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Protect Your Documents With Lock Your Docs!

Protect Your Documents With Lock Your Docs!Imagine what would happen if your insurance policies, tax returns, legal documents, or other important personal and/or business documents were lost, stolen, or destroyed? What would you do if you were travelling in a foreign country and lost your passport and/or driver’s license? Would your family and/or business partners know what to do if something happened to you and they needed immediate access to critical documents such as life insurance policies? Lock Your Docs! solves these problems.

Lock Your Docs! ( provides users with an extremely secure, virtual lockbox or filing cabinet to store copies of all of their vital documents. Documents can be uploaded in any format and organized, sorted, and viewed instantly from any computer. Lock Your Docs! is perfect for both personal and business documents, and can be used to store copies of tax returns, insurance policies, bank statements, investments, legal documents, medical records, passwords, client lists, vendor lists, disaster recovery plans, lease agreements, mortgage documents and many more important documents. The user controls who has the ability to view and upload information to their lockbox as well as how much access they have to their documents.

Users can upload copies of documents directly from their computers or they can arrange for their financial professionals to upload copies of documents from their computers directly into the user’s box via a secure email instantly without the financial professionals being able to see anything in the box itself. Lock Your Docs! provides folders that users can use to sort files, or they can create their own folders and subfolders to organize their files. This allows users to more easily view and retrieve their files.

Lock Your Docs! secures your information during transmission and storage with 2048 bit encryption using SSL 3.0. Pricing starts at only $29/year with no charge for additional users. Users have the ability to designate some files as Private, those that they don’t want the other users of the box to see, and Public, those that they do want the other users of the lockbox to be able to see.

Our service saves users and companies a lot of paper and is eco-friendly. The world is going paperless and our service can be integral in conserving resources and avoiding overuse of paper. Since a computer is the worst place to save copies of documents since it can crash or be stolen, Lock Your Docs! provides an excellent alternative to both physical and on-site document storage.

Jim Walzer founded the service in 2008. Recognizing the need of individuals to have a way to store and manage their critical documents in a secure way, Walzer created a service that allows users to easily upload documents to their personal lockboxes with access from any computer, any time. Users can send and receive large files in just seconds that would cause other ISPs to crash or default. Many files that contain hundreds of pages can be sent by the user and received by the designee in just a few seconds.

We believe that we face two major obstacles at Lock Your Docs!. First, we need to somehow change consumer behavior. People are reluctant to store documents online and are oftentimes too lazy to do so. Instead, they continue to use their own filing systems whether they use actual lockboxes, bank vaults, filing cabinets in their desks, or something else. Either way, we need to show them how much easier it would be for them to use a secure, virtual lockbox and how access to these boxes would be quicker and more efficient. Second, the price of a standard lockbox is $29/year. It isn’t economical for us to market the boxes directly to individuals. We realize that we need to partner with insurance companies, CPA firms, banks, attorneys, and real estate companies to have them market our service to their clients. We have several models that would allow these companies to either share in some of the revenues that we generate, or offer the service to their clients at a discount. Offering Lock Your Docs! to their clients will save their company time, money, effort, and paper as well as allow them to retain more clients and get more referred business and clients.

Protect Your Documents With Lock Your Docs!We recently started using Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and have seen some positive feedback recently. Lock Your Docs! has gotten several “followers” on Twitter which will allow us to more easily get our message out about what we do and how using our service can benefit both the referring company as well as the user. Several “followers” have contacted the Company asking us for more details about how the service works and how it would benefit their clients.

The service is currently making money and increasing sales. Our goal is to partner with a major financial company that will offer our service to their clients. We strongly believe that once we partner with that first company, others will follow since the first-mover will be offering a service to their clients that is well-received and generates them more business.


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