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Proof that Inbound Marketing Solutions Work

Name of your company and URL? (

Date started?
This venture (or should I say adventure) started in 9/2009.

What is your product or service?
My company provides small to midsize B2B and B2C organizations with marketing consulting services. I assess the current inbound and outbound marketing of an organization and provide solutions that increase brand awareness, leads and sales – while increasing ROI on their marketing efforts.

Why did you start your company?
Every entrepreneur dreams of having enough investments and cash flow that they can live the good life and retire early. My background and experience made this business venture a feasible one to earn a side income completely separate from my normal 9-5 job.

How was it financed?
Like many online entrepreneurs, I began the company with a small of financial outlay from my savings account and a large investment in sweat equity. I began with a $100 investment – $10 for my domain name, $10 for web hosting, and $80 for a WordPress template. All of the rest was a mixture of inspiration, creativity, and time. I wrote my own web copy and designed my own webpage. It took a great deal of effort, but everything was up and running in less than a month.

Date officially launched?
The website was officially launched on October 28, 2009. Since its launch, my company has grown by leaps and bounds.

What free online or offline tools do you use?
I’ve found that the simple and uncomplicated approach works the best. For networking, business cards work wonders. I use HARO, free press release services, and social media for PR. By optimizing my use of these free resources, I’m able to keep overhead at a minimum.

Do you use Social Media tools like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or? Provide exact URL of each
My twitter account is:
My Facebook is:
My Linked In account is:

How many people are currently working, including employees?
Currently, there are 16 independent contractors working with, all of whom I closely work with on a daily basis. They help with administrative duties and research. In addition, they assist with monitoring and marketing execution for the company.

What is the best advice you never got?
The best advice I never got is common sense if you think about it: make sure you’ve got signed contracts, and that they are as tight as possible. Money is emotional, and people don’t always like parting with it. The end result is they won’t pay. 

What almost killed your business in the start?
My first client hired me to write website copy for a flat rate. The contract had loose terms. Once the website copy was done, the client wanted a white paper. Next, he wanted profiles written for social media networks. Then, he wanted press releases written. By the time the all of the projects were finished, my well paying contract had turned into a pay rate of approximately $2/hour. I was so frustrated that I thought about abandoning the idea of a marketing consulting business all together.


What is the one thing that you did right?

Proof that Inbound Marketing Solutions Work

Tabitha Jean Naylor

After my temper calmed, I was able to move past the nightmare of my first client. I realized that I had my first real-world client, and I could add the work to my portfolio. That gave me my first great reference. After all the work I did, I’m pretty sure the client knew he could not give me a bad one. Everyone has to start somewhere. Even though my first paying job was rough, I become more confident in my abilities. My marketing company has done well ever since.

What was the biggest transition you had to make?
Hiring an assistant was the biggest change for me. When I started off, I was on my own and doing everything myself. As things took off, however, it became impossible for me to do continue on that track. I still struggle with this, as I like to be as hands on as possible in every aspect of the business. I just have to keep reminding myself that I can’t continue to grow the company if I insist on doing everything myself.

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