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“Build your Business with USA ePay”

“Build your Business with USA ePay”What is the name of your business and URL of you APP?

Our company is called USA ePay, and we offer a mobile application called the USA ePay Point of Sale Credit Card Payment System. It is available for free in the Apple App Store, Android Market, and BlackBerry App World.

Brief synopsis of the USA ePay smart phone app:

Named one of the best retail apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android (Mobile App America), the USA ePay Point of Sale Credit Card Payment System is specifically designed to help business owners process quick, easy, and organized transactions. Whether you are a small-shop merchant looking to process sales quickly or an enterprise-sized company wanting to create orders, store product history, view past transactions, see detailed order history (and much more), this application can work for your business.

A built-in product database makes it easy to manage products and inventory. The app supports hand-entered card numbers and product information as well as the PaySaber payment device, which allows you to swipe credit cards, print paper receipts and scan product barcodes. Swiping credit cards saves you money [on rates] and time. PaySaber hardware fits the iPhone (3G, 3GS, 4, 4S) and iPod Touch 2nd-4th generations.

We’re constantly working to increase speed and stability to enhance your experience with our app!

“Build your Business with USA ePay”A short bio of USA ePay:

USA ePay, a GorCorp Inc. company, has been helping merchants process their credit card and check transactions with speed and security since 1998. Founded by the Goretsky brothers, the company is family-owned and based in Los Angeles, CA. The USA ePay payment gateway currently supports all of the major platforms in the credit card industry, and works with some of the leading check platforms as well. USA ePay is also pleased to work with many of the larger merchant service banks in the US and abroad.

Why would a small business, entrepreneur, or freelancer use your product?

Have you ever lost business because you couldn’t process a credit card payment on the go? Our app and gateway together provide a feature-rich solution to ensure that you can accept payments anywhere, any time. Our app gives you access to sophisticated features including real-time reports and graphs, product database with inventory control, customer database, and much more, all of which are easily accessible at any place and time thanks to cloud-based processing.

Additionally, the system supports multiple users so your whole team can access the console at once. There is no limit to the number of users per company; businesses with many employees who all need access to their transaction information can set up user accounts for each individual. Each user can also be allowed different permissions and privileges inside the online console, so administrators can determine the right level of access to sensitive transaction information.

How could you effectively use these tools?

Detailed Real-Time Reports and Graphs As transactions are being processed by your account, you can log in to the console and view these transaction reports in real-time. Account administrators can view the details of every transaction, as well as see which device and user is processing the transaction.

We think you’ll enjoy the convenience of customized reports to include the specified fields and information of your choice. Graphs and charts show all aspects of your transactions, from different card types processed to the sources of each transaction.

You won’t need to sift through stacks of receipts or monthly statements to find specific transaction details; all transactions are stored in the online console for the life of your account, so you’ll never have to worry about losing transaction data. Our system also allows you to easily email and export reports whenever you need to. Export reports to programs like Word, Excel and QuickBooks.

Product Database & Inventory ControlThe USA ePay app gives you the capacity to store a complete product database with inventory control; the software automatically updates the database and inventory as orders are being placed.

The same product database can be loaded and shared in multiple locations, making it easy to accurately track orders and inventory in real-time between multiple locations, sales reps, warehouses, and so on.

Customer Database – Repeat business is key to any company. The USA ePay app comes with the ability to maintain a complete customer database for a better experience facilitating returning customers. Store customer data for easy recurring charges, automatic payments, special order purchasing, payment method storage and so much more with this system. You also have the option to set customers up with invoice payments, memberships or auto-bill payments though the database. Customers’ information is always secure on our PCI compliant payment gateway.

“Build your Business with USA ePay”What do you do better than your competition?

Ensuring safe and secure transactions should be a major priority when it comes to processing credit card payments with your smartphone. At USA ePay, we like to say that Security is our middle name and one of our clear competitive advantages. We have more than 12 years of experience developing new and exciting ways of securing credit cards and transactions. Recently, there have been many security concerns surfacing regarding the Square payment system, and for good reason; sensitive data is not encrypted and virtually anyone can skim credit card numbers from their system.

With the USA ePay app, you and your customers will never have to worry about sensitive data getting into the wrong hands. All transactions and orders are stored on our Level-1 PCI Compliant Payment Gateway. If your smartphone ever gets lost, stolen, or damaged, simply log in on another smartphone and all of your products, orders, batches and transactions will automatically sync-up. Because transactions are never stored on your phone, you never have to worry about stolen card numbers. Saved transactions and orders use tokenization to charge returning customers or issue refunds.

USA ePay is proud to be a supporter of some of the latest security requirements in our industry. USA ePay was one of the very first payment gateways to become Level 1 PCI [then CISP] compliant with the credit card associations. USA ePay was the first payment gateway to develop “non-username” identification methods used today by most gateways through development tools and API’s. Staying one step ahead of fraud has always been our mission, and USA ePay has been very much involved in the changing trends in security methods and policies.

Is this a free app?

The USA ePay app is FREE! Contact us if you need any help downloading or testing the app by calling +1-866-872-3729 or by emailing [email protected]. Please call 866-490-0042 to discuss additional fees associated with setting up a Merchant Account.

Do you have a blog that keeps users updated?

The Online Merchant Console or “Virtual Terminal” is where we post news and important updates for those with merchant accounts. We also update Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn on a daily basis. We encourage everyone to participate in conversations with us via social media!

Find USA ePay on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!/usaepay



Our YouTube Channel demonstrates how the USA ePay app can be used in conjunction with our PaySaber device to create a complete mobile point-of-sale terminal. Together they can scan barcodes, swipe credit cards, print or email receipts (and much more) while on the go, for everyone’s convenience. More information on PaySaber is available at

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