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DejaOffice Redefines Business Productivity for Smartphones & Tablets

DejaOffice Redefines Business Productivity for Smartphones & TabletsNot all that long ago, Apple revolutionized the smartphone industry. They took what we knew as the smartphone and transformed it into something more, something much better in many ways. It didn’t take long for others to follow suit, creating devices that piggybacked on Apple’s success.

From many perspectives, this new class of smartphones was superior. However, many business users quickly found these smartphones weren’t actually all that smart. Most lacked a built in business-class contact manager and calendar app. Even the basic ability to sync with programs like Outlook was missing from many devices. CompanionLink Software, a Portland, Oregon based company specializing in synchronization software, decided to fix that with DejaOffice.

What is DejaOffice?

DejaOffice ( is a productivity app for Android and iOS that provides business-class contacts, calendars, tasks, & memos. The app is available for free from both the Android Market and iTunes App Store. DejaOffice can be broken down into four main components, or core apps: DejaContacts, DejaCalendar, DejaTasks, & DejaMemos.

DejaOffice Redefines Business Productivity for Smartphones & TabletsDejaContacts provides professionals with a business-caliber address book app. It delivers advanced features such as custom fields, advanced sort options, categories, and password-protected data, to name a few. Additionally, DejaContacts is designed to handle as many as 40,000 contacts – something busy professionals are sure to appreciate.

DejaCalendar is a powerful calendar app that helps manage professional agendas. The calendar features an intelligent date picker, reducing the number of taps it takes to enter an event. It also supports recurring events, alarms, numerous view options, and linking contacts to events. Additionally, the calendar supports custom fields and categories, much like DejaContacts.

DejaTasks is a robust tasks app that works with numerous task management systems. Choose from Franklin Covey, Getting Things Done, Take Back Your Life, or simple Outlook or Palm Desktop task styles. With advanced features such as intelligent sort options and the ability to roll-over past-due tasks, DejaTasks elevates productivity on the go.

DejaMemos provides a secure, sorted, and single resting place for your business notes, summaries, ideas, and thoughts. It features intelligent search and can store thousands of notes without any length limits.

DejaOffice works quite well as a stand-alone app, but it is designed to work in conjunction with CompanionLink, the developer’s PC software that allows users to sync data from CRM software such as Outlook, Palm Desktop, ACT!, and many more. The PC software is available at, with prices starting at $49.

Why should I choose CompanionLink over the competition?

CompanionLink offers numerous benefits that help to make it a great choice for any user. The company offers free phone and email support and, for those who’ve opted to purchase the PC software, free software updates, multi-computer licenses, and a 90-day money-back guarantee. CompanionLink stands behind their software and works hard to ensure that all customers are satisfied with the software.

How long has CompanionLink been around?

CompanionLink has been around for over 15 years, with software that synced with some of the original Palm devices. Since then, the company has adapted to the changing market of mobile devices. Most recently, the focus has been on Android devices. Most Android devices do not come with an easy way to sync with Outlook – a feature many small and medium sized business users simply must have. CompanionLink and DejaOffice provide an easy, quick, and affordable solution.

DejaOffice was introduced in 2010 for both Android and iOS. It has quickly grown, both in features and popularity. In fact, the app recently surpassed 100,000 active installations – a number that continues to rise steadily – and maintains a nearly 4-star rating on the Android Market.

What is the Future for CompanionLink and DejaOffice?

DejaOffice Redefines Business Productivity for Smartphones & TabletsCompanionLink always has and always will adapt to the market. As new Customer Relationship Mangers (CRMs) become popular, the company will update their software to sync with them. This is evidenced by CompanionLink’s recently added support for web-based CRM solutions such as Zoho, Highrise, and Salesforce. Staying current with what’s popular is an important aspect of CompanionLink’s strategy. Even more than that, however, the company looks forward to the future of mobile computing.

It’s no secret that the industry is moving towards a “post-PC era,” to quote Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs. Smartphones are becoming more and more advanced. Tablets are quickly replacing laptops for many mobile workers. Apps developed specifically for these platforms are becoming integral parts of many business users’ workflows.

As such, CompanionLink aims to make DejaOffice the go-to solution for mobile productivity in this post-PC era. Transitioning from the tool that syncs with the CRM programs you use to becoming the CRM program you use is the next logical step for the company.

Where can I get more info about CompanionLink and DejaOffice?

There is a wealth of information at both and You can also find CompanionLink on their blog and on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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