How Small Businesses can Promote and Sell their Services on Facebook

How Small Businesses can Promote and Sell their Services on FacebookWhat is the name of your business and URL?

Cool Mojito,

A brief synopsis of the website / application:

Most people think of Facebook as a place to hang out with friends. But with over 800 million people hanging out, Facebook has become the biggest shopping mall in the world, and businesses are trying to figure out how to promote or sell their products and services in this market. Cool Mojito helps businesses to do just that, to gain access to not just Facebook users but also Twitter and LinkedIn.

In the simplest sense we allow businesses to create professional looking pages in Facebook. Businesses can also sell music, book, tshirts or any other items directly in Facebook. They can also have contests or generate leads with our campaign widgets. You can add videos, maps, games and much more to your Facebook page with Cool Mojito. You are able to promote your business or ideas on the top social media websites with Cool Mojito.

What’s great is that it’s easy to use, no coding is needed, and it’s free. Anyone can do this from any country in the world because of our multilingual and globalization features.

Why did you start this company?

About a year ago we decided to do some social media marketing for our other company, rSitez. rSitez creates niche social networking websites for small businesses and entrepreneurs. We thought that it would be pretty straight forward to create a Facebook page and do some marketing on the other social media sites. We were surprised that not only was it not very straight forward but that designers were charging hundreds or over a thousand dollars to create a Facebook page. We then looked around for products and couldn’t find anything that really did a good job. We realized that if we were having this problem and we’re a software company, it’s a problem that many businesses were surely facing. We did some more research and started working on Cool Mojito about 2 weeks after that.

Was your company started on a shoestring budget or funded?

We’re definitely shoestring and self funded. We really watch cost very close because we don’t have investors or angels at this point. It’s all out of pocket. Our goal however was to build a great product then go out and find money to grow a company around the product. We’ve only now started looking for funding and expect to close seed funding by early 2012. So if you know of any investor looking for a solid company to invest in with an amazing product, great management team, and excellent traction, please tell them about us.

Who is your competition, and what do you do better?

We’re still early to market with this product but we do have competitors. Our main competitors are Pagemodo and Wix. There are others as well.

In general our competitors focus on building pages with fixed templates but with limited functionality, or with a lot of functionality but are not designed as an easy to use product.

What we really do better than anyone else is to provide a very easy to use product this is also very powerful functionally. We provide dozens of professionally designed templates. Our templates are built on top of our widget technology so the template itself is not only easy to use but also dynamic. For instance, if you have a template with a video that you like the template design but you don’t want to have a video on your page you can just delete the video widget from the page. If you want to add other features, for instance a store front, you can just drag the storefront widget to the page and it’s automatically added to your design. You can add widgets for simple or complex page layouts, rich text, videos, images, maps, audio, games, ecommerce, campaigns, buttons, contests and more.

If you’re a designer we give you full access to the page CSS and you can add HTML, iframe and other code if you want that kind of access. But that’s optional.

So we go from our customers being able to easily create amazing looking Facebook pages with templates and our drag and drop widgets, to allowing Designers to have more control over the page design and content with CSS editing, HTML, iframe code etc.

We also provide features that show statistics and analytics about your Facebook page usage, and allow you to post directly to Twitter and Linkedin for further viral marketing opportunities.

We also provide a free Social Media Marketing resource center to help educate businesses on how to use social media to build, market and promote their business online.

We’re very scalable and internationally focused and are the only product in this segment that’s multilingual, multi currency, and coded for global timezones. So anyone, anywhere can use our product.

Our initial launch (November 7, 2011) will be in English, Spanish, and French and we will add more languages each month going forward.

Why would a small business, entrepreneur, freelancer, etc use your product?

