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Using Social Media to Restart the Economy

Using Social Media to Restart the was created for the millions of moms who are looking for a venture that gives them fulfillment, provides extra income outside of their current job, and gives them the freedom of working for themselves. An entrepreneurial addict myself, I decided to write a book that showed other moms how easy it is to start their own business venture. In interviewing moms who had done just that, I wanted to share these stories with the universe of moms immediately, rather than through a book, and with the internet and social media I didn’t have to wait. The website, newsletter, and directory launched in March of 2010.

The site helps moms look at their lives now, identify what they love to do and shows them how to create an income-producing venture around that passion. Given the current economy, the loss of jobs, the lack of jobs, and the lower income of many families – this site is here to help restart the economy one mom entrepreneur at a time. I believe that moms have an opportunity to create their own jobs rather than try to go out in a dismal job market and work for someone else. I have found hundreds of venture ideas to share with moms around the world who want their own business. And the ideas, many times, require no training, no start-up capital, no business plan, and the best part, no babysitter. Many of the ventures can be started with an email sent to friends and family.

Social media has been a game changer for entrepreneurs. VentureMoms can promote their ventures with nothing more than the internet and time. Tools like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Tumbler and others offer small businesses free options to reach their target market without an investment in advertising. And these sites offer training, so moms can get started right away. There’s no need to wait until they have start-up capital, a business plan, computer training or even a sitter. With a bit of time and effort a mom entrepreneur can be just a few clicks away from setting up a Facebook page, opening a Twitter account, and creating a blog all herself using templates offered through social media outlets. There are other numerous social media venues to use and I recommend getting more creative by branding your venture on these sites with your logo and colors. There are Resource Moms listed in the directory that can help you with the more advanced applications. But it is not hard to get started with simple templates provided by each social media service. On the web site moms will find information and easy steps on how to do all of the above and much more.

Additionally, each week offers a free newsletter covering a different mom and her venture. These stories are ideal research vehicles for entrepreneurs filled with ideas. The ventures are diverse in three ways:

  1. Area of interest whether food, animals, home, children or fashion;
  2. The size of the venture whether an hourly service or a product sold across the globe; and
  3. Geographical location – moms from all across the globe.

Another great way helps VentureMoms is through the directory which lets moms work with other moms. VentureMoms can find a web designer, an accountant, a lawyer, a social media expert or whatever they need all through the directory. And VentureMoms can list their venture in the directory so other moms can find them and become clients.

Using Social Media to Restart the Economy

Holly Hurd

As the ultimate VentureMom, I believe in the power of social media and use of WordPress, Facebook, iContact and Twitter to spread the word that the site is here to help moms find a venture and move it forward. Outsourcing initially to get the site up and running on WordPress, I found a mom who would build the site and then teach me how to update it myself so I wouldn’t have a monthly web master bill. The best advice I never got was don’t be afraid if you don’t know what you’re doing. I didn’t even know how to cut and paste a photo when I started, but I got help and learned the skills I needed as I grew.

YouTube is now being added to to provide moms with training videos and speeches. Videos are easy to make these days and do not require a production crew; yet another social media avenue entrepreneurs can take.

The one thing I did right was put it out there. I was so afraid of what people would think of my idea and venture. I knew I had succeeded when I hit “send” for my first newsletter. Even if I did nothing else, I felt fantastic for overcoming my fear and doing it. I had so many ideas and felt overwhelmed with how to start, so I narrowed the beginning to just one thing – one newsletter. My advice to entrepreneurs who want to use social media is: start with one thing – whether it’s one blog post, one Tweet, one Facebook update, just start. Many of the moms I talk with don’t have the computer savvy of the younger set, but have wisdom and a talent, service, or product to share. Decipher your overall goal to one thing and learn how to do it and then do it.

With a 12 step Series coming this fall, I’m ready to take moms on their path to a successful job they create themselves and show them how to use social media to get the results they want.

How can others help?

  1. If you are a mom with a venture or venture idea, help other moms around the globe with your story and experience. Send us an email at [email protected] and share your venture. Also, sign up for our free newsletter and list your venture in our directory.
  2. Are you a mom with a unique venture? Visit the VentureMom Facebook page and post your unique venture and you may be selected as the next featured VentureMom on! Don’t forget to post your URL and email.
  3. Guest Bloggers welcomed! VentureMom gives others a chance to share their experience and expertise as a blog contributor. Email [email protected] with a short summary of the topic, your qualifications and your contact information.
  4. Lastly, if you can help VentureMoms, submit your resource to be on the cover of the newsletter. Email [email protected].

Contact Info:

Holly Hurd,, [email protected]
Twitter: @VentureMom

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