Connect the Doc revolutionizes interactions between clinics, practitioners and patients with their online booking platform.

A brief synopsis of the website / application ?

Connect the Doc revolutionizes interactions between clinics, practitioners and patients with their online booking platform.Connect the Doc ( is an online service for private healthcare clinics, practitioners and their patients in Canada. This web platform allows people to book their private healthcare appointments directly online (for free) from either the clinic’s website or CTD has launched their service in the Greater Vancouver area and online appointments are currently available for Vancouver dentists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, optometrists, and massage therapists.

How did you come up with this business idea?

I came up with the idea for this business at my university graduation. My dad (a dentist) told me he was going to miss the first part of the ceremony because he had to see an emergency patient. I suggested that he tell his patient to book an appointment with a different dentist online. It turns out that this service did not exist yet, so I decided to create it.

Why did you start this company?

My brother and I are the sons of two dentists and have helped my parents with their marketing since we were 10 years old. Over the years, we have noticed some of the challenges that they face as both the practitioners and business owners. Their clinic, like most private healthcare clinics, often do not have a fully booked day and sometimes receive last minute cancellations that are hard to fill. Despite these availabilities, the process a prospective patient goes through to find an appointment that works with their schedule is challenging and time consuming. Normally, this process would involve someone going on Google, compiling a list of practitioners within a specific location, and contacting each clinic individually to find an appointment time that works. Clinics may be full, they may be closed, or they may not even pick up the phone. We started Connect the Doc to provide solutions to these common frustrations that both healthcare clinics and prospective patients face on a daily basis. As part of the consumer decision process, the consumer needs to find information and evaluate different options. Connect the Doc’s platform provides patients with an easy way to find and sort through information and evaluate the best solutions.

Was your company started on a shoestring budget or funded?

We initially started our company with very limited funds and found ourselves learning how to do new things everyday to reduce our costs. We eventually managed to create a partnership with a local web development firm who invested over $250,000 towards web development and marketing services.

Why would a small business, entrepreneur, freelancer, etc use your product?

Our service is fantastic for private healthcare clinics in Canada that do not have a full patient load everyday. Our search and book module allows each patient to filter and sort their search results so that the most convenient appointment shows up first. Because of this, each new patient has a high value to the clinic as they will often be repeat clients that refer friends and family. Also, most healthcare clinics are starting to understand the importance of having an online presence. Most of these clinics have a website and try different advertising techniques like Google Adwords, Social Media Marketing or Search Engine Optimization. The problem is that most of these clinics make an effort to get people onto their website, but they do not have a powerful call to action. Our company helps these clinics convert impressions and leads into new patients with the “Book Now” button, which is the ultimate call to action on a clinic’s website.

CTD is also great for prospective patients looking for short notice appointments. Many of the appointments that are currently being booked are done so between 5pm and 11pm.

How long have you been in business?

Connect the Doc revolutionizes interactions between clinics, practitioners and patients with their online booking platform.We started the business in July 2010 where we started brain storming, conceptualizing, wireframing, and researching all things related to Connect the Doc. Our web development began in March 2011 and after two months of planning we began enrolling clinics in September. In our first three months, we were able to enroll roughly 75 clinics in the Greater Vancouver in one of our 3 packages. We expect to continue to expand and grow our development and clientele throughout 2012.

Are there different pricing levels to your service packages?

Yes. All patient and “doc” accounts are free. Doc accounts feature a Connect the Doc profile (act as a website replacement) that is socially integrated with Facebook. Additionally, online scheduling is available for clinic accounts where there are three different packages that vary in prices ($20-$200/month).

What other web based products would you recommend to entrepreneurs, business owners, or freelancers?

Web applications and online tools are very important for our business. We use a number of different services online that help us perform more efficiently. Some of the best services that we use/recommend are: Salesforce, Freshbooks, Hootsuite, Mailchimp, Beanstream, Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, KissInsights, and User Voice.

We use Salesforce so that our Account Executives can be organized in managing their accounts and leads. It is a great tool for businesses that have multiple sales representatives and many of leads.

We use Freshbooks for all of our invoicing as it is eco-friendly and very easy to use. Freshbooks automatically sends out emails/invoices to all outstanding account receivables and tracks the history and activities of each payment and invoice. We use Beanstream as our payment gateway so that all invoices can be paid directly online upfront or with recurring monthly payments.

Hootsuite is an amazing social networking management platform that allows us to manage different social media pages in one place and at the same time. Instead of logging into Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, our blog etc. we are able to just log in to Hootsuite and update our services in one place. This tool is fantastic for businesses that use social media on a regular basis.

Mailchimp is used by lots of businesses and is a well-developed mass mailing tool. We use this for our newsletters and company updates.

Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, Kissinsights, and Uservoice are some of the tools that we use to get better understanding of how people are interacting with Connect the Doc. Customer feedback is always important to take in consideration and there are so many different applications that can be used to get a better understanding of what the customers want.

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    What a great idea!! I can’t wait to use Connect the Doc!!


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