Money Management (Wanting to Blow Up Your Computer With Your Mind)

Money Management (Wanting to Blow Up Your Computer With Your Mind)Scenario: You’re young-recently out of school and you’ve landed your first job. Maybe you’re recently married or have a young baby. Maybe you’re a hardcore entrepreneur and are trying to balance the finances of a family and a business. You’ve got student loans to pay, household bill obligations to meet, life insurance to consider, steady payments on a vehicle loan and you’re trying to think about your retirement savings. How can you possibly organize and manage all of these financial obligations, especially on your entry level job?

Most of us have found ourselves in a situation like this-many of us are in that situation right now-or something similar where it seems there’s more month than money and we’re feeling the financial pressure. So…, what to do?

Well, you’re smart-so you do what makes sense. You try organizing your bills and income but quickly find that there’s just too much to keep active in your memory. Then you try something a little more complicated-a spreadsheet (remember those?). But, even though you’re a spreadsheet guru, it’s just too much work to keep updating the spreadsheet, so that solution doesn’t last long and soon you can’t manage things again. Then you think, “Ok, I’ll try some of that personal finance software that has so many bells and whistles, it can cover everything I’ll need.” But, hours after installing the trial, you are thoroughly confused by all of the options and settings. Your frustration level is now high enough to psychically cause your computer to explode and you give up. “Why can’t there just be a simple way to get this done!” you exclaim.

Money Management (Wanting to Blow Up Your Computer With Your Mind)Enter CalendarBudget ( In fact, what I’ve just described is my story too, and I created CalendarBudget to fix my own problem. I’m a Web Developer and decided to create my own solution which would solve that money organizing problem and be a fun coding project at the same time. I studied all of the existing applications and decided that there’s a major flaw with most personal finance software. They don’t let you plan your finances – only track what’s already happened. I was more interested in improving my situation than tracking what has already happened when the brainstorm hit me. People should put their money on a calendar. Its familiar, you can easily visualize where your money is going and when, and the calendar can keep a running total of your account balances. Most importantly, since a calendar goes forwards and backwards in time, you can track what’s already happened AND actually plan your money into the future. With a personal finance planning tool you can make sure you’re ready for upcoming purchases, be prepared for vacations and big ticket items, plan short and long-term savings-all in a non-complicated online tool. I was in heaven… even the hundreds of hours it took to create CalendarBudget were enjoyable and worth it. Eventually I adapted CalendarBudget for public use and quit my job to work on it full time. I still love working on it, and now that there are hundreds of active users, I love hearing that they are also succeeding with CalendarBudget.

Good-bye frustration, hello CalendarBudget. That should be our motto. Using CalendarBudget is like having treatment for an in-grown toenail-the personal finance problem hurts so badly, but when you find the right solution, the pain disappears almost instantly.

Of course, CalendarBudget doesn’t magically make more money appear in your account, but it makes you accountable. It shows you clearly where your money is going, reminds you about your bills, projects your account balance and helps you live within your means. You can categorize your spending and set and keep budgets. In short, it puts you in control of your money instead of the other way around. All of this is in an easy to use, online tool. At least that’s my opinion, and that of hundreds of very happy CalendarBudget users. Oh, and did I mention there’s a mobile version too, so you can check and manage things on your iPhone, Android or Blackberry?

“Well, what about privacy and security?” you ask. Good question. A lot of other tools have you connect directly to your bank account and they pull your transactions automatically. That is pretty convenient, but for most of us, it’s a risk that’s just too great. Despite all of the assurances from these other services that your bank information is secure, you may ask yourself “What if? What if somehow those places were hacked and someone drained my account?” The CalendarBudget team would rather you not have to ask those kinds of questions. CalendarBudget does help you update your budget plan with reality, but not with a direct link. You can download your transactions and then safely import them into CalendarBudget to make your updates.

CalendarBudget is a subscription-based service. The rates are inexpensive (as low as $4.95/month) and we deliver way more in value than we collect in subscription fees. There are no 3rd party advertisements enticing you to buy something you don’t need and recommending you sign up for a credit card or insurance program. We are self funded, and user driven-we listen very intently to user requests and every development cycle contains many of your suggestions.

We found that people know they should budget, but don’t do it because everyone hates budgeting. It inspires that resentful feeling of “No one is gonna tell me how I have to spend MY hard-earned money!” But, at the end of the day you know you should exercise some self-control. That human psychology causes a lot of people to start off well with a personal finance tool, but then stop after a short while. To help overcome that, we’ve created a free “21-Day Budgeting Habit Installer” email series to help you on your way to great personal finance skills – and teach you how CalendarBudget can be your best ally along the way. That email series not only helps people reach their goals better, it has increased our conversion and retention rate.

Money Management (Wanting to Blow Up Your Computer With Your Mind)We also found that a personal finance tool, on its own, is not enough. It has to be coupled with personal finance education. We’ve partnered with some personal finance coaches, bankruptcy counsellors and plan to continue in that direction. We also recently teamed up with a Certified Financial Planner and wrote a book called Power Spending: Getting More For Less, which covers a lot of that much needed education along with tips to save money on everything from travel and food to entertainment and everything in between. Our business is all about helping the world enjoy a better financial future, one person at a time.

Our customers are fiercely loyal and regularly send us thank you emails. Quick support, attention to detail and really listening to user feedback has helped us create what we believe to be the best personal finance tool available anywhere. It’s not the most popular money management tool-mostly because our team are technical folks, not marketers. We are on the lookout for someone who first loves CalendarBudget and then can help us take it more effectively to the public-mostly through white-labelled joint-venture partnerships.

You should check out CalendarBudget. There’s a 30-day free trial when you register (no credit card required during sign up – because we hate that more than you do). If you’re in a rush – check out our “90 Second Overview” video:


You won’t be disappointed.

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