The fact is Facebook has become the largest online market in the world. As a business your question should not be if you need to be on Facebook. It should be what you need to do to take advantage of this new emerging market? Once you start asking yourself these questions then Cool Mojito will be the obvious choice for many businesses. The main reasons are:

  1. Easy – You can build a Facebook presence for your business by yourself with no coding
  2. Free – You don’t need to pay developers or designers hundreds or thousands to do this. It’s free.
  3. Versatile – You can create a simple page with text, images, and a video. But you can also create a store front to sell your products or services, campaigns and more.
  4. Monetization – Instead of looking at Facebook as a hangout spot for college kids, you can look at Facebook as a big mall where you can put a store in it and create another revenue channel for your business
  5. Lead Generation – Create a campaign, sweepstake or a contest and we will create a leads database for you. You don’t have to do anything but drag a widget to the page and publish the page. The database is downloadable to Excel format with all the information your capture from leads during your campaign. Example, Name, country, email or any information you solicit with your custom info form created for your campaign.
  6. Just Fun – Add music, games, 3rd party widgets. It’s really up to you. Just drag and drop.
  7. Service Providers – Agencies, freelancers, web designers can also take advantage of this opportunity and help their clients create professional Facebook pages for their business.
  8. Social Media Marketing – Instead of just building pages we focus on a 360 degree approach to help businesses including: building pages, promoting your brand to the top social media sites, providing statistics and analytics on how well your page is doing, educating our clients on how to use social media to their benefit

How could you effectively use these tools?

A client sent us an email recently where he went from zero likes on his Facebook business page to over 800 likes in 2 weeks. He was getting about 15 likes per hour and building a leads database with our campaign widget. This is powerful stuff! A client yesterday posted a page where he announced that he was running for mayor for his town in mid America. He’s also using his page to collect donations for his mayoral campaign. Small businesses are using Cool Mojito to sell their product and services. We expect businesses will us our software to launch or enhance their existing business with social media marketing or to just grow additional revenue. We expect entertainers will use our software to create their Facebook fan page, sell music and possibly launch or enhance music careers. Authors will use Cool Mojito to build their fanpage and create a new channel to sell their books. We’re very focused on finding ways to help small businesses use our product to grow their business.

How Small Businesses can Promote and Sell their Services on Facebook

Rohan Hall

A short bio of your company:

Cool Mojito is an Internet Software provider of marketing and technology solutions for businesses. Businesses use Cool Mojito to build professionally branded and interactive web pages within Facebook and to market their brands on the leading social media websites including, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. Our product is a scalable, Web 2.0 technology to help small business, organizations and individuals that want to use the top Social Media websites as marketing, sales, or leads generation tool. Our internet solution help our customers to easily and intuitively create a professionally design Facebook page. The Facebook pages that are created by our customers can include various multimedia content (rich text, banners & images, videos, maps, audio, games), Monetization content (advertising, ecommerce store, checkout features, paypal integration, multicurrency), and different lead generation features (campaigns, contests, sweepstakes, contact forms, leads database).

Do you offer free online or offline tools?

Yes, we’re still in Beta and EVERYTHING is free right now. We launch on November 7th and will always have a free plan, however, we will also have paid plans starting on November 7th.

Are there different pricing levels?

Yes, we will have 1 free and 3 paid plans.

Do you have a blog that keeps users updated?

Yes, this is our blog url

Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or ? Provide exact URL of each




YouTube – Do you have a YouTube video URL that you can share with us, and allow us to publish with your story (Actual video our readers should watch within the story, looks something like

You can also see a demo of our product on our blog here


How long have you been in business?

We’re still in Beta and will launch on November 7th, 2011

Number of current users? Estimated yearly growth?

Still in beta but having significant daily growth

How do you see your company in the next 2-5 years (more products or services?)

We plan to continue building our product, provide more services, acquiring market position internationally to eventually become the global leader in this market.

How many employees do you currently have working with you and/or freelance contractors?

7 mix of part time and full time

Are you looking to hire more people or contractors? If so, what positions and skills are you looking for?

Once we acquire funding we plan to hire a sufficient amount of staff to build a global business around our product.

What other web based products would you recommend to entrepreneurs, business owners, or freelancers?

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, WordPress

Any Patents Pending?

Working on it.

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