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Learning How To “Live Life With Passion” On A Shoestring

Learning How To “Live Life With Passion” On A ShoestringBeing placed in a state-run orphanage at age 2 during the war in Amsterdam, Holland after watching your family be snatched away by the Nazis in front of your eyes, enduring abuse of every kind and surviving on eating flower bulbs is not the start in this world one would associate with the personal mantra of having a passion for life!

Yet that is exactly the story of my husband. Coming to America as a young man, he was depressed and in terrible physical, emotional and mental shape. After taking handfuls of vitamin pills for years and spending a lot of money but not feeling any better, he began studying nutrition on the side for 30 years. He vowed one day to make a liquid vitamin product that would improve his own health, be affordable and effective while removing the guesswork out of taking vitamins. If it worked for him, he would market it to the world to turn a very negative childhood into a positive legacy. At age 65 he finally created the product and in 2010 together we started our company, “Passion 4 Life” liquid vitamins and minerals ( . Can you guess where the name came from?

We started with some limited money we had saved. We test marketed our product for a year and soon received hundreds of unsolicited and unpaid for testimonials from ordinary people, professional athletes and celebrities including Regis Philbin. We excitedly opened an office with a warehouse and hired an office manager. Without a clear marketing plan or professional in place, however, the money soon disappeared. Our focus quickly changed, and we decided if we were to survive we would have to bare bones it and run our business on a “shoestring”. That was a huge turning point for us as our mindset had to completely change.

We closed the office, laid off our employee and brought everything into our home. The dining room became our shipping and post office. My husband became the packer while I handled the orders and bookkeeping. We put a graphic artist on a monthly retainer to help us design our website and brochures. Our customer service and IT were handled by one person who worked out of his home.

Because of my husband’s story, the great unpaid for testimonials and the wonderful product, I booked my husband on some local television shows which helped to increase sales. 70% of our customers stay on autoship for the long-term and word of mouth is our greatest sales tool. We have also been featured nationally on KGB Deals (similar to Groupon) which also drove up sales. Women’s conventions also work well for us.

We have recently set up a facebookpage and a twitter so we can keep our customers informed and pick up new ones. Our YouTube channel


features my husband giving informative messages and health information. Our monthly newsletter to our clients provides them with the latest health trends to keep them up-to-date.

Learning How To “Live Life With Passion” On A Shoestring


We are currently in the black, although we put every penny back into the business and at this point do not take salaries for ourselves. We project our sales to triple next year with the help of TV commercials and some well-placed social media campaigns. We have done small test marketing with print media but that does not draw for us so we have identified TV as the media that is our strong point.

Our goal is to have a national TV infomercial since our product is unlike anything else currently on the market. Our ultimate goal is to inspire the world with the “new Jack LaLanne” – my husband!

Because of my husband’s background and our great love for children, we have founded a 501 (c) (3) charity called Passion 4 K.I.D.S. (Kids In Desperate Situations). ( This is partially funded by Passion 4 Life. We are very hands on with the children we help and our ultimate goal is to either be acquired by a larger company or sell our company so we can spend more time working with our charity.

Through all the ups and downs of starting a new company (especially at this age in life), we have never lost sight of our goal which is to help improve the health of people around the world. We believe this was a God-given vision that my husband had, and we are determined to see it through. Despite the economic situations, vitamins are a constant in sales as people can’t afford to be sick or afford health care. Our product is a pro-active and affordable way for people to boost their immune systems and get more energy, stamina, focus. Everyday the streets are filled with people who are tired, stressed and depressed yet 200 million Americans take vitamin pills. Absorption is the key ingredient why our liquid product is so successful and why people experience the difference. We want to restore people’s “passion for life” by giving them back their health. Since Passion 4 Life can be taken by the entire family (from age 1 – 101) and tastes great, moms find it a convenient and easy way to do something great for their family’s health.

Learning How To “Live Life With Passion” On A ShoestringBelieving in your purpose and product is the greatest advice I could give a business. There will always be people who say it can’t be done but if you have the belief in your heart that this is where you should be in life, then perseverance and determination will be your best friends.

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