Wave Accounting: Saving the world from shoeboxes, one business at a time

Wave Accounting: Saving the world from shoeboxes, one business at a timeAsk most small business owners where they keep their financial records. Odds are, it’s a shoebox. Now ask them how the shoebox makes them feel, and watch the color drain out of their faces. Wave’s mission: Provide salvation from the shoebox nightmare.

What exactly is Wave Accounting? Wave Accounting is a 100% free online accounting application that is designed for small businesses, freelancers, and solo entrepreneurs. What’s that magical four-letter word again? Free! Or zero, which is what it will cost you to use Wave!

Why Wave?

What makes Wave special? Well, besides the incredible people behind the scenes, it’s the fact that Wave Accounting really is designed for small business owners, not accountants.

We know you probably didn’t dream of opening your small business just to spend hours poring over finances. We know you probably have a shoebox full of receipts stuffed in the back of your closet, covered by a sweater or two, where you won’t have to look at it (or think about it) all too often.

Wave Accounting: Saving the world from shoeboxes, one business at a timeOr maybe your financial history looks something like this: You knew as a small business owner you would need to take care of your finances. So you poured yourself a cup of coffee (probably a really, really big cup of coffee) and opened a spreadsheet. You created three or four columns, entered in a few numbers, and decided to reward your great bookkeeping with another very, very large cup of coffee.

After a few months, that spreadsheet probably grew. Some question probably led to another column, which probably led to a color code. Eventually, it was 37 columns with four different shades of blue, eight subtotals columns with drastically different numbers, a headache, some confusion, and a desire to just avoid this entire bookkeeping thing altogether.

Enter Wave. We know that as a small business owner you probably don’t have a huge budget for bookkeeping and accounting. So we made Wave free.

We know that as a small business owner you probably don’t have a lot of experience with accounting. So we made Wave easy.

We know that as a small business owner you probably pay for personal and business purchases on the same credit cards, and need to find a way to organize that information later. So we made Wave for both personal and business finances.

I could go on. Can you use any currency? Of course! What if you want to show an accountant your information online? That’s what our Guest Collaborator function is for! Customer support? Absolutely! Do we offer invoicing? Naturally. Do we chase down the customers who haven’t paid those invoices yet? Well… no. That part is still all you. But you can find Wave in the same places you normally go to get stuff done: In the Chrome Web Store , the Google Apps marketplace , or via any Web browser at WaveAccounting.com.

Ready to find out more? Watch this:


What’s Happening at Wave?

Wave Accounting: Saving the world from shoeboxes, one business at a timeIf you look around the Wave Accounting office, there is a whole lot of buzz happening. With surfboards scattered at random around the office (it’s a “wave” thing) and new conferences and competitions occurring on an almost weekly basis, spirits and energy are high. Throw in the new funding we recently received and it’s easy to understand the excitement!

In less than one year, Wave already has over 70,000 small businesses signed up in over 198 countries, and we are reaching new highs every week! With growth like this, no wonder the company is expanding so quickly. In November last year, Wave had 12 employees. Now, there are twenty, and the hope is to double this number within the next year.

We get it. When you’re a small business owner, that shoebox full of receipts is the grown up version of the terrifying monster hiding in your closet.

Shout it from the rooftops?

We thought about it, but decided that might not be the most effective way to get the word out. Instead, you can find Wave on Facebook , Twitter , or LinkedIn. You can also follow what’s happening at Wave in more detail on our blog.

We’re continually launching new resources for different types of small businesses on our blog, including a large collection of resources for photographers and mompreneurs. The blog also has tips on running a business, news about upcoming webinars, and updates on exciting events that are happening in office.

Here at Wave, we get it. We’re willing to do what it takes to get you and your small business ahead (except maybe chasing don’t those unpaid invoices… but hey, there’s only so much a free accounting app can do).

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