Categorized | Smart Phone App Offers Free Mobile Apps Offers Free Mobile AppsSince 1999, has created and provided quality, innovative online learning opportunities to anyone who wants to improve the technology, literacy, and math skills needed to be successful in both work and life. By delivering over 1,000 different lessons to millions of people ABSOLUTELY FREE, is a worldwide leader in online education.

We recognize that people have different learning styles. This is why we offer educational content in a variety of different media. Through video tutorials, text descriptions, instructional graphics, games, interactives, instructor-led classes, mobile applications and more, is able serve a wide variety of learners. Our learners vary from beginner computer users that utilize entire tutorials to professionals seeking a quick answer to a question. Although we are based in Eastern North Carolina, we have learners in over 200 countries around the world.

There are 1,000s of different lessons in over 85 different topics and we continue to add new content regularly to the website, responding to the trends in technology and the needs of our learners. In the fall of 2011, we plan to add tutorials in Google Docs 101, Apple Lion OS X, Publisher 2010, Office Web Apps, and Digital Photography.

Mobile Apps

Starting in February 2011, launched the first of its mobile apps, a Vocabulary Dictionary for iPhone. In seven short months, eleven mobile applications have been created, the most recent of which have all been for the iPad.

Starting with a Vocabulary Dictionary Mobile app for iPhone, quickly added Tutorial apps for Word 2010, Excel 2010, and PowerPoint 2010, available on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

The Microsoft Office tutorial apps explore program basics and common tasks and delve even deeper to work with more complex features. Instructional step-by-step text is accompanied by graphics and videos. Based on the popular Microsoft Office tutorials available at, all mobile applications are free to download.

Unlike the Word, Excel and PowerPoint mobile apps, which were first created for iPhone and Android devices, the Access 2010 Tutorial App is brand new and is currently only available for the iPad. Versions of the Access 2010 Tutorial app for the iPhone and Android will be launched in the coming weeks.

Since their initial launch, over 150,000 mobile applications have been downloaded, allowing people around the world access to free educational content through mobile applications.

The most popular mobile application is the Word 2010 Tutorial App for iPhone with 66,569 downloads. While the iPhone apps have outperformed the Android apps in total downloads, all eleven applications have garnered high ratings and positive feedback.

To download all mobile apps, visit the Mobile Apps page at:

All content available through GCF Mobile Apps continues to be available through

Why Microsoft Office Tutorials?

Our program serves a wide range of adults, both globally and locally, who are interested in learning Microsoft software. Learners range from those who are new to the computer and want to master the fundamentals to those who are skilled, but want to add additional software knowledge to their repertoire. Whatever their goals are, we provide the courses that can help them successfully acquire these skills in a straight-forward, supportive environment.

In developing our educational content, we conducted research on desired workplace skills by reviewing job advertisements and professional articles on workplace trends. We also surveyed human resources personnel from regional companies regarding the skills they were looking for in employees. The results of this assessment led to our decision to build tutorials and classes around the Microsoft Office software suite.

Why Mobile Apps? Offers Free Mobile AppsAccording to the International Telecommunications Union, worldwide Internet users surpassed the two billion mark in 2010. While high speed Internet is out of reach for many people in low-income countries, mobile phone use is spreading rapidly, with mobile networks now available to over 90% of the world’s population. The largest growth of new Internet users is from developing countries as 143 countries now offer 3G services.

It was with this in mind that these mobile applications, along with the mobile version of the site (, were created in an effort to share content with even more learners globally.

“I’m incredibly proud of my team for the hard work they’ve done in the last few months to not only create quality educational content in a new medium, but also how quickly they have learned this new technology to design mobile apps that can reach a whole new audience. We’re excited about what this means about the future of our organization and how we can better serve our learners as the technology evolves,” states Matt Robinson,

We’re excited to know that as Internet use rises globally through the use of smartphones and tablets, will be prepared to provide educational content to more global learners. plans to launch new mobile applications based on the most requested topics by learners and as new lessons are created. As we move forward, we plan to develop mobile apps based on new tutorials as they are created, as well as explore the design of original content specifically with mobile app technology. In the coming months, updated versions of current mobile apps will also be introduced.

Since 1999, has created and provided quality, innovative online learning opportunities to anyone who wants to improve the technology, literacy, and math skills needed to be successful in both work and life. By delivering over 1,000 different lessons to millions of people in over 200 countries ABSOLUTELY FREE, is a worldwide leader in online education.

A program of the Goodwill Community Foundation® and Goodwill Industries of Eastern NC, Inc. (GIENC), all® educational content is designed and produced in the GCF Global Learning® building in Downtown Raleigh, NC.

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