One Simple Collaboration Platform for Planning and Executing Your Work

One Simple Collaboration Platform for Planning and Executing Your WorkClarizen is SaaS-based project management software that allows your team a single, collaborative platform to facilitate the planning and execution of all of your work. Clarizen delivers work execution software that powers the modern real-time enterprise by making employees and companies work better, smarter and faster. With Clarizen you and your team can capture and connect all of your unstructured communication and easily share your progress on tasks without having to spend hours upon hours in status meetings. At the start of the day, each resource can log-in to Clarizen and quickly and effortlessly access their own individual dashboard which lets them know exactly what must be completed and what will require their attention. As the manager of a project, you can easily view the progress of your resources, send them messages that will track back right into the project, and share all relevant information with anyone else who will need to see, whether that be through extensive reports or simplified gantt charts.

Clarizen was founded six years ago to address the limitation and the shortcomings in the realm of project management software. They could see a true necessity for a project management solution that did not limit itself to satisfying only one of the two significant tenets of project management – a tool powerful enough for the project manager or a tool simple enough to ensure end-user adoptability. And thus, from the beginning, Clarizen sought to distinguish itself from the competition by addressing this gap that other tools had yet to address: Robust Simplicity. Clarizen addresses the needs of the project manager in delivering full-functionality and a powerful repertoire of features, whether that be the reporting module or the convenience of customization within the system, among other features. At the same time, it’s no secret that if a tool is difficult to understand, learn, or use, your company’s end-users will simply not use it and the only way that a project management tool delivers in value is if everyone is actively engaging with it and thus allowing the tool to replace out-dated, tedious, and unstructured forms of communication. By addressing these two needs simultaneously, Clarizen has become the clear choice for companies of varying sizes with differing needs across all industries.

One Simple Collaboration Platform for Planning and Executing Your WorkMany of our customers find Clarizen when managing Excel spreadsheets and lengthy status report meetings get too cumbersome. Others make the decision to switch from competing tools like AtTask or Microsoft Project because Clarizen is so much easier to use, and offers immediate benefits for the users, as well as the project managers. Other solutions like BaseCamp work well if a customer needs basic task management, but many upgrade to Clarizen when they need to combine task management with other critical functions, such as resource scheduling, timesheets, collaboration and budgeting. By combining a powerful, integrated feature set with a solution that employees want to use, Clarizen has quickly emerged as the industry leader.

Furthermore, Clarizen’s SaaS only structure ensures that all customers benefit from frequent software updates and weekly hot-fixes, and will never have to involve IT, download a new version, or pay expensive, unnecessary maintenance fees. Furthermore, Clarizen differs from most, if not all, of its competitors in that we offer our customers free support and unbelievably quick response times. Our customers, once they sign on, are assigned a dedicated customer success manager whose responsibility is to ensure that all questions are answered and all issues are quickly fixed. Furthermore, Clarizen offers more than 30 live webinars weekly, ranging from introductory levels to intermediate to advanced, ensuring that all of our users have a place to have their questions answered and their concerns addressed.

As Clarizen continues to expand, so do our objectives and our vision for the future. Clarizen is actively transcending the realm of project management and changing how all work is planned, executed, and shared. By incorporating all aspects of your work and providing a way to connect all of your activities while allowing full visibility into everything that is taking place, Clarizen provides real-time business intelligence and thus the power to react immediately and appropriately to all shifts and unforeseen circumstances.

One Simple Collaboration Platform for Planning and Executing Your WorkClarizen’s comprehensive integrations with industry leaders in various fields, such as Salesforce and Intacct, ensure that our customers will always be able to connect all aspects of their work, effortlessly. Currently in the works and scheduled for release is our patent-pending email center, Interact. Interact lets managers, resources, customers and partners initiate actions within Clarizen from their email client, whether using Google Mail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, or any other email server. Again, Clarizen’s objective is to provide the greatest amount of functionality with unmatched simplicity and ease-of-use.

Currently, Clarizen is offered in two models, our Professional Edition and our Enterprise Edition. Priced starting at $24.95 per month per license, the Professional edition will offer you all of the capabilities highlighted above, including unlimited number of projects, mobile application, budget tracking, basic customization and time tracking. Priced starting at $39.95 per month per license, the Enterprise Edition offers all of the features available in the Professional plus 100 customizable fields, 200 business rules, 15 roll-up custom fields, and more. To further meet the needs of our customers, Clarizen has licenses for time and expense only users — users who log into the system to submit time sheets and expense reports — for a fraction of the cost of a full license. Furthermore, both editions of Clarizen allow an unlimited number of Email-Only users at no cost. These users cannot log into the system; however, they can receive email update requests and from the convenience of their email servers can report on time worked and percentage completed, as well as logging in notes and uploading documents. All activity is automatically logged into the Clarizen system, giving their managers full visibility in real-time

Growing at a rate of 1000% percent annually, Clarizen has over 1,500 customers worldwide. In just about five years, Clarizen has grown to about 100 employees with multiple offices worldwide. Anyone interested in joining this fast-paced, highly-satisfying field is encouraged to keep their eyes on our career page.

One Simple Collaboration Platform for Planning and Executing Your WorkWe also encourage anyone interested in learning about a better, more intuitive way to manage projects and simplify their processes to look to our website, Furthermore, follow us on our Twitter page, and be sure to “like” us on Facebook, to stay up-to-date on Clarizen enhancements, best practices and tips on project management, and fun give-aways. Finally, if you visit, you will have access to hundreds of how-to articles, our fun and educational blogs, and our forums, where thousands of users post questions to be answered by our Customer Success Team. Give us a call today to take advantage of our free 30-day trial and begin moving your company towards becoming an innovative, real-time enterprise.


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