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A Green Plan for the Future Helps One Stop Green Save the World One Customer at a Time…

A Green Plan for the Future Helps One Stop Green Save the World One Customer at a Time…The evolution of the CleanTech industry has only recently gained popularity, but Sohail Hassan has always been looking ahead and taking advantage of the progressive tracks laid out in front of him. Taking a page from contemporary leaders in a sector he felt they could improve upon, Sohail founded One Stop Green based on the principles of helping educate the world on how to live a greener, efficient, and more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Sohail founded One Stop Green in the summer of 2010 and officially launched their e-commerce website and mobile application on April 22, 2011, the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. About the startup, Sohail says, “we are very much a young company, but we hope to learn and grow with our customers on how to lead more eco-friendly lives and to literally be the ‘One Stop’ resource for Green Living.” In a very dynamic and ever-changing market where common sense would very much be for its expansion, Sohail finds that it is still often difficult to sell the concept of ‘green’ for the environment, and instead people are more interested in ‘green’ for their pockets.

However, contrary to the pure capitalistic tendencies that fuel most companies, Sohail prides One Stop Green’s purpose on being an educational tool first and a for-profit company second. “One Stop Green was founded on the fundamental premise to educate people about our potential negative impacts to the environment. The whole concept of going ‘green’ is no longer a choice, it really is our responsibility, and perhaps the greatest contribution our generation can make to this planet,” says Sohail, who has worked hard to put his purpose into practice. ‘It is very important for us to achieve and maintain a proper balance between informing and educating the consumer instead of just selling them on a particular product.” During my interview, Sohail mentioned several times that all One Stop Green office locations have an effective recycling programs and employ energy efficient technologies such as LED lighting, many of which are available on their e-commerce website.

In developing his company, Sohail did market research on many other companies that styled themselves in the Green Commerce business. He took what he thought was the best aspects of these different companies and built them into One Stop Green. The culmination of this research is One Stop Green’s new e-commerce website and their unique mobile app for iPhone and other Apple App compatible products that allows users to conduct free energy audits for their home or business.

While One Stop Green often sends out its own auditor for site surveys, Sohail is quick to point out “the One Stop Green Mobile app is the first and only mobile application that allows users to conduct energy audits directly from their mobile phones.” The audit portion of the app identifies problem areas of a home or business and walks the user through the entire assessment, providing them with tips and answers to frequently asked questions along the way.

A Green Plan for the Future Helps One Stop Green Save the World One Customer at a Time…The One Stop Green website is also unique in that it has tools for consumers to Create and Manage a Green Project, an Energy Savings Calculator, and an Incentives Bank that keeps track of government help and funding available for green projects. There is also a live chat help, “Ask an Expert,” that links directly to One Stop Green’s own Green Professionals, who can answer nearly any question thrown their way.

Did I mention their app was free? That’s right, One Stop Green doesn’t charge one cent for their app, another way they reinforce the ‘educate first’ philosophy of the company. There are also energy efficiency calculators that use your current location to tell you how effective the wind and sun can be at generating electricity for your property, and will even tell you the inches of rainfall in your area to determine how much water can be saved through rainwater harvesting. Since one of the easiest ways to improve efficiency is through implementing energy efficient lighting methods, the mobile app and website feature a lighting calculator to help users ascertain the amount of energy and money their home or business can save. “Something as simple as changing a 60-watt incandescent light bulb for a 13-watt Compact Fluorescent Light bulb (CFL) will save the user 75% in energy costs! Add that to the longer lifetime of CFL and LED light bulbs and the switch is a no-brainer! Compared to some of our other products, CFL’s and LED lights are very cheap, which makes them one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to make your home or business go green.”

To keep everyone up to date with the latest developments, One Stop Green prides itself on being engaged with various social networking sites and other online media platforms. “Our team uses a lot of social media tools to engage our customers and educate them on smart energy usage such as the One Stop Green Tip of the Day shared every day via our facebook fan page and twitter. We have even cultivated the One Stop Green Community on Linkedin where we share breaking news, developments, and Op-Ed pieces about anything and everything that is green” says Sohail, and staff written blogs are also published weekly after the meticulous process of handpicking and sharing only the latest and greatest ideas in green living and technology with their readers.

Sohail says “our goal in the next two years is to establish One Stop Green as THE one stop for green living,” citing the holistic approach the company takes to Green Living and Green Technology. Sohail’s progressive outlook and forward thinking have put One Stop Green on the right track as they begin to expand into the Electric Vehicle Charging Market and On Demand Energy Response services for commercial properties. Their unique mobile app is just the start, and the green light given to innovation in the industry certainly plays to One Stop Green’s favor for now and the future.

The CleanTech industry might still be in its infant stages, but it is primed for an explosion of business. Several recent developments, notably President Obama’s Better Buildings Initiative to push existing commercial buildings to become more energy and resource efficient over the next decade have proven that this industry is here to stay. This is where Sohail’s forward-thinking shines brightest; it is never good to jump into something, especially an entire industry, without conducting the proper research and gaining the necessary experience. This way, when many will only be learning to crawl in the CleanTech industry, Sohail and One Stop Green will already be running.

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