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5 Major Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Starting a Business and How to Avoid Them

5 Major Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Starting a Business and How to Avoid Them

Vanessa Simpkins

A short authors bio – Known as the woman who went from being bankrupt to making $900 a day selling mops,Vanessa Simpkins is an author, speaker and trainer in the Law of Attraction and how to “mop up” on cash using a process she coined “Authentic Selling.” She teaches sales as a spiritual practice, helping entrepreneurs, small business owners, sales professionals to sell more authentically and effectively by mastering the inner and outer principals to wealth and abundance. Vanessa lives in Quebece Canada.

A book synopsis / Key Ideas – My book is a true success story, about developing a prosperity mindset, using the law of attraction in business, energy psychology, mastering sales and marketing, authenticity the new currency in business today, sales as a spiritual practice, the 9 keys to sell without selling and connecting with nature…a straight forward resource guide for rising entrepreneurs that comes with over 597$ worth of cool free audio and video PDF bonuses to help you mop up on cash no matter what the economy is doing.

Why did you write this book? I wrote my book because I want to help entrepreneurs avoid the struggle and the pain of failure like I faced when I had no idea about marketing and sales. I want to help entrepreneurs because I feel I that we are the future of business, we are creativity always in expressing itself however creative people often have a hard time with getting their message out there in the world and getting paid for it. So I designed this guide as a resource for entrepreneurs starting out in business to help them achieve success from the inside out.

“A fabulous source of real life, results oriented tips from a masterful presenter. This book is an easy read with a powerful message to help you succeed no matter what your circumstances” – T. Harve Eker, Author or the #1 New York Times Best Selling Book – Secrets of a Millionaire Mind

Readers also receive 597$ worth of downloadable bonuses with purchase of the book

5 Major Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Starting a Business and How to Avoid Them

Do you ever wonder how some entrepreneurs enjoy a thriving business while others always seem to be struggling just to “survive”?

In my research and personal journey from failure to success I’ve discovered that thriving entrepreneurs have a solid foundation and avoid the following 5 biggest mistakes when starting a business.

1-Not Having the Right Mindset for Success:

“Unless you walk out into the unknown, the odds of making a profound difference in your life are pretty low.” – Tom Peters

Having the right mindset is the cornerstone of every successful entrepreneur. This is what I call the “foundation for success”.

Going into business for yourself involves RISK.

Owning and managing all of the moving pieces of a successful business is VERY different than working for someone else where all of the important decisions are made for you. When you operate your own business, you are at the helm of your ship and it can be scary and overwhelming when faced with all of the possible directions you could take it.

Having the a mindset for success allows you to navigate the choppy waters always knowing how to return to:

Confidence – knowing and believing that you have what it takes, are good enough to deserve wealth and abundance, and the capacity to learn what you don’t already know and figure it out, when it counts.

A Prosperity Mindset – How to work with the energetic realm to attract to you the perfect clients, opportunities, partners, and ideas that propel your business forward.

Programming – The knowledge of how to impress upon your subconscious mind the experience which you are wanting to create.

Try again – The willingness to test, test, test things out like a mad scientist to figure out what works best FOR YOU. Failure is not failure – it only serves for future guidance to know what NOT TO DO the next time around.

Investing in the right kind of knowledge will help you build a SOLID foundation upon which to build your business. Without the proper mindset, you could have all of the right resources, great content, super duper marketing and still drown in an endless sea of opportunity.

Having a mindset for success is the first key is building a thriving business.

2-Don’t Know What They Are Selling:

“You can have the best product or service in the world, but if people don’t buy – it’s worthless. So in reality it doesn’t matter how wonderful your new product or service is. The real question is – will they buy it?” – Noel Peebles

I know it’s hard to believe, but most entrepreneurs have no idea WHAT they are selling. Think you’re selling your coaching services, software application, gadget, product ect?

There is only one thing you sell and that’s an EXPERIENCE.

You could have the best thinga ma bob on the market, exceptional talent and skills in what you do and the type of service you offer but if you aren’t able to properly to communicate what the experience is of what you sell in an authentic way, you’ll continue to be the best kept secret in the industry.

Your brand, message and offerings have to be congruent with the type of “experience” people will enjoy from your product or service.

What are the benefits people receive from your product or service? What does your clients ASPIRE to be do or have? In answering those questions lies the EXPERIENECE you sell.

Communicate that in your offers and sales letters and marketing messages and you’ll be quickly on your way to earning a fortune.

