Enloop re-invents the Business Plan

Enloop re-invents the Business Plan  What is the name of your business and URL?
Enloop, www.enloop.com

A brief synopsis of the website / application :
Enloop is an easy to use web application which automatically generates a customized business plan with bank-ready financial forecasts based on user created input and generated in real time. In addition, Enloop explains the concepts of financial forecasting to the user so they can understand their financial risks and make informed financial decisions. Throughout the process Enloop forecasts the business’s odds for success with an interactive FICO-like score.

Why did you start this company?
I started Enloop after realizing that there are many business owners who do not have the financial training necessary to write accurate business plans, nor the time to learn how to do it correctly. With the high failure rate of small businesses in the US, I wanted to solve this problem by creating an automated system allowing business owners to create bank ready business plans and evaluate their risk of failure.

Was your company started on a shoestring budget or funded?
Shoe string for sure. We have boot strapped since the onset.

Who is your competition, and what do you do better?
If you look for another company that will auto-write your business plan with financial forecasts and forecast your likelihood of success, you won’t find one. Today, templates and “how-to write a business plan” step by step articles are available- but that leaves the heavy lifting up to the business owner. Enloop does the hard part for you, and creates a professional PDF ready to take to the bank or to investors. Unlike other software which helps users create static business plans, Enloop generates customized business plans in real time, allowing you to tweak and update your plan based on Enloop’s evaluation of potential success. There’s never been a systematic approach that anyone can use to evaluate their risk of failure, either for a startup or an existing business.

Enloop re-invents the Business Plan

Cynthia K. McCahon

Why would a small business, entrepreneur, freelancer, etc use your product?
A small business or an entrepreneur would use Enloop’s automated process to test their business idea, forecast their profitability, and create a professional business plan that is ready to take to the bank. Enloop can be used to evaluate risk of failure, take note of which areas need more thought and then improve these areas. Enloop takes the entrepreneur and small business owner through the planning process and makes sure they don’t overlook anything.

Do you offer free online or offline tools?
Our Free & Easy plan is 100% free and is always available anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Are there different pricing levels?
At this time Enloop offers three different pricing levels. Beginning with “Free & Easy”, this plan allows for business owners to auto-write one business plan, complete with an annual financial report in a ready to print PDF. Enloop also provides the “Enloop Performance Score,” so business owners can understand- and improve- the odds of success for their business.

The second pricing plan, “Advanced,” was designed for the entrepreneur. This plan allows for business owners to auto-write up to three business plans, complete with a three year financial forecast. For the first year financials are reported per month, and then by year. The Advanced plan also allows the user to print their business plan PDF without the Enloop logo. Enloop then tests the business plan in three critical areas: overall score, three important financial metrics, and checks to make sure the business is always cash-flow positive-these tests culminate in a report card to help indicate whether or not the business is on the right path. In addition, the Advanced plan generates three ratio reports for the company and compares these ratios to the industry averages. The report includes an explanation of what each ratio means and how it can be improved. Finally, the Advanced plan creates a Performance Certification for business plans with passing grades of their report card, which includes their EPS
score and a verification number that a banker or investor can use to confirm the score at any time.

The third pricing plan, Professional, allows for the most details and levels of planning. In addition to everything offered in the Advanced plan, the Professional plan includes an unlimited amount of business plans, thirty-six month detailed financial reports, and 16 financial ratios.

Enloop re-invents the Business Plan  Do you have a blog that keeps users updated?
Yes, www.enloop.com/blog , keeps users updated on Enloop news, business planning tips, small business news, and inspiring stories and spotlights on successful small businesses.
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Jendarling bags from Enloop on Vimeo.

How long have you been in business?
Since May 2010.

Any Patents Pending?
Yes. We are quite proud of our disruptive first-to-market technology. This approach displaces traditional software solutions, providing users with a FICO like score that makes their decision-making process more informed.

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