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We Are Winning: The Journey of Playful Planet and the Mission to Raise Healthy Children

We Are Winning: The Journey of Playful Planet and the Mission to Raise Healthy Children


Playful Planet, is a husband and wife team, founded by Karen Duggan and Bryan Duggan. Karen’s background is in business development, business administration, sales and marketing. She has worked in a diversity of businesses including a national restaurant chain, a multiplex cinema operation in Central Europe, medical equipment and publishing. Bryan brings 3 decades of experience in the entertainment industry. Having begun in a newsroom in Boston, Bryan made his way to Hollywood to make a career in television, music videos, and film.

Playful Planet has created its first product, an award-winning kids yoga DVD, Storyland Yoga, which is the first in a set of DVD’s that each fulfill the mission of empowering and inspiring kids (and their families) to choose healthy lifestyles. Each of the titles within the Storyland Activity Series, the 7-DVD set are fun and engaging activities (i.e. cooking, music, creative play, etc.) that include meaningful messaging about how making healthy lifestyle choices can affect the health of the planet.

Being a media company in this day and age creates abundant opportunity to bring our content into the world in different forms. Currently the DVD is the main mode of delivery, but there is both a 13-part national TV series in development through WTTW-PBS Chicago, and a curriculum being worked on that will be distributed through traditional educational channels as well as through I-Pad apps. As we grow and our resources grow, our media content will continue to morph into the multitude of delivery systems available through ‘new media’ with multiple revenue streams following.

Our first DVD sold on March 1, 2010. We began our journey 2 ½ years prior to that.

We Are Winning: The Journey of Playful Planet and the Mission to Raise Healthy ChildrenThe inspiration for Playful Planet came as a result of having a young child and realizing that the legacy of this generation for the next generation is less than desirable. For the first time in history, children are predicted to have a shorter lifespan than their parent. We believe that if we can begin to imprint young minds with a respect for their own health and a respect for the planet, we can begin to turn the tide of problems like obesity and dwindling resources. We also believe that the way to inspire children is through fun and engaging material. No one wants to be lectured to – especially not a 3-year old! We saw what we believe is an opening in the marketplace. We have yet to find another company that is making the connection between an individual’s health and well-being and the health and well-being of the planet, particularly in a children’s product space.

In the year-and-a-half that we have been in the marketplace, we have sold approximately 5,000 copies of Storyland Yoga. The feedback we have received through user reviews, mommy blogger reviews and traditional press has been beyond our greatest expectations. Moms comment on how engaged their children are in the program, how they ask to ‘do yoga’ over and over, and what a great change it is from having a child sit and watch programs or play video games.

There are millions of children in our age range (about 12.5% of them considered obese,) that could benefit from the physical activity provided and the meaningful messaging contained within.

The cost per person is typically $14.99 which we believe is both very competitive and very accessible.

We are always open to help from others – particularly where outreach is concerned. We are running on a self-financed, shoestring budget and do not have marketing budgets to gain visibility in the marketplace.

We have used a couple of free tools online (Product Review Place and to find bloggers that are interested in reviewing our DVD. We also make use of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to build community and expand our fan base.

Currently we (the two Founders) are continuing to put sweat equity into the venture. We have one part-time employee assisting with social media and P/R outreach. We also employ one independent contractor who is seeking the sponsorship dollars for our 13-part television series.

Yes, we have Twitter and Facebook accounts and our YouTube Channel is:

The DVD trailer link is:


We Are Winning: The Journey of Playful Planet and the Mission to Raise Healthy ChildrenWhen asked what we did right, we feel that we took our time to create a product that is made well, has great production value and seems to appeal to a great cross-section of consumers.

Sear Engine Optimization is tricky. We are currently having our website redesigned and one of the biggest impetus’ for that change was to implement a site that has SEO built in. SEO is high on our list of “things that need to happen” to move Playful Planet forward.

Something we would like to tell other potential social entrepreneurs who are deciding to make a difference is to allow the victories you experience to carry you through the challenging times. When we were beginning this venture, we agreed that if we could inspire even a small number of children to want to pursue healthier lifestyles because of the material we created, we would be winning. We are winning.

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