWe we were talking to business owners who told us horror stories of the way they currently run their operations! One owner told us how his home care aides fill out paper work throughout the week and then either drive it or fax it into the office at the end of the week. Another manager informed us that at her janitorial business, she had her employees calling the receptionist throughout the day while the receptionist was inputting the information to Excel. These owners and managers deserved a product that would makes their lives a bit easier! So we built NextPunch from the ground up as an employee time and attendance software specifically for them.

We focused on having an easy to use product, with no contract and minimal time to get up and running. We really believe in beautiful software that gets out of the way of what you need to get done and we repeat that in the office on a regular basis!

Was NextPunch started on a shoestring budget or funded?

Shoestring budget! We have nothing against outside funding, but because we wanted a simple product to start and we knew we could get it out the door quickly this made the most sense for us.

Who is your competition, and what do you do better?

Wow, where to start! ADP, Paychex, and MyTimeForce amongst many others are all competitors one way or another. What we pride ourselves on is simplicity and usability. We really focus on the end user and make sure that this product serves its purpose quickly and lets the user go back to what they need to do. We cannot imagine anything worse than having to sit and pound the keyboard while trying to get just one little aspect of some software to work, yuck!

Why would a small business use NextPunch?

We help them save countless hours collecting valuable information about what hours their employees are working, where they are working from and what they are working on. This inevitably allows for the reduction of ‘rounding-up’ by employees and errors that occur during payroll processing. So, not only, do they save time collecting information, but they can also save money from any potential errors that arise during payroll processing.

How could you effectively use these tools?

One of the most fascinating trends we’ve seen with customers using our product is the ability to get a better grasp of time spent on a certain job or at a certain location. Managers are going through their history and seeing which offices take longer to clean or which patient needs more attention in their home. Very few, if any, employee time and attendance systems give them this kind of visibility with a few simple clicks. Now when new customers come in the door, you can immediately pull up similar locations from the past and have great information to quote on!

A short bio of NextPunch:

NextPunch is an employee time and attendance software that helps businesses with mobile employees keep track the hours they are working, where they are working from and what they are working on. We can collect all this information through telephony, mobile phones or the web. We started the business in 2011 because of our belief in usable software tools for all businesses.

Does NextPunch offer free online tools?

Yes! We offer a free trial during which a business can use every aspect of our product to see if it works for them. There are no obligations, no contracts and they can choose to stop using it at any time.

Are there different pricing levels?

Yes. Pricing varies on the amount of employees using the product. We wanted to make sure it was affordable for businesses of all sizes.

Does NextPunch have a blog that keeps users updated?

Of course! The NextPunch blog is located here :


Facebook and Twitter links:

We tweet here :


We facebook here :


How long has NextPunch been in business?

We started the business in mid 2011.

How do you see NextPunch in the next 2-5 years?

Before we start expanding and dominating the universe, we want to make sure we get one product right. Our immediate goals are to make sure the product fits our customer’s pain point. Considering our users will interact with it multiple times on a daily basis, it’s possible for us to consider complementary products in the time and attendance space, but we will let our users dictate that.

Is NextPunch looking to hire more people or contractors? If so, what positions and skills is NextPunch looking for?

We’re absolutely are looking for people! We’re looking for engineers and user experience designers (length of experience is not as relevant as your portfolio of things you’ve done). However, if you’re interested in what we do, send us an email on the site and we’ll be happy to chat. There’s always room for talented people.

What other web based products would you recommend to entrepreneurs, business owners, or freelancers?

Dropbox and Freshbooks.

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