Simplify your Workplace Like Never Before

Simplify your Workplace Like Never BeforeiDatix offers a business process and workflow management solution to simplify the workplace.

The core product, iSynergy, is a software suite of business automation tools that empower an organization to streamline their company’s operations and bring together people, processes and technology. The solution unifies the organization for operational effectiveness, eliminating manual tasks and procedures to replace them with a web-enabled solution to make companies more productive and profitable.

The goal of iDatix is to help businesses gain total visibility of their processes to improve efficiency and productivity. To put it simply, it helps companies go paperless and streamline their entire enterprise.

Simplify your Workplace Like Never Before

Steve Allen

The company began in 2000, when Steve Allen decided to take his knowledge and experience with technology and merry it with his passion for creativity and aesthetic appeal. Designing solutions to help companies grow and succeed, to improve processes and reduce time wasted, and to make that technology as simple and intuitive as possible drove the foundation of the iDatix suite of business management solutions. There was a need for this kind of user friendly, but highly advanced, document and workflow management system in the marketplace.

The iSynergy Software Suite has been implemented at over 500 companies worldwide. That number continues to grow as more businesses realize the benefits of such technology and embrace how critical it is for their core processes.

Most often, companies began looking for an ECM solution to solve a problem. Some of those problems are: they can’t find their documents, they need assistance in meeting regulation compliance, or they are looking to improve productivity and profitability and are not sure where to begin. It is at these times that an organization begins to consider the benefits that technology can bring to their organization.

iDatix occupies a distinct niche. While similar competitors offer document management, or workflow, the technology behind iSynergy combines content management, e-forms, workflow, document management-it is all these solutions rolled into one. This kind of technology eliminates the gaps in business operations while incorporating existing solutions offers even more value to the current application that are in place.

The ability to integrate with key line of business applications the way that iSynergy is able to is a feature that has yet to be matched by similar products. This proficiency has allowed iDatix to help companies across a wide breadth of industries. The software itself can be specifically tailored to meet your exact needs and processes. Your business is not generic; your solutions should not be either. From manufacturing organizations to hospitals to the financial market, the capability of iSynergy to incorporate the fundamentals of any process enables iDatix to assist a variety of companies in improving their productivity and efficiency.

The experience and knowledge of the people at iDatix combined with the functionality and advanced technology of their product makes the implementation and use of the software very straightforward. iDatix maintained focus on offering advanced features that were simple to use, in line with their initial mission when first beginning. This is another area that sets iDatix apart from the competition: the ease of use. Their software requires no programmers or developers to implement or maintain the system. It is user friendly and intuitive, while still being a robust and powerful solution. iSynergy was able to meet this delicate balance of power and simplicity.

In the future, iDatix is looking to continue its record of growth and success. The most recent upgrade of their software, iSynergy4, was recently released and offers mobile support for working on the go. This addition allows for accessing documents and workflows from the iPhone, iPad or smarthphone empowering your employees and executives wherever they are. Business in no longer contained within the four walls of the office, and that trend will continue to grow. Staying ahead of the curve in mobile development is one of the focuses. The iSynergy software has been browser and web based since the company’s inception, so they already have this added advantage on their side as competitors scramble to catch up with to advancements in technology and increasing client expectations. Intuitively anticipating users’ needs and providing them before it is a necessity is a strength of iDatix, and continuing this trend of foreseeing and offering the latest in technology is important for the future.

Simplify your Workplace Like Never BeforeOn the website, iDatix has a host of free resources for anyone looking for more information on document management and workflow. From White Papers to Webinars, iDatix is committed to providing thought leadership that can help you and your business succeed.

The iDatix blog can be found at and offers a variety of insightful information on business, productivity and more for a range of industries. The most recent post is 5 Reasons You Are Getting Shortchanged by SharePoint.

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