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Vignature’s iPhone/iPad app Provides a Revolutionary Way to Sign Docs

Below is an interview with Kelly Spradley, Cofounder and CMO at Vignature.

Can you tell us about your company’s smartphone app?

Vignature’s iPhone/iPad appProvidesa Revolutionary Way to Sign DocsVignature for iPhone 4 and iPad 2 allows for you to sign PDF documents, and return signed documents. Instead of signing with a finger or stylus, you just “tap to sign,” and give your photograph as the signer.

Are there similar apps in the App Store?

SignMyPad and Zosh are document signing apps, too. The Vignature app is rated 4.5 stars, as compared to SignMyPad’s and Zosh’s 3.5 stars. The Vignature app is different because it uses camera functionality to capture a real-time photo of the signer. The process is fast, and provides a verifiable signature.

Why would a small business, entrepreneur, or freelancer, use your product?

Our app provides convenience, and it saves time and money. People are not usually near a fax machine, but they always have their mobile device. Plus, the process is faster than printing, manually signing, and then faxing or scanning. It only takes a couple of minutes to sign and send a document with our app.

Can you describe a situation in which someone might use your app?

Let’s say a business owner is out of his office, and has a few minutes to kill before a meeting. He reads his email from his smartphone, and notices a request for a signature. He opens the email attachment in Vignature, taps to sign, and poses for a photograph. Last, he chooses to email the signed doc to himself and another recipient.

Is this a free app? Are there different pricing levels?

Vignature for iPhone 4 and iPad 2 is a free app, and can be downloaded here:

In the future, we will add a version with greater functionality for which we will charge. We will always have a free or “light” version, too.

Do you have an app for any other mobile devices?

We are currently developing an app for Android smartphones, to be released within the next couple of weeks.

What other apps would you recommend to entrepreneurs, business owners, or freelancers?

Evernote is indispensable. I use it to keep track of absolutely everything on my mobile device. It syncs with the web, as well, so I can access the data from my computer.

Toodledo is the best “To do” list tracker I have used.

Dropbox is a requirement for the iPhone. It adds a file system to your iPhone that can also be shared with your computer. iPhone doesn’t really handle files without it.

I use LastPass to track all of my passwords.

The obvious: Facebook, Twitter, TweetDeck, LinkedIn

Can you give us a short bio of your company?

Vignature’s iPhone/iPad appProvidesa Revolutionary Way to Sign DocsVignature is the nation’s only provider of image-based electronic signature services. Our products allow for individuals and businesses to quickly execute documents. We have two consumer targeted products, SimplySign for web and Vignature for iPhone 4/iPad 2. Our business solution, Vignature for Business, is primarily targeted to businesses with face-to-face sales and services.

Why did you start this company?

We founded Vignature in February of this year because business is increasingly conducted online and from mobile devices. People want to do more, faster, and we provide a way for them to get contracts executed faster. It is only a matter of time before paper contracts are phased out. There has already been a decrease in printed dictionaries, phone books, newspapers, and mail order catalogs because of the internet.

Are signatures created with Vignature legal?

Yes, electronic signatures have been legal since the passage of the ESIGN act in 2000. A signature created with Vignature is an electronic signature as it is defined in the ESIGN act and as it is defined in state e-signature acts.

Do you have any patents pending?

We have filed for 2 provisional patents. The primary reason for filing is to cover our unique image capture process. Vignature utilizes camera functionality to capture an image of the signer, and incorporates the image into the signature. We call this image-based signature a “vignature” because it is a signature created with a live video feed.

Was your company started on a shoestring budget or funded?

Our company participated in the Tech Wildcatters seed accelerator program, in which we received $25,000. We are currently working on a shoestring budget, but are looking to raise funding.

Where do you see your company in the next 2-5 years?

We would love for Vignature to set the standard for electronic signatures – for people everywhere to say, “I need your vignature on the line.” Aside from widespread adoption of our services, we would love for our company to be acquired within 5 years. Given that another e-signature company, Echosign, was recently acquired by Adobe, we have great expectations.

Vignature’s iPhone/iPad appProvidesa Revolutionary Way to Sign Docs



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