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College Financing Group: Financial Aid Consultants That Make College Affordable

College Financing Group: Financial Aid Consultants That Make College AffordableIn 2008, it became very evident that the Federal government would be taking over 100% of the Student Loan business thus ending the long standing relationship students and parents had borrowing money for college from local/national lenders. As of July 1, 2010, all students and parents borrow their Federal education loans from the government. Co-founders, Rick Ross and Andy Leardini combined their financial aid experience along with their student lending expertise and a shoestring budget to form College Financing Group, LLC.

What is the College Financing Group?

College Financing Group is an independent and objective guide in simplifying financial aid while educating families on the ways to make college affordable. With more than 35 years of combined financial aid consulting experience, let us manage every aspect of the financial aid process and the necessary steps to maximize your college award package. Also, College Financing Group’s team of experts will guide student borrowers and devise the best repayment plan options to fit their budget.

How does your company interact with its clients and what services are provided?

College Financing Group’s financial aid consultants will work one-on-one with clients to provide services from the most basic, such as accurately completing and submitting financial aid applications, i.e. FAFSA help, to the more complex, including explaining their Expected Family Contribution (EFC). The ultimate goal is to educate and prepare clients, so that they can make informed choices and pay for college using all available federal, state, and institutional financial aid.

College Financing Group is built on world-class service and industry expertise. We are available to answer questions throughout the academic year specifically to keep clients informed about how to make college affordable. We work with the clients’ schedules to determine the most convenient and best available consulting option: online, telephone, and/or our personalized “one-on-one” services.


What value does College Financing Group provide to students and parents?

Over many years of Student Financial Aid and Student Lending work experience, college bound families and students continue to be mystified by the college financial aid process and know little about the many resources to pay for college. In addition, high schools seniors are typically applying to 6 to 10 different colleges, so managing the financial aid process for ten potential colleges can be overwhelming. College Financing Group’s team of financial aid consultants provides significant value for college bound families. As an independent, objective consulting group, we manage every aspect of the financial aid process with our unique Six Step process, for college bound students and their families, saving money, time and stress.

Also, as students exit college, the representatives at College Financing Group provide expert guidance with the Loan Repayment Solutions service finding the best repayment plan options for the borrower and their budget. The unique blend of in person consultations as well as utilizing technology to work with clients enables College Financing Group to provide solutions for students throughout the entire USA. The company is entering its third year of business with continued efforts to make college affordable for the many college bound students and provide repayment expertise to those student loan borrowers in need of cost effective solutions. You can find more details about the many services available at

Is it difficult to apply for financial aid?

Yes, the financial aid process is more complicated and confusing than ever. The FAFSA form alone, for instance, has four full pages of instructions. And yet, according to the Department of Education, far too many applicants still make mistakes – an alarming fact considering that correctly completing the FAFSA form and other financial aid forms (CSS Profile, State Grant Applications) could result in more financial aid for you or your student. College Financing Group provides FAFSA help along with comprehensive financial aid expertise with all forms relating to college financial aid process.

What is financial aid and who is eligible for it?

Financial aid comes in two forms: need-based and merit-based.

Need-based aid comes in the form of grants that do not have to be repaid, self-help aid, such as work-study programs and loans that need to repaid. There is no specific income level that indicates whether a family is eligible for need-based aid. The formulas used to determine the amount of need-based aid take into consideration many factors, including family size, income, assets, and outside resources.

Merit-based financial aid comes in the form of scholarships or grants that do not need to be repaid. Colleges typically use this type of financial aid to entice desirable students to attend their college.

Is it worth it to fill out the financial aid form even if someone doesn’t think they will qualify?

Yes. Often parents and/or students think they don’t qualify for aid when they really do. In addition, while most financial aid is awarded based on financial need, some grants, loans, and scholarships are available regardless of need. Professional college financial aid consultants can help with the financial aid process.

How have your marketing efforts evolved over time?

College Financing Group’s marketing efforts began using the traditional marketing channels like print advertising, television commercials, direct mail and seminars with minimum results for the money spent. While the founders, Rick Ross and Andy Leardini started the company using personal savings, they are now successfully reinvesting revenue to continue to build the business. The main marketing focus is on the website, and using social media to build the brand. College Financing Group has partnered with Splash Media Lab, a design and marketing agency, to improve the digital branding and social media presence. We have used the company blog, Facebook page, and Twitter account to regularly provide past, present, and future customers with valuable news and advice related to college financial aid and student loan repayment.

In addition to growing traffic organically, College Financing Group further increased website traffic by creating Facebook Advertising and Google AdWords campaigns, which allow us to attract and educate the target market about available services and recent news about college financial aid and student loan repayment. By integrating the internet-based marketing efforts with Google Analytics, College Financing Group has been able to track how potential clients are finding the website, and dynamically adjust the marketing efforts.

Is there anything else a prospective customer should know about your company?

Yes, College Financing Group is a fee based college financial aid consulting firm and is not affiliated with any financial institution. FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and can be completed electronically or on paper without professional help.

How can I learn more about the College Financing Group?

If you would like to schedule a consultation for help with financial aid – or if you simply have a question about one of our services, please contact a College Financing Group representative via the website.

You can visit our website at, which serves as a portal to our educational materials, blog, Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube channel, and telephone contact information.

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