3- Don’t Have a Solid Marketing Strategy in Place:

“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.” – Michael LeBoeuf

Next comes your delivery. How will you deliver your message? How will you put yourself and your offerings in front of the right people who are looking for what you offer on a consistent basis?

Can you leverage other people your relationships and connections to get the word out quickly?

What about promotions? Promotions are the lifeblood of a thriving business.

What I see time and time again are entrepreneurs who truly want to make a difference, real agents of change with tangible life transforming products and services to offer but no clear marketing strategy to implement.

A good marketing strategy involves knowing your:

Who: is a right fit for your offers

What: you are selling

How: you will capture leads and turn those leads into paying customers

I see entrepreneurs as a sea of potential. The ocean has many tributaries, little streams and big rivers running into it, continuously feeding it with fresh water. What are those rivers represent in your business? How will people find you?

This is where it can get really challenging especially with all of the technical aspects of online/offline marketing.

You want to make sure you have no more than 3 ways you will promote yourself and drive prospects to your offers on a consistent basis. And they key here is really consistency. I see so many entrepreneurs chasing bright shiny objects, flying from the latest strategy to the next in hopes of a quick get rich quick fix.

You want to have a clear strategy in place and then test, test, test and perfect your processes.

Creating a road map for your business success is the key to generating consistent income.

4-No System for Attracting New Clients:

“A clear vision, backed by definite plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power.” – Brian Tracy

Most entrepreneurs are great at what they do, but suck at sales and marketing. I know because I used to be one of them!

No one wants to come across as salesy or pushy and the fear of coming across this way often prevents entrepreneurs from creating the right client attraction tools.

The way to avoid this is by creating yourself a system for attracting leads and turning those leads into paying clients. You do this by offering a juicy “free goodie” a taste test of your knowledge or expertise that solves a problem and delivers great content but also creates another problem to solve.

What are the problems your audience wants to solve? How can you highlight those problems and offer your solutions in an easily digestible format?

Can you create an audio, video, PDF report, sample product giveaway that establishes you as an expert for solving problems? Remember that people buy from experts so your client attraction system must point to YOU as being the expert to solve your audiences problems…for profit of course, that’s why you’re in business.

Your client attraction system should be a well mapped out process that funnels your prospects along a path to eventually “auto select” themselves as paying clients. If you do this right, there is no selling involved. You are educating your way to profits and sales, NOT blasting marketing and sales messages.

Delivering great content is the key to this process. So what would your audience LOVE to learn about? Start creating your “taste test”, your educational piece so you can show your expertise and build trust and rapport with your soon to be paying clients.

5-Work too Hard:

Wait for those unguarded moments. Relax the mood and, like the child dropping off to sleep, the subject often reveals his truest self.”- Barbara Walters

Finally the biggest mistake I see entrepreneurs making is trying to force success. They spend hours creating new products and services, countless hours findoodling online, learning, training, let’s be honest becoming an entrepreneur does take a lot of persistence and courage to succeed but let’s not forget why you got into business in the first place.


One of the biggest lessons I want to impress upon you is that offering resistance in the form of overworking is an absolute detriment to your success and won’t bring you there faster.

Achieving work-life balance is the key.

Give yourself permission to learn, to explore, to ENJOY the process of becoming successful and eventually mastering all of the components of what it takes to have a thriving business.

If you are still employed don’t quit your day job too soon. Let your new business income replace your job income. Work on your passion part time while you learn how to create your dream career.

This way you won’t be struggling and pushing to make it work or else.

When you’re in the flow of life and enjoying it, that’s when you’ll tap into the right ideas, creativity and inspiration. So plan your weeks and include TIME FOR YOU, time to play, time to enjoy life.

Don’t neglect yourself in chase for success, it will only take longer if you do:)

It’s always in these moments of relaxation and renewal that you receive your greatest ideas for growth.

Full Power to Your Success!

Vanessa Simpkins is the Author of “From bankrupt to $900 a Day Selling Mops. Rising Entrepreneurs How to mop up on Cash in Any Economy”. She is a Full Power Growth Coach, speaker and trainer helping entrepreneurs transform their passion to profit.

To access her blog where conscious entrepreneurs can learn more about how to attract more sales, developing a prosperity consciousness, authenticity – the new currency in business today, how to leverage your income and much much more visit

By: Vanessa Simpkins – Author of “From Bankrupt to $900 a Day Selling Mops. Rising Entrepreneurs How to mop up on Cash in Any Economy!”

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