Schedulicity Helps Small Businesses Thrive With Online Tools

Schedulicity Helps Small Businesses Thrive With Online ToolsWhat is the name of your business and URL?


A brief synopsis of the website / application ?

Schedulicity is the leader in online appointment scheduling for small businesses. Fast and easy to access, it is available to businesses via the web and is compatible with most mobile devices, allowing consumers to schedule appointments 24 hours a day with their favorite service professionals via Facebook, or the business’ own webpage. Schedulicity pioneered integrating the appointment process with Facebook, helping small face-to-face businesses become socially connected and develop a credible web presence.

Why did you start this company?

Our story began when I was planning a trip to Europe a few years ago. I managed to book both my flight and hotel in Paris online in just minutes, but I played phone tag with my hair dresser for days, trying to confirm an appointment. I thought, why should it take minutes to book a vacation and days to schedule a haircut? There was obvious business and consumer demand, which is how I came up with the concept of Schedulicity.

Who is your competition, and what do you do better?

The primary competition in this marketplace remains the paper appointment book. However, the following companies can be considered competitors:



Schedulicity is the ONLY solution that honors both sides of the scheduling equation as the first company to bring a two-sided functionality to the everyday task of appointment booking ; the service is for BOTH consumers and service professionals (the business pays for the service; it’s free to clients), resolving the challenge for both parties in the appointment equation. Additionally, other, less successful offerings focus on one category such as the “hair market” while Schedulicity has been optimized for over 35+ types of small businesses.

Why would a small business, entrepreneur, freelancer, etc use your product?

Schedulicity targets over 35+ types of appointment-dependent small businesses and independent service professionals, primarily in the common consumer market. Potential customers range from plumbers to accountants, consultants, trainers, dog walker, hair professionals, massage therapists and many more. Schedulicity saves these businesses both time and money by automating the scheduling process and allowing for day or night booking. Schedulicity empowers merchants with multiple ways to easily and effectively communicate with their customers. Once the consumer has entered through an access point, service professionals achieve that crucial one-on-one relationship with new and existing clients, helping create loyal, engaged repeat customers.

Most recently, Schedulicity unveiled two new features in direct response to the proliferation of daily deal companies. The first, Deal Manager, allows small businesses to define the maximum number of discounted appointments over the lifespan of a daily deal promotion and meter in those discounted appointments in a way that avoids cannibalizing regular-paying business. Following the success of the Deal Manager launch, we unveiled Pop-Up Offers, a new feature within Schedulicity that allows service professionals to assign a discount to a recently canceled or newly open time slot and make this appointment available to their customer base within minutes. This feature provides a fast and efficient way to fill open appointments, essentially allowing small businesses to create hyper-local daily deals on their own terms.

How could you effectively use these tools?

Small businesses should fully utilize the comprehensive array of features that Schedulicity offers. Schedulicity is the ONLY online scheduling solution that allows easy, integrated real-time-booking, inventory (appointment) management, social media marketing, CRM and new client acquisition tools, fundamentally changing the way service professionals manage their business. It is also the only online scheduling service to offer Deal Manager or Pop-Up Offers. Schedulicity saves businesses time and provides multiple entry points to attract consumers and helps communicate with them in an efficient, effective manner. Clients are more loyal when convenience is added into their lives and will book more often. Data indicates over 50% of consumers schedule after business hours. Schedulicity helps turn an impulse into an appointment.

Schedulicity Helps Small Businesses Thrive With Online Tools

Jerry Nettuno

A short bio of your company:

Schedulicity, the leader in online appointment scheduling, takes the hassles and effort out of time-consuming tasks by automating and streamlining the scheduling process for appointment-dependent businesses. By offering online service scheduling 24 hours a day through different digital channels (i.e. Facebook business page, Twitter, business web page, Schedulicity’s own search portal), service professionals are able to easily and effectively attract new business, increase current client appointments, decrease cancellations and concentrate on providing the best possible service during business hours.

Are there different pricing levels?

Small businesses with a single service provider pay $19 per month. Businesses with multiple service providers pay $39 per month. There is no extra cost for additional features such as Deal Manager or Pop-Up Offers. Schedulicity is always completely free for the consumer.

Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or ? Provide exact URL of each.



How long have you been in business?

Schedulicity was launched in late 2009.

Number of current users? Estimated yearly growth?

More than 6 million appointments have been booked to date using Schedulicity. With nearly 2 million end users (consumers) in 1,900 cities across the U.S. and Canada, Schedulicity is facilitating over $450 million a year in appointment-based commerce. An appointment is booked every 4 seconds using Schedulicity.

How many employees do you currently have working with you and/or freelance contractors?

We currently have 21 full-time employees.

How do you see your company in the next 2-5 years (more products or services?)

In order to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, our primary focus has been, and will continue to be, simplifying the lives of everyday service professionals. Operating a small business takes hard work. Picture the independent salon professional: she must manage overhead, supervise staff, control costs, market her business, and oh, yes… do great hair! Schedulicity addresses all of these needs with sophisticated appointment management and online marketing tools, and now with Deal Manager and Pop-Up Offers. We will continue to stay ahead of the daily deal trend with features that are mutually beneficial for both the small businesses and the consumers they serve. The sky’s the limit! I see tremendous growth for Schedulicity is the next couple of years.

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