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Motivation To Your Mobile Brings Encouragement To The World

My business is called WOE Enterprises and the URL for my app on the Android Market is The Motivation To Your Mobile app provides each person that downloads it with an original quote to start their day. Once the app is downloaded all the user has to do is to touch their the icon on the phone and the daily quote will appear for them to read.

Motivation To Your Mobile Brings Encouragement To The World

Derrick Hayes

I was writing daily quotes and distributing them through Facebook, Twitter and Linked In and I kept reading that there were 5 billion mobile phone users to only 1 billion internet users. I developed the name of my app based on my goal which was to send Motivation To Your Mobile.

The first edition of Motivation To Your Mobile was a failure and adjustments were necessary. Initially I worked with Denver’s based Debora Brown and her company Mobilize Us Teaming up with Mobilize Us was key in showing me that a dream was possible. A system was built in place so that subscribers would receive quotes once I entered them into the system.

Users were not signing up fast enough and there was no way to control what time people in different time zones received the quotes. Facing failure in the face I had to regroup and quickly.

With a suggestion of a friend I went around the city and visited mobile phone centers. No one understood my vision until I walked into T-Mobile and Mr. Blue explained that I needed to develop an Android application. At the time Android and applications were foreign languages to me.

I wrote down what Mr. Blue told me as soon as I made it home I wrote this statement as my Facebook status. “Are there any Android Application Developer in the Facebook Building?”

Out of 3,000 Facebook friends only one in boxed me. The person was Joe Kuryla who started Protify, a company that specializes in affordable custom development software for the web and mobile devices.

Joe and I grew up together on Harper Drive in Rantoul, IL when we were kids. Now being in different states it was good to reconnect with similar interests through social media.

Motivation To Your Mobile Brings Encouragement To The World

Derrick Hayes

Joe put together the Motivation To Your Mobile app in a few days and made it available on the Android Market. He took my quotes and turned them into app so it was my job to get the word out. Motivation To Your Mobile has averaged close to 2,000 downloads per month and the results come from simple marketing strategies.

Daily I use some or all of these methods to market my app. The app has been downloaded by people in the U.S., India, UK, Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia, Canada, Singapore, Kenya, and Russia.

1. Tweet from your Android app page

2. Post on your Facebook with link

3. Post on your Facebook Fan Page

4. Post in Facebook Groups

5. Post on Twitter

6. Post on Linked Home Page

7. Post in Linked In groups

8. Put video up daily promoting the app

9. Promote app in your Email Signature

10. Use Twitter search engine to find Android users.

11. Use Facebook search to find Android users

12. Word of mouth. Ask people do they have the Android Market on their phone.

13. Follow up with stats that you receive from the installs that list what countries people are from and what types of phones download your app the most.

14. Answer PR requests that discuss Apps.

15. Set up Google alerts for Android or android market to find blogs to submit product information to and ask for review consideration

The budget was based on friendship with Joe. I put up my talent for writing and he put up his talent for building apps to make the Motivation To Your Mobile app come true.

There is competition on every corner. Anyone that writes and speaks has the potential to do what I’m doing. The difference is that I was one of the first in the world to bring original quotes to mobile phones and now apps. In the Android Market when you search for the key word motivation the app comes up number 2 and when you search under encouragement it comes up number 5.

Small business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers use the app to start their day in a powerful and positive way. Knowing how you start can determine how you finish. When you read something positive you can pass on to others which can strengthen your family, friends or team throughout the day.

WOE Enterprises was established in 2008 and currently works with two young writers. In the future opportunities will be available to write for other companies and organizations that have a need to develop mobile applications.

Motivation To Your Mobile Brings Encouragement To The WorldA future service that I will recommend to entrepreneurs, business owners and freelancers is mDeliver mDeliver gives you an affordable and simple way to build, publish and manage mobile applications for the iPhone and Android-based smartphones. You don’t need to be a programmer or graphic designer. If you know how to point, click and type, you can build your own custom mobile applications using mDeliver.

How To Find Motivation To Your Mobile App In The Android Market:


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  1. I like this Derrick. Whats the cost to do that?


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