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SDA Revamps Smartphone Technology, Helping Business Owners Regain Control Over Their Lives

SDA Revamps Smartphone Technology, Helping Business Owners Regain Control Over Their LivesAre you looking for a hassle free way to keep your business and/or home secure? Something that will save you money, lower your stress and fit seamlessly into your hectic schedule? Though you may believe you dream of the impossible, SDA has the answer and the app for that. SDA Security, the number one local leader in Safety and Security solutions in Southern California since 1930, has updated their systems with forefront technology to allow your piece of mind to follow once you leave the office or home. Through SDA’s Total Connect app, you can access and operate your security system remotely from anywhere in the world, using only your smartphone; giving you the ability to arm, disarm and check the status of your system and more, all while on the go.

Let’s face it, life never seems to stand still for too long, and being a busy business-person, who has the time to? With your smartphone’s now doubled “IQ” thanks to Total Connect, you may never have to leave the fast lane. Through SDA’s Total Connect, you can use your smartphone to view a live video feed streaming from your business’s surveillance cameras while simultaneously turning on and off lights to make an empty building look occupied, perfect to use for weekends or holidays. Should a hardworking owner such as yourself decide to go on vacation, you have the tools to keep an eye on employees from whichever exotic location you desire; you can choose to receive word when employees have arrived in the office and be notified if your safe or secret liquor cabinet has been opened without permission.

In a nutshell, Total Connect is here to help small business owners and entrepreneurs gain more control of their system, and their life. SDA understands that growing a new company is time consuming and challenging; SDA Security itself was founded during the Great Depression, a time not so different from now, when starting your own business was considered ludicrous. Founders (and President Shandon Harbour’s grandparents) Joyce and Harold Eales, tossed their last nickels into a pan on New Year’s Eve in 1930 just to be able to say, “they started the company from scratch.” SDA’s personal experience with a start-up shoestring budget leads them to release new products like Total Connect for affordable prices. To add Total Connect to an SDA Security system only costs an extra $10 on average per month; skip your Venti Latte with soymilk and an extra shot once a month and you’ll have the Total Connect cost covered!

Quite quickly however, many SDA Total Connect-ers discover how it pays to be connected, literally. Business owners can control the temperature and climate of their building by setting HVAC thermostat to ‘time-of-day’ temperature changes, as well as set changes based on the system being armed or disarmed. Businesses save money by taking advantage of time-of-use utility rates and conserving energy. Ultimately, and arguably most importantly, Total Connect saves you time. Whether you believe “time is money” or not, when you are constantly skimping on sleep because there aren’t enough hours in the day, saving minutes on small daily tasks adds up to your benefit.

SDA currently has 18 customers signed up for Total Connect; however they are making great strides to advertise this new product to customers. “We predict ultimately Total Connect will be THE way security is done, we just have to be patient while the word spreads,” explains Dan Tick, Central Station and IT Manager of SDA Security. “Everyone who has signed up for it loves it; we have confidence it will gain momentum very quickly.”

SDA’s Total Connect 1.0 is accessible to anyone on the I-Phone, iPad, iPod touch, Android and Blackberry, as well as through a browser interface. The newest version, Total Connect 2.0 is available on all of the Apple platforms, Android and through browser interface.

SDA is not the only company venturing into security on-the-go. A product manufacturer Telguard, used by some SDA competitors, has a similar product called Telguard Interactive. It interfaces with many different alarm panels, similar to Total Connect, but lacks the video and home automation interface. Translated into plain English, with Telguard Interactive, you are unable to view a live video feed of your business, turn lights on or off, or control your building’s temperature remotely from your smartphone.

SDA offers more bang for your buck, but not solely because of Total Connect. SDA does business on a personal level (yes, they actually remember the names of your whole family, and maybe even Sparky’s birthday), which sets them apart from competition. This probably has something to do with their somewhat unique history.

SDA was created all due to a simple question: “What can I do to keep my family and my house safe?” On a summer day in 1930, founder Harold Eales uncovered the answer to his question, discovering he could create an alarm using the brake drums from automobiles that would “make your hair stand on end,” and surely startle any pesky burglar. With this new technology, he founded the San Diego Burglar Alarm Company (later renamed SDA), and began to install his alarms and monitor homes across San Diego County in the evenings after his days’ work at the local produce store. By 1948, the company protected more than 450 customers and had hundreds of miles of wire running throughout downtown San Diego.

In the early 1960’s, Harold was forced to change the structure of his entire business. Originally fire and police stations received sounding alarm calls directly, enabling an immediate response. With increasing numbers of homes and businesses utilizing security systems, fire and police stations became overwhelmed with “false alarm” calls and could no longer handle these duties. In the face of this challenge, Harold proceeded ingeniously – he created a Central Station in downtown San Diego and hired a staff of employees to provide 24-hour monitoring of all alarm transmissions.

In 1965 Harold’s only son Rodney (Rod), joined the family business like any new hire, tasked with selling, installing and servicing alarm systems. However, in 1975, based on his dedication and commitment to innovation, Rod was promoted to Vice President, overseeing daily operations. As the years passed and technology evolved, Rod felt that the name of the company should change to reflect the new level of safety, security and service being provided (and let’s be honest – San Diego Burglar Alarm Company had always been a mouthful). In 1995, San Diego Burglar Alarm Company officially became SDA Security. Later that same year, SDA expanded its commitment to Southern California customers by opening a branch office in Riverside and broadening its selection of system options and customizable configurations.

In 2007, Shandon Harbour, Rod’s daughter, joined the SDA family, taking over as President of SDA Security. As a third generation leader of the company, Shandon has restructured and focused the company to ensure it maintains its position on the leading edge of the security industry.

Today, with over 7,000 customers and 80+ years of proven service and commitment to the families, businesses and facilities they protect, SDA Security is proud to be the leading security systems provider in Southern California. However, SDA will not stop here.

“In 2 – 5 years, we are going to be a sophisticated technology company allowing people to personally take advantage of the leaps made in technology, specifically in the security space.” Shandon Harbour projects, “SDA will transform the typical one-size-fits-all security system to a personalized security solution, where in the end users can choose from a myriad of features they would like to see interconnected to their security system. Our company itself will be the Southern California dominate company for security. If you think of security, and are located in SoCal, you will choose SDA.”

SDA also offers a hosted access control product, a perfectly suited application for multiple location businesses. Rather than requiring a computer to be set up specific for each location, the entire system is web hosted and the management of all sites can be accessed anywhere, at any time. With Access Control, SDA replaces your vulnerable locks with magnetic coded card systems, making lost cards or reissuing new employee access cards as simple as getting online – along with all access control management reporting tools such as employee in/out privileges.

Now that you’ve been given all of this information, we feel we should tell you: adding Total Connect has been known to cause permanent attachment to smartphones (if you don’t have one already); don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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SDA is a full service shop which offers advanced Fire Monitoring, CCTV, Access Control, Security Protection and 24/7 monitoring by our 5-Diamond central Station to residential, commercial and governmental entities throughout Southern California since 1930.

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