StrikeIron: Cleaning Customer Data in the Cloud

StrikeIron: Cleaning Customer Data in the CloudWhat is the name of your business and URL?:

StrikeIron –


A brief synopsis of the website / application:

StrikeIron is the leader in Data-as-a-Service (DaaS), delivering data quality solutions via our cloud platform IronCloud. Data quality is important for businesses, because dirty data costs the U.S. economy $3 trillion a year (that’s two times the Federal Deficit)! Companies spend costly time and money scrubbing and cleansing their contact databases. StrikeIron provides cloud solutions that make sure your data is correct before being entered into a database. These solutions work in real-time to provide valid, accurate, and actionable data on customers. Our solutions include address verification, email verification, phone validation, phone append, and sales tax calculation. All are delivered as Web services that can be easily integrated into any application or system. Additionally, our solutions are pre-integrated into leading platforms like:, Informatica, Oracle CRM On-Demand, Magento, and more.

Why did you start this company?:

The founders of StrikeIron saw an opportunity to provide data quality solutions using an on-demand SaaS delivery model. They felt that the Cloud was a cost-effective way to deliver solutions to an unserved market, since prior data quality solutions involved on-site servers, expensive software, and data updates. Before the Cloud, data quality software was generally reserved for only the largest companies. However, bad or dirty data is a problem that all companies face.

Was your company started on a shoestring budget or funded?:

We were briefly bootstrapped, but investors quickly saw the potential of StrikeIron. Aurora Funds was the company’s seed investor in 2003.

Who is your competition, and what do you do better?:

Experian QAS and Melissa Data are two of our competitors. StrikeIron differs in that we focus solely on delivering data quality from the Cloud. In fact, StrikeIron was the first DaaS company to use its own cloud infrastructure. Our delivery platform is known as IronCloud, which is used to serve thousands of customers on a 24/7 basis. Enterprises, including Fortune 100 companies, depend on IronCloud to complete mission critical business needs. Unlike other platforms, IronCloud has had 99.99% uptime consistently over its lifetime. Essentially, our platform allows us to have unrivaled accuracy, reliability, security and scalability.

Why would a small business, entrepreneur, freelancer, etc use your product?

One of the benefits of on-demand delivery is scalability. StrikeIron provides solutions that once could only be provided for enterprises with big IT budgets. Thanks to our cloud platform IronCloud, small businesses can now benefit from data quality products. Like enterprises, data quality is equally important for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Valid, accurate, and actionable data is vital for marketing and customer service initiatives. We want to provide businesses of all sizes with the ability to contact their customers through any channel.

How could you effectively use these tools?

StrikeIron’s solutions are cloud-based making them easy to integrate into any internet-connected system. Our solutions can be implemented into CRM systems, websites, web forms, ecommerce shopping carts, point-of-sale platforms, and other innovative uses.

Do you offer free online or offline tools?:

We provide free trials and sample source code for our solutions. Nearly all of our customers take advantage of our free trials to make sure StrikeIron meets their business needs.

Are there different pricing levels?:

Yes, we offer competitive subscriptions that are volume-based. Business can select between monthly or annual subscriptions.

Do you have a blog that keeps users updated?:

Yes, our blog can be found at

Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or ? Provide exact URL of each:

YouTube –


How long have you been in business?:

StrikeIron has been in business for 8 years. The company began in 2003.

Number of current users?

Currently, we have over 1,600 customers.

How do you see your company in the next 2-5 years (more products or services?)

We see our product portfolio continuing to evolve in the coming years. The social media landscape provides a wealth of information on businesses’ customers and prospects, so we envision providing solutions that pull from new media.

Are you looking to hire more people or contractors? If so, what positions and skills are you looking for?

Yes, we have aggressive hiring plans in both sales/marketing and development. If you are interested in working at StrikeIron, please see our careers page.

What other web based products would you recommend to entrepreneurs, business owners, or freelancers?

Entrepreneurs, business owners and freelancers can benefit from marketing automation software like HubSpot and CRM software SalesForce. SaaS applications like these allow companies of all sizes to easily and cost-effectively manage their customer relationships. Until just a few years ago, large companies were the only ones that could benefit from such tools.

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