WhenToManage Has One Goal: Give Entrepreneurs Part Of Their Day Back!

WhenToManage Has One Goal: Give Entrepreneurs Part Of Their Day Back! Business: WhenToManage Restaurant Solutions

URL: www.whentomanage.com

The next time you’re sitting at a restaurant enjoying a filet mignon with bourbon peppercorn sauce and a giant iceberg lettuce wedge salad, stop and think about what goes into that plate. As you sit back in your chair, glass of wine in hand, ponder the creation of the menu. When you finish your dessert, fill your mind with questions about the cost a restaurant must incur to pleasure your senses. The answer to all of these questions is “a lot”. Any restaurateur will tell you that running a restaurant is no easy task, and a lot has been written about the subject. Still many entrepreneurs tackle the restaurant space with some success and a lot more failures. But so goes owning and operating any small business. According to H.G. Parsa, Associate Professor at Ohio State University’s Hospitality Management Program, 60% of restaurants fail in the first three years and one of the principle reasons they don’t succeed is improper management. In other words, not managing the experience of the guest, the cost of the food on your plate and the people serving the food. More importantly, the reason they FAIL is the lack of a system to drive management.

A restaurateur recently told the WhenToManage support team a story about an operator who shared with him all of the spreadsheets he managed day by day to track sales, guest counts, etc. According to the restaurateur, the operator said, “See how much I manage per day? I know everything about my business through excel.” The restaurateur said to the operator, “That’s not managing, that’s excel theory.” In other words, real management doesn’t come from just observation, but from action! The restaurateur uses the WhenToManage above-store web-based reporting solution, which sends his business details (cost of good sold, profit by menu item, food and labor costs, product mix analysis and table turn times and more) to his laptop and/or smart phone. “Instead of managing spreadsheets, I let my management systems do it for me,” said the restaurateur.

Believe it or not, many restaurants are starting to embrace web-based applications to help manage their business. If you think the restaurant down the street isn’t sophisticated, think again. SaaS (software as a service) solutions based on “the cloud” are easier to integrate to legacy systems, like a client-side point of sale terminal or even connect more effectively to other web-based tools, like QuickBooks online, making it far more accessible for sophisticated restaurateurs or even mom n’ pop concepts to utilize. “The power of technology begins and ends with two things: its ability to serve the user financially and for the user to feel he is being served in a timely manner,” said Walker Thompson, VP Sales and Marketing at WhenToManage. Tools like WhenToManage allow a restaurant to extend how they interact with store-level data thereby increasing the likelihood of spotting problem areas like increases in wholesale food items or labor costs. “The goal is to get sales and expense data, and get it now. In the software world, we’ve been doing this for years. We manage our servers remotely. We manage our people remotely. Restaurants can’t afford to mismanage or lose control of expenses. This is a nickel and penny business, so the more your systems help you manage, the more you’ll catch!” Continued Thompson. The trick to WhenToManage’s success in the restaurant space is to think like restaurateurs, and to build systems that they, in turn, would want to use.

And this comes easy for WhenToManage! One of the key differentiators between WhenToManage and other back-office solutions is that former restaurant owners, executives and managers work within the company. Instead of a just a technician helping the owner manage their inventory levels and food purchases, you have a real (former) operator who knows what the sting is like when food costs go up. “Again, it is all about serving the user, and our user is particular. They have limited time and no tolerance for apps that don’t work, which is why we focus on delivering success and ROI. Every click needs to have an impact, so we don’t waste time with fluff, but we make our solutions collaborative and fun to use, and to the point,” said Thompson about how owners use the WhenToManage solution. Above all else, the WhenToManage solution aims to accomplish one key objective and that is enable processes where none existed before to save operators time! “It is our mission for owners and operators to not manage so much, but improve, and to not spend too much time on management tasks. This is what our system can do for them,” said Thompson.

About WhenToManage

WhenToManage Restaurant Solutions was founded in 2005 to build simple web-based software for the restaurant industry. We offer scalable solutions that simplify reporting, inventory management, employee scheduling, and guest relations, with an emphasis on connecting the people in an organization. We are passionate about helping our clients solve their problems, improve their operations, and increase their profitability. There are restaurant managers and corporate executives that spend a good amount of their time with tasks that computers should be doing. There is nothing more satisfying than giving someone part of their day back.


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