Web Forms Made Easy By Bizodo

Web Forms Made Easy By BizodoSince the time that business first employed the written word people have used forms in business as a means of increasing efficiency. Business operations tend to be repetitive because the basic process of business is to find something you can make money doing and then do it over again as often as possible, each time making more money.

Forms make it easier to be repetitive. Once you create an order form for your business, stock clerks can more quickly fill it and billing clerks can more easily get you paid. Employment applications are more efficiently processed if all applicants complete the same form. The efficiency is in having the same type of information in the same place. When a human is processing that information, his or her eye goes to the same place so it is faster.
Now imagine an, online form, and that information being processed by a computer reading the fields of the form after it is completed online, and you begin to understand the power of bizodo (http://www.bizodo.com/).
Bizodo is the easiest way online to create forms, publish the forms to the web and then process the information that your form collects. It is FREE to first time and low volume users. It is simplified, user-friendly, and intuitive so that no special computer skills are required in order to use it. For those with larger needs, premium accounts start at only $29 a month.

Bizodo further promotes business efficiency by allowing its users to share documents and contacts and manage projects all in ONE cloud based suite. The project management tools make it easy to more effectively keep on top of projects and staff. The cloud based document manager allows your team to easily collect, store and share documents securely across your company and the web. The contact manager ensures that they will never have to go searching for a business card or v-card ever again; store and share contacts seamlessly on the web.

Bizodo has been in development for the past 7 months and was launched in beta in August, 2011. The founders started bizodo from a desire to make their business more efficient and the project has been partially self financed, but has also raised a first round from angels. The company, based in New York City is comprised of the 3 founders, 3 full time programmers as well as multiple part time employees throughout the world. In their previous business, clerical workers were spending too much time processing documents and an integrated solution was only available from a large software company and would have required expensive customization and implementation. In a word: impossible; especially for the average business.

With the power of bizodo efficiency, any business can get in the cloud and optimize their business by effectively collecting, storing and managing their day-to-day info. The website was launched earlier this month and has been extremely well received. Currently there are approximately 1100 users and the user base is rapidly growing. Projections are for bizodo to acquire 50,000 users by the end of 2011. CEO Jonathon Ende in a recent interview stated “what makes bizodo.com so potent is the fact that at its foundation it is a simple and easy way of building online forms, but with its additional tool set it can become a one suite powerhouse of functionality.” In 2 to 5 years, the company is projected to be the webs’ leading online form builder and the easiest point and click tool to automate business functions. And it doesn’t matter how small or big the business organization is for the power of bizodo to vastly improve performance and, most importantly, increase PROFITS,.
There are similar, cloud based software services, such as Jotform, Basecamp, Wufoo and too many CRMs to count. But none of them offer an integrated solution; one service, one price, using one database and login for all of its utilities. And it is simplified and easier to use than any of the competitive components.


Web Forms Made Easy By BizodoBy using the cloud to store and collaborate on all critical business information there are additional advantages of security and accessibility. When that basement office floods and the computer gets soaked a business is up and running the next day nonetheless. Hard drive crashes (which are inevitable) become a minor inconvenience rather than a costly disaster. If you use bizodo in your organization, no employee will ever leave taking your valuable sales leads out the door with him because the data base lives in the cloud and you control the permissions.

A business owner will never have to cow tow to a tech consultant ever again with bizodo. You easily control your customer lists contacts and other files as simply as saving a document to your hard drive.


Bizodo has already experienced a great deal of positive feedback and the founders are excited to bring the suite of bizodo tools to the world. The company is actively hiring talented programmers, designers and experienced sales staff. You can apply at www.team.bizodo.com/f/jobapp. Keep up with bizodo at http://facebook.com/odo, www.twitter.com/helloodo,


and blog.bizodo.com.

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  1. Gerry Ellis says:

    I got into this site about a month ago after the SMB expo in NY. I manage all my marketing with it and suggest bizodo to the world. Great stuff guys, good luck!

  2. Thanks for the love, Shoe String Venture! bizodo is adding new features every day and for a limited time will take ANY form you send to us and convert it into an online form for FREE! We also are happy to offer 1 and 1 training on bring your biz to the cloud! http://www.bizodo.com!


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