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VoxOx Call iPhone App Helps You Save on Calls, Texts and Faxes

VoxOx Call iPhone App Helps You Save on Calls, Texts and FaxesIn a world of hundreds of thousands of mobile apps, what are the good ones that actually save you money? VoxOx recently launched an app (titled “VoxOx Call”) that allows users to save on calling, texting and faxes… not bad when you’re a startup on a shoestring! Below is an interview with Natasha Grach, PR Director at VoxOx’s parent company Telcentris.

What is VoxOx?

VoxOx is the only free consumer service that unifies all popular forms of communication in a single interface. We released the first public beta of our desktop software application (PC and Mac) at the tail end of 2008 and launched a major redesign in January 2011 at the Consumer Electronics Show. Just a couple of months ago, VoxOx announced its first mobile companion app, titled VoxOx Call for iPhone ( The mobile app doesn’t have all the features of the free desktop software, but it does allow iOS users to save some serious money in three ways: international calls, worldwide SMS and inbound faxing. Both the desktop and mobile apps are free to download.

Could you talk a little more about the three ways that the VoxOx Call iPhone app saves users money?

VoxOx Call iPhone App Helps You Save on Calls, Texts and FaxesFirst of all, if you ever need to make an international call, VoxOx Call for iPhone is THE way to go. Unlike a typical VoIP app, VoxOx Call turns your outbound calls into inbounds. This means that you can call any phone, anywhere in the world from your iPhone without incurring toll charges from your carrier. Plus, you aren’t draining your mobile data plan and you get great sound quality, too.

The way it works is VoxOx makes the outbound leg of the call and both you and the other party get inbound calls, which, in most countries, cost you nothing. You just pay a few pennies per minute to VoxOx. It’s a great deal! (Here’s a demo:


Secondly, using VoxOx Call for SMS can amount to a lot of savings. The app enables users to receive free incoming SMS and send SMS worldwide for almost nothing: 1 penny to send in the US and Canada, and a mere 2 pennies to send a text to the rest of the world. This feature is particularly useful when traveling abroad. If you turn off roaming and simply use your iPhone on Wi-Fi, you can SMS via the Internet at these rates, which will save you a lot of money. Demo:


Third, if you ever have faxing needs, you can save with VoxOx’s FREE inbound faxing capability. When a user signs up for the app, we provide them with a free phone number that’s not only voice and SMS but also fax-enabled. One number for receiving all these communications can be very useful to businesses on a shoestring budget. Demo of the fax viewer:


The FREE phone number that you get upon signup can also be used as a second “business” line on your iPhone (the phone number has functionality that’s similar to Google Voice – i.e., you can forward calls to several other phones simultaneously)

Other features include free voicemail transcription, which is very convenient when you have limited time to review your voice messages. You also get free on-demand features, like call recording, call transfer and conferencing in multiple callers.

Is this a free app? Are there different pricing levels?

VoxOx Call iPhone App Helps You Save on Calls, Texts and FaxesThe app is completely free to download.

We do charge low per minute and per text usage fees for outbound communications through VoxOx. For making calls, we use VoxOx international calling rates, available here: Sending texts costs 1 penny inside U.S. and Canada; 2 pennies per text in the rest of the world. Inbound texts are FREE!

Why would a small business, entrepreneur, freelancer, etc. use your product?

Convenience of the all-in-one service and the cost savings that the calling, texting and faxing features offer.

The savings can be quite significant. For example, we recently had a blog post on how one of our employees saved $300 on international texting while traveling abroad –> He turned off his cellular network and data roaming and texted from the app using WiFi only. His friend who was traveling with him used his U.S. carrier’s rates and spent more than $300 on texting! We also have an example of someone who uses the VoxOx Call app to call his dad in another country on his daily commute to work. We’ve had great feedback about the ability to receive faxes for free, as well.

Why did you start the company?

VoxOx Call iPhone App Helps You Save on Calls, Texts and Faxes The idea behind VoxOx was to offer a service that unifies all popular communication modalities and networks in one place. No need to jump from one window to another, or to remember 14 usernames and passwords, or to change devices every time you want to communicate in a different way. The full-featured desktop version of VoxOx integrates voice, video, SMS, IM, social media, file sharing, fax, and more in a single user interface. The VoxOx Call iPhone app unifies key telephony services in one place (voice, SMS and fax). We plan to also create a full-featured VoxOx mobile app that will have all the key components that the desktop service boasts. The goal is to offer the most powerful set of features for every form of communication.

Was your company started on a shoestring budget or funded?

Originally it was started on a shoestring budget, but early on we attracted some large private, family office investors. We’re actually just raising our first institutional round, a $10M, preferred Series A.

Who is your competition, and what do you do better?

We have a number of “point competitors” in the communications and social media market, meaning they do part of what we do. For example, Skype offers voice, video and SMS, Google Voice gives away a free phone number that can forward to your other numbers, eFax does electronic faxing. We do all this (and more!) within a single service, and much of the time, at a lower cost.

What’s important to note though, is that our service does not force you to sacrifice one method of communication for another, but rather, centralizes all your communication in one place.

Do you have a blog that keeps users updated?

Yes, You can also check us out on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube:



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