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GooseChase Adventures is Far From a Wild Goose Chase When it Comes to Team Building

“We were 2,000 points behind, we had to do it!”.

That was the rationale of Iain Klugman, CEO of Communitech after getting his GooseChase Adventures is Far From a Wild Goose Chase When it Comes to Team Buildingchest waxed for a recent GooseChase event. As his skin started to redden from the sudden removal of decade-old hair, the leaderboard refreshed on his phone and the pain melted away. With one heroic act, Iain had just rocketed his team ahead of 3 competitors as time wound down. Visions of glory danced through his mind as he pictured tales of his valiance and bravery being shared for generations to come. Who knew that such manliness and dedication could lead to flawlessly smooth skin?

While chest waxing might be a little extreme, it proves that team building doesn’t have to be mind-numbingly boring. In fact, the best team building events are quite fun!

GooseChase has taken this idea of making team building fun again and really run with it. They’ve created a scavenger hunt platform where participants use their iPhone, BlackBerry and Android smartphones to complete missions. At the end of the event, the team with the most points wins. What’s really exciting about their product is it’s real-time nature. Up until now, the only feedback you got during a scavenger hunt was if you bumped into another team and convinced them to tell you how they were doing. With GooseChase, you have constant access to a real-time leaderboard so your team always knows where they stand. If you’ve ever participated in a game where you knew what your ranking was at all times, you’ll understand how competitive and engaging it can get. When you are only 2,000 points behind, that ridiculous 4,000 point mission suddenly looks a lot more tempting!

Started out of a dorm room in January, GooseChase uses their platform to create meaningful fun for team building events. If you ask Co-Founder & CEO Andrew Cross what motivates the team, he’ll tell you it all comes from the ability to make a tangible difference on an organization’s morale. According to Andrew, “When we start work every day, we know that our users are going to have a blast, but they’ll be building stronger relationships in the process”. It’s that ability to create an impact with something so simple that has led to their success. GooseChase Adventures is Far From a Wild Goose Chase When it Comes to Team BuildingWith a team size of 5 and a shoestring budget, it’s far from a large outfit, but their passion for what they do keeps them moving forward and growing rapidly. Since launching less than three months ago, they have been overwhelmed with interest and are on track for over 20 events and 20,000 users by the end of the year.

The format of a GooseChase Adventure stays true to the classic scavenger hunt. Teams are given a list of things to do and they must complete as many as they can in a set amount of time. The special sauce with GooseChase is their use of smartphone technology. Because all the photos are taken and submitted from within the app, the major pain points of manual photo transfer and scoring are gone. At any given time, all the scores are known and the photos are available on their website. For people that run their own events, this is a revelation. For those that just want to participate in something fun, not having to wait over an hour to find out who won is substantial.

When asked what has surprised them the most with their product, Co-Founder & CFO Max Spear immediately mentioned the use cases for the platform they’ve discovered. According to Max, “We originally saw this as a great product for corporate team building, but once we built it we began to see tremendous interest for university/college events, big branding initiatives, and city-based scavenger hunts”.

This fall, thousands of first year students will be using GooseChase to get to knowGooseChase Adventures is Far From a Wild Goose Chase When it Comes to Team Building other students and their campus better at the University of Waterloo and Wilfred Laurier University. In early August, will be holding a contest for all their readers. And throughout the fall, GooseChase will be powering a brand new city-based scavenger hunt called the Mad Dash. Three very different use cases, but GooseChase’s flexibity makes it a great fit for all of them. And according to Max, this is only the beginning as they have aggressive plans to expand to more markets in the near future.


In terms of cost, their pricing plan is based on a tiered freemium model. If you only have 30 minutes and a group of 20 or less, their free Tumble account fits the bill. If you need something a little bigger, they have a tiered pricing plan that will handle all your self-serve needs. They can also come in and host an event for you, but it will obviously be more expensive than the self-serve plan. However, in comparison to industry normof around $80-120/person, their pricing of $30-50 per person is very reasonable.

It’s safe to say that not everyone who competes in a GooseChase will need to wax their chest, but this won’t hurt the quality of an event one bit. As long as the real-time leaderboard exists, it will be one of the most engaging and interactive events you’ll experience all year. Keep these guys on your radar, as this is probably the first of many times you’ll hear about them.

If you would like to find out more about GooseChase, head over to their website at or drop them a line at [email protected] For all the latest news and updates, you can find them on Twitter (@goosechase),Facebook and YouTube:


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