An Enterprise Class Phone System for Small Businesses

The way we work is changing – we’re mobile, global, and increasingly dispersed. With smartphones and video conferencing, it has become status quo for businesses to support a remote workforce. In fact, nearly half of employees spend 75% of their time conducting business away from the office.

Technology has made it easier to work out of the office, but if you’re a small company with limited financial resources, you might be spending too much time and money to purchase phone systems and service plans for your employees.

Enter RingCentral, a provider of cloud-based phone systems that brings the power of an enterprise phone system to small and medium sized businesses, empowering the next generation of business growth.

As the #1 leader in cloud communications serving the largest number of customers, RingCentral is changing how companies connect with customers, partners, and employees.

Why RingCentral?

Traditional phone systems are complex, and require companies to purchase and setup a hardware PBX box for each location – an impractical and expensive solution for today’s dispersed workforce. Additionally, the PBX model is risky, costly, and difficult to maintain. With these outdated phone systems, every change – like adding a user, changing a phone number, or adding an office location – requires IT support.

RingCentral gives companies an all-inclusive solution. Using RingCentral’s phone system, businesses don’t have to worry about having one central office, purchasing hardware, or managing an IT department. A small business won’t even need to hire a receptionist to handle calls – with RingCentral, an auto-receptionist greets each caller with the same professional message, guaranteeing that customers experience consistent messaging with every interaction. Companies can also consolidate billing expenses with shared accounts, increase productivity with streamlined communication, and scale their business by adding additional users and features when necessary.

RingCentral’s phone system offers instant, zero costs setup, and can be completely managed online, saving business owners precious time by avoiding customer service numbers. RingCentral also fosters stronger customer relationships by improving accessibility (no more missed calls!) and response times through powerful features like advanced call forwarding, dial-by-name directories, and visual voicemail.

All of these features add an extra layer of professionalism to a small business, making it appear more robust by routing to “departments” – which, in many cases, is only one employee or a handful of workers.

Ultimately, RingCentral is a feature packed phone system that requires zero hardware, no contracts and is easy to setup that gives small business the leg up they need to compete with corporate enterprise.

Solutions to fit every business model

Small businesses are increasingly embracing new technology, and RingCentral offers companies more freedom and flexibility by being fully customizable with both in-office and mobile services. RingCentral Office offers pre-configured phones and expanded features, while RingCentral Mobile is a virtual call management system that allows businesses to use their existing phones or mobile devices.

A trusted cloud infrastructure service

An Enterprise Class Phone System for Small BusinessesRingCentral is the disruptive leader that is driving the innovation in business use of cloud telephony. As the exclusive cloud-based solution used by AT&T and Rogers – two of the world’s leading carriers – RingCentral is setting a new standard for business phone systems for small and medium sized companies. With customers like asset management firms, medical alert services, and law firms, it’s clear that RingCentral can fit any company’s needs.

RingCentral helps small businesses thrive because their technology has unparalleled ease of use, improves customer satisfaction, provides significant cost savings, and increases mobility, accessibility and reliability.

For example, Buyers Capital – a full service real estate company headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut – selected RingCentral to connect five offices and 41 agents. RingCentral’s big business features increased productivity and kept the geographically dispersed team members connected to their customers. Chris Coard, Manager of Buyers Capital, reported that the company saved 50% within the first two months of using RingCentral.

Moving to a cloud-based solution has even saved many companies from going under. Absolute Staffers – a government contracting medical services firm based out of Laurel, Maryland – lost their old PBX box phone system during Hurricane Irene. Tired waiting for repairs and losing business, they moved to RingCentral, and the company was able to get its phone lines up and running again that same day.

Company history

Entrepreneur and telecommunications professional Vlad Shmunis founded RingCentral in 2003. Previously, Vlad founded Ring Zero Systems, a leading provider of desktop voice and fax communications software, which was purchased by Motorola. During this experience, Vlad recognized a massive need among small and mid-size businesses for a phone system that was easily managed, integrated with their existing equipment, and provided advanced features that were, at the time, only attainable to large enterprises.

Since then, RingCentral has established itself as a successful and trusted cloud-based business phone system. In 2009, PC Magazine gave RingCentral an Editor’s Choice Award and Internet Telephony Magazine gave RingCentral the 2009 Product of the Year award. In 2010, RingCentral was named a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer for its world-class business phone system.

RingCentral is headquartered in San Mateo, CA, and also has offices in Denver, CO and Manilla, Phillippines.

Follow RingCentral for updates and company news

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2 Responses to “An Enterprise Class Phone System for Small Businesses”

  1. Steve Monas says:

    I use RingCentral for my Pono Holdings, LLC business faxes. I researched that they have the best price. I believe that I had paid for 1 year in advance at $ 95.90 (for 12 months = $ 7.99 per month). The plan is called RingCentral Fax500. I get 500 faxes per month in and out faxes. The faxes per month is an important number, as most others I had researched gave you 20 or 30 and then charged per page.

  2. James says:

    Thanks for the info I actually never heard of before reading this. I think it’s worth looking into.


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