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TownWizard Offers Big Innovative Opportunities for Small Towns and Entrepreneurs

TownWizard Offers Big Innovative Opportunities for Small Towns and Entrepreneurs

Mike Ragsdale

Some of the most innovative ideas derive from finding solutions to everyday problems. For Mike Ragsdale, it simply began as a hobby. After leaving the hectic corporate world and relocating his family to a tranquil area of beach communities along Northwest Florida’s Gulf Coast, Mike soon discovered a plethora of treasures. His new community on Scenic Highway 30A was home to hundreds of unique shops, restaurants and cultural events but there wasn’t a resource that streamlined this small community’s information and news in one place. Hence, the development of and his community’s first mobile guide, that became the basis of TownWizard, a business that currently powers over 130 local mobile guides around the world.

“It started as a personal tool from a shoestring budget to help me remember all the places I wanted to take visitors,” stated Ragsdale. “The app followed soon thereafter and its popularity grew rapidly, evolving into a strong brand that united the community. Soon, fans and visitors were asking how they could develop a similar mobile guide in their own community.”

With the success of 30A, Mike took his concept and launched, a simple to use solution that enables aspiring entrepreneurs to build a profitable local guide business. The result is a culmination of mobile guides all over the world that each has their own unique brand and flavor.

TownWizard provides entrepreneurs all the tools and technology to launch a mobile guide at a fraction of the cost, not to mention a network of over 130 partners worldwide who converse regularly on best business practices and success stories.

“Someone is going to develop a mobile guide in every small town; it’s just a matter of who and when,” stated Ragsdale. “People might leave their laptops at home each day, but not their phone. There’s no bigger opportunity than mobile marketing. As the mobile industry explodes the revenue opportunities will become unlimited.”

While mobile app creation can cost tens of thousands of dollars, TownWizard was created for the entrepreneur on a budget, providing all the technology, tools, tutorials and support for an initial investment of $795 and a flat monthly fee of $249. It is a great opportunity for someone who’s looking to build a home-based business with minimal capital investment. Many aspiring entrepreneurs who have existing full-time jobs are also using TownWizard to build a part-time business and earn secondary source of income. TownWizard even provides marketing support and other resources to help partners launch their mobile guides successfully. Partners own their businesses, manage their own content, sell ads on their mobile apps and website, and keep all the ad revenue.

Over 130 partners worldwide have implemented TownWizard’s mobile marketing platform to launch successful mobile guides in their communities, resulting in strong adoption rates and thousands of dollars in ad revenue. With over 2,500 small towns in the U.S. alone, TownWizard’s potential has just scratched the surface. The number of partners in the last six months has grown exponentially. TownWizard has received numerous inquiries from entrepreneurs all over the world, with interested partners from every continent, even below the Arctic Circle.

“The beauty of this concept is that it even goes beyond geographic communities,” stated Ragsdale. “A community could be a shopping center, a resort, a general interest group, companies, an event – anything that unites a group of people. Many of our new partnerships are these non-geographic communities looking to unite and engage a group of people.”

TownWizard’s local mobile guide concept has evoked a sense of community in small towns and neighborhoods all over the world, providing an interactive platform for people to stay connected. It is building a global network serving the local communities. TownWizard empowers entrepreneurs to be their community guide and create unique local brands.

“You get what you put into it,” stated Ragsdale. “Create the first mobile app for your community and it won’t be long before every local with a smart phone is using your app on a daily basis to plan their day. You’re creating a sense of community and a strong brand that people will be passionate about.”

TownWizard provides easy, fast, flexible solution for aspiring entrepreneurs – from stay at home moms to people with full-time jobs – to quickly create a mobile guide business and to establish the premier mobile brand for their community.

TownWizard features include:


  • Templates for mobile applications (iPhone + Android) and a website.
  • Simple Tools that allow you to place listings onto your apps and website.
  • Social Media Promotion to market your app on Facebook.
  • Step-by-Step Video Tutorials including Newsletters and a mentoring program to help you on your way.
  • Support for technology, marketing and public relations.


TownWizard Offers Big Innovative Opportunities for Small Towns and EntrepreneursABOUT TOWNWIZARD

TownWizard is the #1 local mobile marketing platform designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs launch mobile guide business in their local communities. To create the premier mobile guide for your community (neighborhood, town, or interest group), call toll-free 1-866-651-0001 or visit

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