Quipu Applications Revolutionizing Communications and Collaborations for SMBs, Entrepreneurs, and VCs

Quipu Applications  Revolutionizing Communications and Collaborations for SMBs, Entrepreneurs, and VCs“To provide entrepreneurs with a cost-effective tool to help them create, share, and monitor the success and progress of their business as compared to the Business Plan.” That’s why Michael Issa, Co-founder and CEO of Quipu Applications, says he created his Northern-California-based, cloud-computing start-up. Quipu Applications has been in “stealth mode” for two-and-a-half years and was incorporated last year. Currently, the company has 12,500 users. As a software development company, Quipu Applications is focused on streamlining business applications while utilizing the power of online technology. The company employs 12 full-time staff in addition to a cadre of PR and creative consultants nationwide. The market growth for cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is growing rapidly. According to IDC, public cloud computing services will be a $72.9 billion market in 2015, up from $21.5 billion in 2010.This growth equates to a compound annual growth rate of 27.6 percent. IDC also estimates that public cloud computing “will fuel the information technology industry for the next 25 years” and account for 46 percent of new growth for overall IT spending. IDC Estimates that 1in 7 dollars spent on packaged hardware and software will be related to the public cloud in 2015, and SaaS will represent three-quarters of all spending on public cloud services. SaaS will also drive server and storage cloud spending.

Quipu Applications Products Quipu offers two products – Quipu BusinessPlan™ and Quipu incQubator™- with additional products currently in development and planned to be launched in the coming months. Quipu Business Plan is a social application that allows entrepreneurs, small-to-mid-sized companies, and VCs to communicate and collaborate in the cloud. Anyone with a business plan – whether they’re starting a new business or already have a business – can use Business Plan to monitor the progress of their business plan and their business success. As a “boot strap” start-up, Quipu considers the shrink wrap software products like Palo Alto Software and blogs like Angel List as its competitors. But according to Issa, Quipu Applications’ main differentiator is its cloud-based accessibility and features that are best-in-class for both business plan software and startup / investor blogs.

Quipu Applications  Revolutionizing Communications and Collaborations for SMBs, Entrepreneurs, and VCs

Quipu CEO, Michael Issa

“A business plan for a startup up today is reduced to a little more than highlights and a slide deck. Once startups are funded, managing towards their business plan is often lost,” continues Issa. “That’s where Quipu BusinessPlan comes in to keep the startup operating their business towards their living plan.” Quipu’s BusinessPlan allows users to create, share, manage and monitor all aspects of their business plan and business operations– from financials to inventories to HR. In addition, BusinessPlan offers the most comprehensive set of business plan and blog application capabilities available in the market and is 100% cloud-based. Quipu’s second product,incQubator™was recently launched at Interop, and is a complete portfolio management system for the commercial accelerators and university tech transfer offices. In essence, using Quipu, BusinessPlan users can create a branded community, then allow each community to share as much or as little information as needed while promoting permission-based collaboration within and among communities. Whenever a change is made to any part of the dashboard, all members of the community are notified. “Now entrepreneurs, VCs, SMBs, and start-ups can use the BusinessPlan dashboard for an immediate snapshot of their financials, documents, and projects,” explains Issa. “Using the incQubator, parties involved are kept abreast of all progress according to their own permissions via integrated blog, wiki’s, posts, groups and micro-groups.” Milestones, tasks, project, and financial disparity to the business plan automatically trigger notifications and alerts to users that opted to be part of the community, according to their individual permissions. Jump-Start Your Business – With Quipu Applications Tools Both Business Plan and incQubator are offered as Freemium or Subscription memberships, offering significant value at no charge. Businesses can start using Quipu Applications’ tools for free and enjoy functions and collaboration for Freemium. Subscription memberships differ only when reports and output are purchased a-la-Carte for non-subscribers. Quipu offers hundreds of free reports monthly. Freemium members are offered the premium reports monthly with subscription rates starting at $49.95. Businesses interested in trying out Quipu Apps tools can sign up and begin to create, share, and manage their business idea.

Future Growth

Quipu Applications  Revolutionizing Communications and Collaborations for SMBs, Entrepreneurs, and VCs

Quipu CEO, Michael Issa

According to Issa, Quipuis planning future hires for additional positions in the areas of R&D, Sales, QA and Marketing in the coming months — consistent with milestones in their own business plan. The company has two patent applications in process. Quipu recently launched its major campaign for Tech Transfer Offices of US-based universities and colleges, inviting officers to created branded communities on Quipu’s incQuabator using BusinessPlan – at no cost to qualifying academic organizations. In the coming months, Quipu will launch additional products and tools as well as a national student entrepreneurial competition –Boot-Strap America program Starting up America one Business Plan at a Time to empower student entrepreneurs by offering seed funding of up to $30,000 per winner. “Our future plan is to selectively choose markets that we believe we can disrupt to create business solutions for,” concludes Issa. Keep up with Quipu Apps future offerings and campaigns by following the company on Twitter, YouTube


or join their Business Plan Validation Software LinkedIn Group and take part in dynamic discussions with other SMBs, entrepreneurs and VCs across the nation and the globe.

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