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Using Mobile, Social Technology to Create a more Transparent, Productive Workplace

Using Mobile, Social Technology to Create a more Transparent, Productive WorkplaceWhat is DoubleDutch?

DoubleDutch is the category leader for geo-social productivity apps for the enterprise. DoubleDutch HYVE is a suite of social, location-aware mobile apps designed to help organizations become more transparent, data-driven, and productive. By enabling every team-member, customer and stakeholder to communicate through structured status updates, enterprises can maximize performance and measure productivity like never before.

Customers like Cisco, TED, HP, Adobe, Arizona State University, Amdocs, Vogue, and Vivo Pools are using DoubleDutch’s platform-as-a-service to power their events, teams, and projects.

Who are your investors?
In January of 2011, the company raised seed funding from top investors including Charles River Ventures, Launch Capital, Accelerator Ventures, and more. Read more about DoubleDutch fundraising on TechCrunch.

Have you won any notable awards?
In April of 2010, DoubleDutch was named Best Mobile Startup at The Next Web / PayPal X Startup Rally, and soon after, was named “The Next Hot Geolocation Platform” by Ogilvy & Mather.

Briefly describe your apps, as you would to a 5 year old.

Using Mobile, Social Technology to Create a more Transparent, Productive WorkplaceHYVE mobile apps are designed to help groups of people keep track of what they are working on and share it with the people that care. As a company, DoubleDutch uses the HYVE Knowledge app, which enables every team-member to collaborate, highlight achievements, and communicate through structured status updates. Everything we do revolves around a Customer, Project, and/or a Place. So those are our check-in objects on HYVE.

If we are working on graphic design for TED at a coffee shop, the check-in will look like: Nick working on graphic design for TED at Ritual Coffee Roasters.

Why did you start this company?

The HYVE enterprise suite was built in order to help make work more transparent, collaborative, and efficient. We believe that mobile, social functionality is going to change the way people work, and we want to lead the charge.

Early on, DoubleDutch developed geosocial apps for members of a specific group (a company, community, town, school, brand, etc.) to socially connect around location. These products were based on the belief that there are countless ‘unlit social graphs’ that have yet to be tapped (you can read more about that in “The Unlit Social Graph.”

This concept built the foundation upon which the HYVE enterprise suite was built. We believe in it so much that it inspired this blog post that was also groundbreaking, “Facebook for the Enterprise is a Flawed Premise” (

We quickly adopted the concept of the “non-geo check-ins” into the platform and modeled the HYVE enterprise suite of apps to be productive, data-driven apps that help people get work done.

Android, iPhone, blackberry, or windows?

HYVE runs natively on Android, iPhone, Blackberry, WP7, and WEB OS. We also run HTML5 versions as well.

Any interesting use cases?

HYVE Events was the first component of the HYVE enterprise suite of applications, and we’ve had great success with deployments for companies such as Cisco, Adobe and HP. In February 2011 a few thousand IT, telecom, and communications professionals gathered at Cisco Live in London for training, networking, and a glimpse at the latest industry developments. In addition to the learning opportunities for attendees, Cisco Live is an opportunity for Cisco to showcase new and interesting communications technologies, as they relate to business problems. DoubleDutch was honored to be selected as a technology partner for this event. Our mission was to extend the Cisco Live experience onto the smartphones of attendees, to enable seamless participation and collaboration for both in person and virtual attendees, and to maximize the event’s engagement.

Using Mobile, Social Technology to Create a more Transparent, Productive Workplace

Lawrence Coburn

We worked closely with the Cisco Events team in designing the mobile app for the show. Custom Cisco icons were integrated into the app’s dashboard, as were mission critical information like the program overview, a map of the venue, and an exhibitor list. Crucial to the app was the concept of a global activity feed – a single place in the app where attendees could see “check-ins,” photos, and discussion from around the show. Each activity feed story allowed for “likes” and comments to spark discussion and engagement among attendees. To accommodate the hundreds of attendees participating remotely, we also introduced the concept of the “virtual check-in” to this event. By clicking the “Cisco Events” icon, all attendees were able to pull up a list of panels and sessions, regardless of their own location.

Of course the element of location is a crucial part of facilitating serendipitous meet-ups. In the “Local Places” section, we displayed a list of nearby places and points of interest, according to the location of the user. Cisco also implemented custom game mechanics to reward engagement, and to recognize particular behaviors. The “Tweetie Bird” badge was awarded to participants who tweeted out the event’s hashtag: #CLEUR. There were also global and network based leaderboards that tracked engagement throughout the show. To our knowledge, the Cisco Events app is the most ambitious effort to date to integrate location-based services and game mechanics in a business setting.

Just a few numbers from the Cisco Event app:

  • >3,270 check ins (about 12x the check ins for this event posted to Foursquare, Gowalla, and Facebook Places combined)
  • 760 badges unlocked (215 ‘Newbies’ was the most awarded)
  • 276 different venues received a check in (‘Technical Breakout Sessions’ was the most popular with 240, Tower of London was the most popular non-Cisco related check in with 8 )
  • 74 places were added by users
  • 247 shouts (added along with a check in)

Who is your competition, and what do you do better?

Our HYVE Events app has a few competitors in the event app space, but we are the only ones to use structured status updates in a social, simple and productive mobile event app. We have the ability to add photos, connect with other users, log activity, check-in to a place to see who is nearby, gather points, and receive offers and badges.

Our other products are trailblazers mostly in their spaces – HYVE Onboarding brings the new-hire onboard in a streamline, engaging, productive, and social way. HYVE CSR highlights volunteer work within an organization. We are the only company doing multi-object nested check-ins in the enterprise space.

How long have you been in business?

Our products have been in development for about 20 months and DoubleDutch spun off of its parent company officially in January 2011. For the whole story behind HYVE and how it came to be a reality, read this:

How much does it cost?

Our event products cost about $10K per platform, and our enterprise products cost about $15 per seat per month.

Do you have a blog that keeps users updated?

Yes. Check it out:

Social Media Presence





YouTube Channel:

HYVE Knowledge Product Demo


How many employees do you currently have?

We currently have 9 full time employees.

Are you looking to hire more people or contractors?

We are actively recruiting, particularly looking to build our engineering team. You can find updated job posts here:

Any Patents Pending?


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