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Connect With Mobile and Remote Colleagues to Resolve Business Issues Faster Than Ever

Connect With Mobile and Remote Colleagues to Resolve Business Issues Faster Than EverCompany name and URL:


What does the Directra smartphone app do?

Directra helps business people in any location to connect and interact securely in their own private communication cloud using group text messaging, IM, email or voice (cell phone or land line), to resolve issues quickly regardless of their location or device.

If you are a small business and you have a customer issue, you can send a group text to alert various business partners or co-workers about the problem, interact securely with the group, and then transition to a voice conference with the touch of one button to bring the group together and resolve the issue promptly. It’s great for productivity and gives any business a simple solution for interactions with customers, partners and co-workers in any location.

Since Directra works in the cloud, there’s no need for any special infrastructure. Users simply download the app and start using it for group communications. Directra is available now in the Apple App Store and the Android Market. It is also compatible with Blackberry’s newer OS6 devices such as the Blackberry Storm and Blackberry Bold.

Tell us about your company:

The Directra team worked together for over 10 years at Forte, a California-based software company, to develop successful software products, such as a suite of enterprise telecommunications software solutions that was licensed by Nortel Networks, the Agent and Free Agent Usenet Newsreaders, and Adante, an Internet Contact Center solution used by small businesses and Fortune 500 companies to manage online customer interactions. The development of this Internet Contact Center solution led to the acquisition of Forte in 1997 by Genesys, which was later acquired by Alcatel (NYSE:ALU).

After selling their company, the Directra team decided to start a new venture to focus on the needs of remote and mobile workers who often face challenges when trying to connect or work together from different locations. The company’s first smartphone app, Directra, addresses these needs without requiring complex or expensive enterprise systems, so it can work for any business to save time and money while improving productivity.

Why did you start this company?

Our team has a long history of developing both telecommunications and Internet software solutions for consumers and corporate customers. We recognized that the growing trend of mobile, dispersed workers created communication challenges when trying to connect the right people to respond to important business issues. So we decided to start a new company to address these needs, starting with the Directra smartphone app. As a small company with remote locations and mobile workers, we face the same issues as our customers so we understand their requirements. We designed Directra so you can interact instantly with people inside and outside the organization, using their preferred communications device.

Was your company started on a shoestring budget or funded?

The company is self-funded on a shoestring budget.

Who is your competition and what do you do better?

There are a few categories of products or companies that could be considered competition for Directra. The first is simple call or email blasting solutions that can instantly inform people in any location about an issue. While these solutions are effective in keeping everyone informed, they do not allow business people to connect or interact in order to resolve the issue.

A second category of competition is group texting solutions such as TigerText and GroupMe. These solutions allow a group of people to connect and interact from any phone that supports texting. However, these competitors primarily serve the consumer market and are not connected to the users’ email, IM, or land lines.

The third category of competition for Directra includes the large, enterprise solution providers such as Oracle, Avaya, Cisco, and Microsoft (Office Communicator Lync) that offer business communications and collaboration solutions for enterprise customers. While Directra offers many of the same benefits and functionality as these other solutions, we do not require small businesses to implement complex enterprise systems to take advantage of that functionality. With Directra, workers can simply download the app to get started and communicate securely in the cloud with customers, partners and co-workers, using any device.

So what does Directra do better? With Directra, you can reach people via email, SMS, IM or voice – no matter what device they are using – to alert them of a business issue and then communicate as a group. If necessary, you can transition to a voice conference with the touch of a button. It’s more than just connecting people, it’s interacting from any location or device until the issue is resolved. Directra doesn’t require any complex or expensive implementation, but we do offer an API so you can connect with existing business systems to track interaction history.

Why would a small business or entrepreneur use your product?

If your business involves working with customers, partners or co-workers who work in dispersed locations or are often “on the go”, Directra can help you to connect and interact with any of these people to resolve important business issues quickly and efficiently. With Directra, your company can:

  • Improve Response Times – by instantly connecting people inside and outside the organization to answer questions and facilitate decision-making.
  • Increase Productivity – by enabling mobile and remote workers to connect quickly with the right people so they can be more productive, while keeping costs down.
  • Enhance Customer Relationships – by responding faster to customer requests, which may also increase revenue opportunities.
  • Communicate Securely – by maintaining compliance standards for communication privacy, encryption, logging and fault-tolerance.
  • Deploy With Ease – by downloading the Directra smartphone app, or using a web browser, to connect any of your business contacts.
  • Leverage Existing Investments – by using your existing PBXs, mobile phones, desktop devices and enterprise software to connect, manage, and track business communications.

What are some examples of how small businesses are using Directra?

Directra can be used to help resolve important business issues among members of any group. For example:

  • Sales – A mobile sales representative receives a call from a customer who needs immediate answers to a question. She gets in touch with people inside and outside your office using Directra and then connects them all together to resolve the problem and close the deal.
  • Customer Care – Your top customer has an issue that requires assistance from the account executive, tech support, and an external partner. Directra instantly connects them all so they can interact and get back to the customer with a solution.
  • Social Media – Customers have discovered a defect in your product and they’ve taken to social media sites to discuss it. Your marketing, customer service, and technical support departments need to coordinate their response. Directra lets you connect the team, regardless of their location or device, so they can respond to customers with a unified message.
  • Change of Plans – A sales meeting needs to be rescheduled due to an unexpected delay in delivery of new marketing materials. With Directra you can instantly inform the sales team, customers, and partners of the delay, identify a new meeting time, and get confirmation from everyone.

Is this a free app?

Directra is available for a free 60-day trial, after which users have the opportunity to choose from various licensing and pricing options.

Are there different pricing levels for Directra?

Yes. Directra offers licensing based on the number of users for small businesses and corporate customers. Site licenses are also available. Both plans are offered with limited or unlimited usage plans.

How many people are using Directra today?

We have over 12,000 Members and Users who use Directra to connect and interact with their personal and professional groups.

Facebook and Twitter:



How many employees and consultants/freelancers do you have working with you?

10 Total: 9 employees and one marketing consultant (Plan B Strategic Marketing –

What other web based products would you recommend to entrepreneurs, business owners, or freelancers?

Chatter from

Customer relationship management (CRM) software from

Any patents pending?

Route by Identity · USPTO #20050198125

Interactions (voice, email, text, web) should flow based on your identity and the identities of people within your interaction groups. As you move between groups, your identity changes. Communication networks should route by identity to ensure everyone’s privacy.

Connect With Mobile and Remote Colleagues to Resolve Business Issues Faster Than EverInteraction Networks · USPTO #20050198299

Interaction groups can form and flourish over all channels (voice, email, and text) and not bound to the limits of proprietary web portals. This patent claims an architecture where social interaction languages can be embedded in existing protocols.

Personal Trust Networks · USPTO #20060031510

Your trust network is your circle of interaction groups and your willingness to trust the members. You extend your trust network by trusting other people’s trust networks. The result is an organic trust network that gracefully defines who can safely interact with you.

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