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Schedulesmith Makes Being A Sports Coach Much Easier

Schedulesmith Makes Being A Sports Coach Much EasierThe toughest part about being a sports team captain is the time you have to spend confirming player attendance. There is nothing more frustrating than showing up for a game only to realize that you don’t have enough players. Coaches spend far too much time calling or emailing players to make sure they know when and where the games are to be played. Wouldn’t it be great if a service could eliminate all of these dilemmas and do it all automatically making it much easier for a coach to communicate with the players? Schedulesmith ( solves these problems for you.

Schedulesmith is a player communication and confirmation site that allows sports team/league captains to more easily organize and manage attendance for their team, group, league or tournament. It is easy to use, highly efficient, and very easy to setup. A coach simply inputs the players’ names, email addresses, and cell numbers along with the team schedule for the season and Schedulesmith does the rest. The site will act as co-captain by automatically sending out email and text messages to confirm player participation. The confirmation emails and text messages can include field addresses and directions, and can differentiate between games and practices. In addition, Schedulesmith allows team captains to send out regular emails and text messages to their players which can include personalized messages for any player along with the general message that is sent to the entire team. The site also allows league commissioners to more easily communicate with all team captains. All player data is kept confidential and we do not allow advertisers to contact any players directly.

Schedulesmith was developed in 2005 by Jim Walzer who needed a way to more easily communicate with his regular golf group friends to remind them of their tee times. The golfers all enjoyed using the site and felt that it saved them time and effort with respect to confirming their tee times with each other. They also believed that the service could have mass appeal for other coaches and league captains in all sports throughout the country.

The site was used exclusively by the golf friends until Brad Berkowitz joined the Company in March, 2010. Brad recognized the potential, but realized the site needed more features and some polish. After improving the site, the team started to market the service. They began contacting coaches and leagues in Florida and New York, but quickly expanded their reach to all major metropolitan areas throughout the country. Within a few months, the site was adding several new teams each day.

The site is now being used by over 14,000 sports players in 38 states and 4 countries, including several professional athletes who use the site when they coach their kids’ sports teams during the offseason. Coaches pay $4.95 for 30 days of use of the service and can suspend the team during the offseason so they do not incur any meaningless charges. Teams have the ability to put their own advertisements on their team site which will more than offset the nominal charge to use the service.

Schedulesmith Makes Being A Sports Coach Much EasierThe major problem that Schedulesmith has is the ability to grow our customer base. We have been marketing directly to individual coaches and league commissioners via emails and phone calls. While we have had success using this approach, we realize that this type of marketing is a bottom-up approach and not very efficient. In other words, we have been finding individual teams and enticing them to use our site. A better way to market Schedulesmith would be a top-down approach. We need to get more exposure for our company which would include articles in the media and press releases so teams can find us themselves. The problem is that we are on a shoestring budget with limited funds to pursue this approach.

We started using social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and have seen some positive feedback recently. Schedulesmith has partnered with some national baseball and football leagues as well as a team fundraising company to cross-promote our businesses. We have included links to their sites on Schedulesmith and have put their banner ads on the confirmation emails that coaches send to the players on their teams. In turn, our partners have included our information on their website and have written about our service in their newsletters.

The company is currently breaking even. Our goal is to get advertisers to sponsor the entire site or purchase the company and allow us to run it for them as an advertising vehicle. We have been reaching out to the leading sporting goods chains throughout the country. We believe that since every person using Schedulesmith plays sports, a sporting goods store would want to use us as a marketing tool to expand their reach and send special deals to our database. We would want the chain to promote our site to their in-store customers as well which would only serve to expand their reach to more customers as more teams sign up to use our site. Schedulesmith also has the ability to include QR codes on the confirmation emails which could be changed very easily on our end so our advertisers can change any special deals they may offer or prices of products instantly using our technology.

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