Make more phone calls faster

What is the name of your business and URL?

Impact Dialing simplifies the process of making lots of phone calls. You can find us at Whether you’re a one-person business and make a few dozen calls every week to your clients, or have several full-time sales staff, Impact Dialing makes it easy to get your calling done.

A brief synopsis of the website / application ?

Our software is called a hosted predictive dialer, or sometimes referred to as a power dialer. Here’s how it works. You create an account with Impact Dialing, upload a list of the phone numbers you’re going to call, write out the script you’re using and the information you’re gathering, and create a login for everybody who’s going to be calling. Then you log in and start making calls! The system dials numbers for you, and if you’ve got a few people making calls, it can even predict when to make more dials to keep your callers as busy as possible.

Why would a small business, entrepreneur, freelancer, etc use your product?

Even if you’re just a one-person operation, Impact Dialing will make you a lot more efficient. You’ll be amazed at how much more productive you are when a computer is dialing for you, your script is on the screen, and all of your call results are entered into a centralized database. And if you do have several people calling, the predictive dialer uses fancy statistics to predict when someone will be available for another call, and when somebody is likely to pick up the phone. This predicting can triple the number of actual conversations you have by dramatically reducing the time you wait between live answers.

Why did you start this company?

Make more phone calls faster

Michael Kaiser-Nyman

I started Impact Dialing when I was working on a political campaign, organizing and training volunteers to make a huge number of phone calls. I had used a couple other hosted predictive dialers, but was really unhappy with all of the other options. Most required up-front payments, all were difficult to use, some were really expensive, others had really poor voice quality, and none of them could add capacity on-demand (which is very important for political campaigns, as most calls are made the few days before an election). I realized their was a better way than what the competition was doing by using cloud computing, so I started Impact Dialing to offer a hosted predictive dialer that would be easy to use, high-quality, affordable, and scalable.

Impact Dialing isn’t just for political campaigns, though. If you have a list of prospective clients for your small business, you can call through them to bring in new work. If you’re selling a product to other businesses, you can use our software to help you make all your calls. And if you run a call center, even if it’s just a few people, our software will make your calling operation much more efficient.

Are there different pricing levels?

Our pricing is very flexible, to help our clients make sure they get the best deal for their usage. For clients who need to add and remove capacity immediately, such as political campaigns, we offer a 9c/minute pricing with unlimited callers. For clients with very heavy call volume and a fixed staff, we offer flat pricing of $199/caller/month. And for folks somewhere in between, we can charge $99/caller/month + 2c/min. We don’t have setup fees, minimums, or long-term contracts, so there’s no risk to getting started. In fact, we offer a free trial to new users.

Was your company started on a shoestring budget or funded?

I started Impact Dialing on a very small budget – I bootstrapped it out of my own bank account! I hired a contractor to build the first version for me and started selling it to political campaigns. The contractors liked working with me and bought into my vision for the company, and so we became business partners. We continued to build the company out of cash flow, but it was very slow going, so after a few months, we started looking to raise money. Around the same time, I heard about a contest called the Lean Startup Challenge, the winners of which got a small amount of funding. I entered the contest by writing a blog post, and, to my surprise, we won! We got funded and mentorship as a result, which has helped us grow much more quickly. I went full-time with the company and we hired two developers to help us build the product. We’re not currently hiring more, but perhaps in the next few months we will.

If you’re interested in learning more, head on over to our website and check out our hosted predictive dialer!

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